Saturday, 31 May 2008

Old order changeth to new one

Old or new, it is infact the order that changes from one version to another. Nothing new infact. Looking at this car model, thanks to YouTube, as I see it I think of the very very old models and if the look based on ultra modern technicalities is ignored the very frame is the same old one.
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YouTube - Dilip Kumar Ajit - Scene from Mughal-E-Azam

YouTube - Dilip Kumar Ajit - Scene from Mughal-E-Azam

Dilip Kumar, Ajit, Madhubala are the legendary figures which not only the film world but the whole country can never forget. They are the ones who were not only relevant for their roles when they performed it but are equally relevant today. Passage of time can't be relevant to them. Yesterday, today and even tomorrow their relavance is eternally to continue.
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Parodied precepts

Sermons carry weight, more so in religious context, precepts including those with rhymes are important and they are in vogue for ages. Some thing that becomes a routine is always prone to forming a ritual and rituals in course of time are more prone to assuming a professional angle or say a practice with commercial considerations. In turn these very commercial considerations start diverting from their originality taking the shape the viewers want it which only means giving them a modern most colour and impact. This is what is rampant presently with Gods and Goddesses caricatured to suit the audience with the result that they are transformed to the level of gimmiks. Sermon pronouncers adopt all sorts of tactics to woo the audience in any religious congregation. Looks like parodying the scriptures. Much away from grace, the total show grows to vulgarity as if in the materialism dominated society everthing including religion is nothing but a commercial deal.
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Friday, 30 May 2008

Cycle of research

There is a topic about which you don't know any thing. Better. But then you know something of it. OK, no problem. Then you start learning more about it. There the cycle of a varying knowledge on the subject starts. Truths, half truths and manufactured truths start pouring in. We heard and read about Shakespeare in our childhood. A great playwriter, a great man indeed. Our curiousity to know and read more about him led us to come across the a newly revealed theory that as a result of research that whatever is the work recognized as from Shakespeare  was not his own, it was some one else and Thomas Balsingham was quoted to be the real writer in the background. Several such stories emerged. Now if the media version is to be relied upon, Shakespeare was not a male but female. They say it was Amelia Bassano Lanier in Elizabethan, London, who disguised herself as Shakespeare trying to get her works published (Reference -a news item in Times of India of date). The readers chronically interested in the playwright must be feeling confused and so am I. We felt alright knowing Shakespeare in a limited manner and these new theories are only spoiling our curiousity on him.
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YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

The melody queen of her days, Noor Jahan was a heart throb of millions of people all over the world even after she migrated from India to Pakistan. Unforgettable a performance she always gave both as an actress and a singer continues ringing in the ears of the people. It was great Naushad who played a leading role in bringing her to lime light. She is no more ofcourse but her memories are unerasable from peoples mind.
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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Pleasures of using a smart browser

Trivials look maga when they give the users the pleasures on functionality. I have been using Windows Explorer 7 taking it to be the best one. I tried a few other browsers for some change of taste but had to ignore them as I found them too cumbersome on usage. My programmer installed Flock on my laptop and I had a test drive. Thrilled, I found it full of several features which not only looked like a novelty to me but abundantly equipped with elaborate features enabling use of several web sites at a time with various links which are particularly required while writing up a blog post. Every thing is available at one compacted place and one need not go for a large scale scrolling getter certain tables lost in the process. For bloggers, as I am one, this browser is fully compatible to their needs and requirements. I certainly feel like finally switching over to it.
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Me and my laptop

Interaction with people and amongst the people is as old as the very creation of the world. Like many a new things coming to surface, thanks to technological developments, now the source interaction too is a most significant tool to interact which, although not live, is capable of doing more than that where you can relax your mind selecting any topic to converse on computer. Substantially going by your mood and choice you can click whatever phenomenon or object suits your current mental status. Infact I get upset the moment my laptop suffers from some handicap or the other with a major or even minor error in operation. Even otherwise in my stressful moments, my laptop works as a refresher restoring to me my normal form. I feel off when my laptop is down, I feel smart within myself when it is actively functional.
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Social living

Man is a social animal, it is said. Why man alone, social living is equally the order in the case of animals or say all other beings on earth. Man is not an isolated case. Difference lies in what we can see and notice and what we see equally but don't take a notice. Elephants are the kind of animals who when separated from their family stop any intake of their food and even starve to death. There are the kinds of birds who do the same thing. The major difference between man and animal on this count is however that of degree. In the case of animals it is a most heartfelt need and urge of living together whereas in the case of men it diverts from natural love for each other to getting recognition from others. I remember having seen a drama in my childhood where a man goes to his king with the grievance that he, though knowledgeable enough to the extent that he was fully conversant with all the alphabetes in his language, he was not recognised as a learned person by any body. The king gave him a remedy suggesting that he should go wherever he is able to come across a large group of children telling them not to address him as a learned man. He did it. The children as per their normal tendency to do the negative of what is asked to them immediately reacted calling the man as ' learned master' and his joy knew no bounds realising that he was really the one who was recognized well by the people for his wisdom and learning. This applies to all as all need recognition and attention from the people they live with.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

YouTube -a multi dimentional picturisation

YouTube deserves a best possible recognition in the field of photography world for a live display of things. Thanks to those who brought it to surface. Glance upon whatever object is there before you, capture it in the very shape and movement it is there. Founded by Hurley and Steve Chen only in 2005 it has travelled a distance of several decades performance wise. Watching videos on YouTube is a matter of a fantastic interest to the viewers. The latest welcome feature being that it is now made available in India too, this bonanza is a great event for the people of this country.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mobile users -a note of caution

Mobiles have since taken the society by storm and it looks like there is no life without mobiles. There are some chronic users who keep it close to their chest even when they go for sleep. You fix your gaze in any direction, some mobile user are the other is invariably there talking to some one with mobile clung to her/ his ears intensely engrossed in conversation. Mobile is most useful a communicational tool no doubt but there is limit, as it is in all cases, to this and those going beyond that are inviting trouble to themselves. One study on the subject says that rashes by the side of ears on the face are a common feature which ultimately culminate to baldness and loss of hearing capacity followed further by skin and ear infections. This is not something which can't be minimised reducing the talking time to a level the body system accepts. Business talks are a different matter but unfettered gossips can very well be restricted to reasonable limit to avoid various health hazards.

Addressing Capital with contempt ?

Not all but there is a class which feels proud in addressing capital with an amount of contempt. What could be the reason ? What wrong the capital does to them ? No harm actually. It is the capital only that forms the very root of prosperity in the world, it is the capital only that is behind all developmental activities as nothing is possible to do empty handed. Those very persons who advocate anti capital campaigns are themselves those who want money, more money, to lead a life of style. The political parties known the world over for their anti capital movement consist of highly well placed persons financially only with a smaller group of theirs left as an exception. What is it then which they condemn and criticise ? It is nothing but a sheer professionalism being used as a tool to boast of austerity as style of life and enjoy the same in an ample measure when they get a chance for it. Let the entire world be prosperous, let there be no poverty and let there be no sufferings on that count should be our slogan without hypocritically condemning the very means that can improve living conditions of the people.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Never tired of giving false assurances

Soaring prices ? Government of India says they will control it. Rising inflation ? They say they are to check it soon. Law and order situation ? Their clarification is to confirm that it has improved much compared to the past. You name any problem, prompt is their reply that it is receiving due attention. What is visible on the surface is just contrary to what they are talking. Farmers, victims of unemployment, women raped in full public view, are committing suicide besides those starving to death for want of food. The plenty of assurances given by the powers that be are meant for whom ? They could be meant for a particular class of society including themselves but certainly not for the common man in the country. Truth is not what it actually means, truth is the one that they define from time to time to match their work style. Some political heavy weight is denied security on the ground that he is not entitled to it as per norms. The next day the guy gives a sweitch over to his loyality directing it to those who are bosses to grant security or additional security and the fellow is provided Z+ security by redefining the earlier truth.Are they not corrupts of worst order whose ethics on their behaviour doesn't remain the same it was a few hours back.

Precautions are better than cure

Diabetes in olden days was known as a Raj Rog meaning thereby that it was a disease for the rich people. This inference was drawn on a simple reason that the royals led a lavish style of life and could easily afford going for a heavy intake of food and the likes which obviously resulted into causing several disorders in body system with diabetes being an offshoot of it. Things are changed enormously since those days. Now that there are tremendous medicinal avenues available one can easily, if the pocket of the patients supports, go for them but still what counts more in a disease like diabetes is precaution in an ample measure without entirely depending on drugs. Insulin is a major factor where its users just take it for granted that its intake itself is enough to remedy the ailment which is not very correct. Insulin intake is sufficiently more effective but it requires a meticulous monitoring. The foremost requirement being that before its intake, the patients must see to it that there are no gas bubbles in the syringe or the pen cartride which aspect is ignored by majority of them. Precaution demands that before injecting insulin the bubbles must be removed failing which the results may most adversely fluctuate either downward or upward.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Egdon Heath

Desolately placed away from the crowd and noise wearing a shady look where a broad silence prevails where nothing but some crispy stutters of tree leaves are audible, is my Egdon Heath where I interact with a serenely calm quietitude in my moments of a tormenting despondency.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Shopping with Black Friday

Shopping is the need for all. Some do it casually, some go for it as a routine and some resort to it on occasion to occasion basis. Major question is always as to which should be a place for it like whether it has to be done on street shops, whether some particular shop has to be chosen for the purpose or some departmental store is selected for the purpose. Thanks to technological developments which now provide much better a course for shopping which is damn easily possible online. A few clicks lead you to a treasure of items to choose from and you can lay your hands upon any item of your choice without rubbing your shoulders in the crowd or waiting for your chance to come standing in the que particularly when your choice item is more in demand and there are many like you to go for it. Online shopping for any occasion is the best recourse where selecting and buying your choice item(s) is a pleasure if a better website say like Black Friday's is opted for the purpose. Once a better website on shopping is selected, shopping gets converted from a job task to pleasure. Buyers getting a bumper scope of applying their choice, budget, economy and quality angle, they find it so feasibly compatible with their pocket to finalise the friday

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Agricultural advances in banks

A full fledged tug of war on granting loans to borrowers in different segments has been a routine amongst different banks in the country. This trend looks reversed in the present scenario.Banks including major ones like State Bank of India recently took a decision not to grant loans to farmers on the excuse that recovery aspect in such cases is too poor causing immense loss to banks. The Government of India having waived loan repayment considerably in the case of farmers, it resulted into a severe setback on money flow count miserably affecting profitability angle of the concerned banks. Bankers taking a decision to the effect that no further loans be granted to agriculturists to purchase necessary tools like tractor, trolley and other equipments is bound to cause lot of difficulties to the farmers and decision so taken is bound to get reversed as the governmental channels are not for it. This is a normal practice in banks including Reserve Bank of India to look tough in their decisions initially but it hardly takes any time for them to retract the moment the government intervenes. In the case of interest rates in banks the same thing happened only a short time back and so is the likelihood of agricultural loans. Governmental revenue channels thrive on banks but they hardly care for their hardships in transactional imbalances as theirs are decisions dominated by political compulsions. Bankers are required to earn maximum possible profits but the machinery at the governments level hardly bothers for the problems they face in recovering the loans/ advances so granted by them.

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Interpreting honesty

What honesty stands for ? Is it the action one commits or it is the way a person thinks ? Thinking activity wise is the physical performance but what counts more materially is the way one thinks for his actions, his mental attitude or say aptitude. Bhagwat Geeta prescribes that honesty is not the factor that is measured in terms of activities alone, the very bent of mind of the performer is the real factor. It says with reference to sex that a person who abstains from sexual activity but remains engrossed with the thought of it is indulging himself/ herself in such an activity in the same measure as a person could have done the same in physical terms. Celibacy is not just refraining from sex, it is practised better if the concerned person makes it possible to keep off the temptation for it mentally too. So is the case with several other modes of activity say for instance theft. Committing theft or for that reason any other casual slip or doing that sounds unethical or antisocial is not that serious as it is when it forms a propensity in that direction. There is the kind of the people who apparently don't think bad of others or malign them with prejudice or hatred but thinking wise they only have ill will and contempt for others in general. They are really the most dishonest persons. To behave honest for the sake of image but go crooked at the first available opportunity is an act of dishonesty of worst order.

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Signing up for Social Spark

Sighning up with Social Spark was a pleasant adventure and I did it realising fully well that it is a treasure house of opportunities, a flood gate of bumper scope to those who aspire for tangible results in their work, be they bloggers or be they advertisers. Factually speaking I did have some reservations before signing for it only to realise later that if I had missed it it was much bigger a slip on my part depriving me of so rich a world of interactionability, a source where all are there available on one composite platform, the writers/bloggers, the advertisers and the viewers. No better a place for advertisers than Social Spark as it is here where they get a largest possible community to recognize and accept their products and similarly no bigger a platform for the bloggers to harness themselves in popularising various brands of the advertisers. Advertisers reaching Social Spark to market their products and bloggers working for them is the activity combination that leads to perfect results. With IZEA being its parental root and media components like ZOOKODA, Social Spark is abundantly capable of providing all necessary avenues and tools in marketing.
HARD TASK MASTERS: With a view to discipline the total activities involved, Social Spark are hard task masters when it comes to ignoring the well laid down norms so prescribed by them in the interest of both the advertisers and the bloggers. May be the technicalities they so meticulously adhere to sounds at times irritating and unwanted but once a dispassionate view with reasoning in mind is taken, the very doubts disappear on realising that all this exercise on the part of Social Spark is done to keep the interest of advertisers and bloggers as upper most. They are not just like several business tycoons interested in money only, their interest lies more in the welfare of the community they serve.SocialSpark
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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Of men and dogs

They relate to common men or celebrities, nature of quarrels is the same. Tug of war going on amongst star stalwarts in film industry like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh khan including even Amitabh Bachhan is a routinely known episode exchanging their blogs for the purpose. At times it crosses the limits of descency. Aamir Khan naming his dog as Shahrukh Khan for the purpose of ridiculing his arch rival King Shahrukh Khan. The pet dog is obviously supposed to be around his master at times falling into his lap or click his toes. This situation, ofcourse a normal feature with pet animals, gives a chance to Aamir Khan to talk about his pet this way 'Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then....'. Literally and factually he talks alright but the hidden target behind this throws a slur on Kingh Khan. Recognized as international figure and celebrities of a high status as they are, utterances like this are unbecoming of them.

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Social Spark -a beacon for the needy

A rich hinterland as it is on innovations opening up multifarious avenues for the customers and the consumers, Social Spark is the channel that needfully serves the purpose fully capable as it is to entertain indents on propogating various products taking them to the people through their vast media resources and obviously such a powerful tool is a strongmost measure for the advertisers interested in popularising their products/ brands. I, as one from India, quite often feel as to why such a utility mechanism is not extended to this country. This is the question raised by some of my readers who go through my blog containing references to Izea/ Social Spark/ Pay Per Post. Their query is as to why should they be deprived of the advantages drawable through them. My readers include business magnates who are in the dire need of popularising their products and are very much in need of a channel like Social Spark to help them. Men in business whether in America, in India or any where else have every reason to get convinced on recognising Social Spark possessing enormous capability on mobilising the products. Advertisers, when it comes to popularising their brand, are dexterous enough to look to Social Spark and they are wise enough to do so. Any brand, a car, a computer, eatables, drinks or books, Social Spark covers all those items that require a medium to enhance public demand for them. As it acts with a readily acceleratable speed, there is no exaggeration in telling that Social Spark is most convenient a tool for advertisers to depend upon with
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Myths on Yoga

Known as an ancient Vedic theme to keep and retain physical vitality, yoga has been in practice for thousands of years and is currently most popular a tool for a better health. There are aasanas (body postures) prescribed for varying modes of requirement that differ from person to person. These are the postures apparently looking much different than what they actually are. A viewer seeing a person practising a particular posture just goes through the movement of the body with hardly realising that the intensity with which they are performed is not visible. Yoga is the science of concentration coupled with meditational pursuit. Say for instance, you go for a breathing exercise (anulom, vilom, pranayaam) starting with taking deep breath releasing the same with repetition but mentally you don't feel free and there are lot many hoverings working in your brain, your practice goes a waste and you are not able to derive the required benefit of it in physical terms. If the same very practice is there with a well settled mind away from tension and irritations, it tangibly gives a bigger advantage. So is the case with other youga exercises. The basic difference between a normal physical exercise like atheletes do and the one that is performed with the discipline of yoga is that of rigour and smoothness. Yoga is not at all for any rigorous mode of exercise, its emphasis is always on harmony and smoothness compatible to the overall body system and capacity.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Once bitten twice shy

Once bitten twice shy is the adage that applies to many a potential bloggers mainly those interested in monetized blogging. A blogger working hard, some of them remaining on the job indefatigably to secure a better page rank obviously with a view to attracting better avenues in money terms but then there is the role of Googles who are masters in callously slashing down the Rank the moment they come to know that the blog is a monetized one. Thanks to Izea's Real Rank that has come to the rescue of thousands of bloggers giving them a free and frank opportunity to measure their blog's status through Real Rank. This is the rating of the rank without any prejudice, reservation or any type of secret manoevring. Real Rank is virtually the saviour of the victims of Google's PR. The bloggers, once bitten twice shy as they feel, are for no other Page Rank but the one as RealRank.

Monday, 19 May 2008

No ageing for M.F. Hussain

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Nearing a full century of life in a few years to come, Maqbool Fida Hussain, a great icon amongst world fame painters, continues to look the same age wise as he was a decade back, nay even much before that.Zee Awards 2008 -004 Age fails to leave any mark of it on him. Difficult to know as to what could be the secret of his longevity in life despite lot many odds he has to encounter every now and then and is always surrounded by some controversy or the other receiving at times even threats for his life on account of his controversial paintings. His mixing up with women and girls in whose company he is seen very often at times promiscuously too remains a subject of hot topics not only for the media but equally for the common people. Still looking so energetic and smart in a style dress he appeared as one of the guests in an Award giving function under the auspices of Zee, was quite in a form and could speak eloquently in chaste Urdu addressing the audience with a prologue '...main to haseen chehron ka aashiq hoon' ( I am lover of beautiful faces) adding that this sort of love on his part is never confined to a single person (obviously he might be having Madhuri Dixit Nene in mind) but any one looking beautiful is my favourite. Possibly his love for beauty, say beauty divine, is the secret of his long life.

Why Ambedkar joined Budhism

Joining a particular religion or a cult is not always a matter of faith and conviction. There are other factors too leading a person to join it based on convenience, customs and social conditions. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar was a dalit fighting for their upliftment in social layers. Trying hard he failed to get any result on that count which ultimately caused him a total frustration. Left with no choice, he started looking for some platform where he could identically trace certain avenues to suit him and his movement. Lord Budha ancestral background was that of a Chhatriya clan but the mission he led was sumptuously rich in the princeple of equality. There was no difference or discrimination between a Bhikshu and Bhikshu and all were supposed to follow the princeples and norms springing out of Budhism. Ambedkar thus took necessary diksha from Budha monks to become a budhist. In a way, it was not a decision based on any convictionally coined clan, it was rather wholly a political move on his part to get rid of then highly dominant social fallacies.

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A blossoming beauty inspires all

Not good at photography but a thing that is beautiful is bountifully appealing to me. Visiting Chandra Shekhar Azad University and taking a stroll in its botanical gallery I couldn't resist my temptation to catch these blooming flowers in my camera knowing fully well that a blossoming beauty has its own way to reflect itself any where irrespective of the fact whether one who captures it in his camera is a veteran in photography or just a layman in the field. In the words of Keats, '...things of beauty are a joy for ever'.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Blogs may act as pacifiers too

Now that blogs are recognized as a most powerful communicational tool, they are sumptuously in use both by common men and the celebritiesAB,SRK and their contribution in bringing people together is enormous. Celebrities in movie world find it most convenient in reaching their admirers/fans through it. Their rapport with their audience and the viewers was never that easy earlier nor it was that possible for their fans to reach them earlier. Amitabh Bachhan is the one having since started his own website obviously for necessary interaction with the people. The expressions which otherwise needed a proper opportunity for the purpose can now just be given a shape any time a thought occurs to their mind which can well be shared by the persons so wanting. Aamir Khan has been doing it for quite sometime besides several others in the film industry. Amitabh Bachhan has spoken on several matter through his website on the subjects more or less untouched before. Misunderstanding between the two stalwarts -Amitabh Bachhan and Shahrukh Khan are a well known fact. Amitabh Bachhan has since expressed himself telling that he is for necessary reconciliation of the misunderstanding that is there between the two and that he would certainly like to talk to Shahrukh Khan. A good gesture indeed in burying the hatchet and if the result that emerges is positive, credit certainly goes to blogging media proving that this source is not just a routine scribbling but is a great pacifier too.

Be not coy !

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An English poet penning down his view points on romance gave a message to the lovers telling ' not coy', when age permits 'go and marry'. I don't remember full text of his poem except these few broken words but I quite remember this was the poem elaborately covering the pangs of seclusion one suffers from when in love with some one. Those might have been the days when love deals were not travel distances of the nature as they do now, exchange of looks, dating, romancing and live together not necessarily marrying each other. Earlier during the days of the poet, if love had to mature to something physically tangible it was possible only when it culminated to the bond of marriage and nothing like leading a full fledged sex life telling the world that it was just friendship and not at all something else beyond that as the practice obtains now. In those old days of typical social compulsions, this poet was bold enough to say that if there is something like love between two persons, more so in physical terms, there was no reason for them to sit idle helplessly, rather it was all the more necessary for them to see that their love culminates to a maturity point which was possible only when their marriage took place. It plainly gives a message that the love has all along been the same in kind and character with only modalities differing from time to timeRomemeoJuliet. The instinctive propensity, intensity, anxiety and excitement are eternally the same on love front irrespective of varying social orders operating in particular locations and zones. A significant aspect of this poem referred to above in the form of broken links by picking up a word here and another there is that it no where support lust as against love. Suggesting certain modalities of materialisation of love, the poet took enough of care to see that love is not a phenomenon to get maligned, it is supposed tobe chaste, honest and eternal.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

What an exploitation it was

Polygamy, the custom that prevailed at a large scale in the past for centuries and is still operating in somewhat a subdued form, is the one hardly knowing any parallel when it comes to exploitation of women on sex. Kings, Rajas, Maharajas had it as a routine custom meant for royal incumbents. Wajid Ali Shah, one of the greatest Nawabs of Oudh, had a limitless number of his concubines of which 100 were selected as his especially chosen ones for whom a building with the same number of elegantly furnished suites still stands in Lucknow by the side of Baradari. This building is now in a dilapidated condition but stands a witness to amount of exploitation perpetrated on women folk. A great communist leader occupying the status of Head of the State in China had a fancy for sexual pleasantries with every day changed group of girls. Even when his masculine capacity was feigning in his later years of life, he continued the practice to test his performance. What a torture it might have been for those girls getting aroused on physical union and then getting nothing but frustration. Our mythological books are full of such stories where the gods and the kings are described with having several hundreds of wives for them. Lord Krishna had a thousand wives. Now that there is enough of awareness on this count amongst the people but the practice still continues with a minor difference that tendency for such an exploitation is much reduced in degree. The polygamist and their sycophants might have had their own reasons to offer as arguments for their polygamous activities in several ways like the one that for them it was a traditional custom to practice it but there can be nothing to justify a man exploiting a woman or say women to satisfy his lust.

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Why it is an all out focuss on movies ?

PrZin Since ages it was religion that was a dominant factor from home to business and almost every where. Visiting temples, churches and mosques was a routine factor of life. There are changes now and the general concentration is not that much confined to it, it has changed direction which, the direction that has movies as a foremost important area. You talk of any situation or subject, the reactions you get in reply from the current generation of people are invariably centred to the themes they prefer uppermost. You talk of Ramayan (Ram Charitra Manas) of Tulsidas, they will refer to Arun Govil who played the role of Ram in the record TV serial in his name. Talking of other Gods, they will refer to Dara Singh, an athelete of world fame turned to film actor, as it was he who played the role of Veer Hanuman in the same TV serial. You name some goddess, they will react with mention of some movie star or the other. It could be Preity Zinta, Madhuri Dixit (Nene), Aishwarya Rai Bachhan or the likes. Nothing sells in any market unless the brands wear some tag of Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan, Rhitik Roshan or some other heavy weight in filmdom. You ask any child to sing a song and the child comes out readily reciting some couplet, normally of a romantic order only, from some film as that is how the children are now a days taught by their parents to cope with the latest trend of taste in society. There is no political party in the country who has failed to enlist some film star of eminence or the other to support it as if no politics can be practised unless there is necessary patronage from movie world. Possibly this is the taste of the people all over the country and it is difficult to say to which end it ultimately settles down in days to come. Just a little before I saw a news clip on my laptop with the headline telling that Amitabh Bachhan will be the next Prime Minister of India. The world of glamour is capable of superceding every thing.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Enemies of humanity

Some bomb blast or the other in some part of the world or the other is no more any sort of an unusual news. One news you come across, soon the other one follows. Latest being a most powerful explosion in Jaipur (India) claiming dozens of lives on the spot, the victims being innocent children, women and men with a colossal loss to the property. Who are these people indulging themselves into such activities ? Are they themselves not humans ? If they are, why they do take lives of others for granted ? A terrorist when asked as to why he targetted other fellow humans for killing, his answer was that his Allah wants him to do this. Allah is the creator. He is not the killer. It is the man who himself is a killer and to justify his heinous activity he brings Allah into picture. Satanic conceits of this type lead to annihilation bringing dooms day closer with total devastation of humanity on earth when the very killers shall be no exception to survival. What type a world the killers conceive where there is no human element left to survive. Why the killer satans can't realise that it is universal brotherhood that makes life on earth worth living as against the ghastly killing spree that puts existence of earth sans humanity. Compassion and not the cruelity, love and not the hatred, brother hood and not the enmity are the supreme components which are immanently integral to a world that survives forming eternity.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A gift or a curse ?

An announcement that dealing in wine is considerably relaxed and that necessary age bar for its purchase, sale and other forms of usage till now fixed at 25 is relaxed to 21 by the government at New Delhi is a gestured gift to youngsters as the managers behind it are trying to publicise. What a message it carries to the people is the question. Delinquency needs a tackling, tackling to the extent that there is elimination of every day growing indiscipline on the part of youngsters in majority. It is all done in the name of freedom but a free styled freedom may not lead the current generation to any positive level in the Wine 067 society. True, there are several other states in the country who lowered the age for this purpose even to the extent of 18. This sort of competition is for what ? Except mobilising votes, it is difficult to locate a valid reason behind this. Country like China once had to tackle a gigantic problem like addiction for opium on the part of their people in general. They had a will to eradicate the menace and they ultimately saw to it that it was fully overcome. Nothing to deny that certain vices are there continuing from generation to generation for several decades mainly including use of wine, a factor responsible for ruining many a lives, many a families. If relaxations are showered on the people like this, it only leads to corrupting the society in graver proportions. This is a problem where restrictions and not the relaxations work.

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Zookoda's services in general and to the bloggers in particular are a pioneering challenge in the field of an all the time cherished need of theirs to get adequately noticed by the viewers. Unparalleled, this channel of support was hardly, nay not at all. available earlier. Once adopting blogging as a tool of expression, no blogger can afford remaining unnoticed to which end Zookoda email newsletters service is capable of acting wonders. Building a visitors base with a well designed email pattern makes the bloggers job all the more easy sumptuously facilitating their interaction with viewers and visitors. The job can even be taken up through mobile phone, the most popular tool of the day in the matter of communications. Equipped with an a to z details, all modes of guidelines are available in the service just on a click. The service being available just free with no cost involved directly or indirectly, it forms so popular a feature to suit all and sundry. What else a blogger may need on the face of the fact that practically there is nothing left out. The relative briefs provided on the subject may very well work as an encyclopedia on the topics any bloggers may need. There it is a point by point coverage enabling the bloggers to conveniently access the question of their anxiety overcoming whatever hurdle they may come across in propagating their mission of writing on the issue they want to reach the people. What a blogger is supposed to do is just to have not only a desire but a will to promote his/her blog and follow the guidelines to reach the readers. Zookoda undoubtedly deserves laurels for all this.Zookoda
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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mobilising readership

Write and be read is a normal desire. Any one who writes fondly cherishes an ambition of being read by largest possible number, one who sings wants the entire world to listen to him, one who delivers a speech desires to be heard by the people with rapt attention. Marketing people want their brands tobe gone through by the potential customers at a massive scale with the difference that what is of more of interest to them is tangibility of reading even without a rapt attention. Advertising is the most powerful tool in marketing and this focuss is now being significantly diverted to blogging channel. Bloggers, with certain exceptions, may not get the required level of readership unless they rub their nose to a fullest possible measure. I believe in natural readership. Not necessary that I just get it. I am not at all for artificial readers knowing fully well that it is not practical. Popular themes like robust sex are found doing so well where I am the one miserably failing to compromise as I take love as serene and not as an object of obscenity. While surfing various other blogs I find that many of them are two liner posts or a tiny photograph but they are the ones that attract readers, get a good rank and better grade. I am yet to understand the secret of it. May be such a successful trick of the trade is not the cup of every body.

A solitary rose

20080110172309 Making its way out, peeping through the bush leaves, glancing upon the passersby, it's a full bloom rose single handedly heralding the message of fragrance that emerges from love, love for every one, love for the world. There are thorns too but they are the ones that support it, they are the ones that protect it against any potential onslaught giving yet another message to the mankind that good and bad both can not only survive together, they can very well proceed ahead supplementing each other on any  move. Inspirationally this single rose is strong enough to guide the humans to survive in odds and yet be able to do something good to others.

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Why English ?

Using English language or any language for whatever be the purpose is obviously always supposed to be  in order with an accurate usage of spelling, punctuation, style and tone and tenor. It is after all a question of capacity. All can't afford doing it with a meticulous adherence to what is a normal expectation. OK, no problem, let it not be done but what about those who volunteer themselves to resort to twisted versions of words to suit their own tongue and type. One of my blog readers while giving her comment on my post on Prithviraj Chauhan on another website (Wordpress) asked '...when he was dad'. Initially I failed to make out any meaning out of it but realised a little later that she wanted to know as to when he died. I replied. Another question on the same topic but in another post of mine was if Sanyokta had so much of 'licking' for Prithviraj Chauhan since beginning. My goodness. Licking in those days ? It was a Doom's day if there was any thing of this sort at a time when any woman even if she happened to be a princess resorted to a noticeable love making to that extent. What was meant by her question was simply this much that whether Sanyokta had so much of liking for her love mate right from the beginning. Liking in plain terms is an indication of choice but licking is an intense form of activity while engrossed in physical romantic activities. Language, I mean any language, claims respect and miserable twist of its words amounts a sheer disrespect.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Festivals and festivities that cost lives

20080509200757KillerElephnt An age old practice as it is, elephants are ornamentally used as a show in many a functions, festivals and several kinds of festivities. Tamed they are and quite trained to behave themselves but all this vanishes the moment they are unduly teased, harrassed or provoked which possibility is always there in a crowd. The practice is very common in South India particularly in places like Kerala and Chennai from where there are reports of mishaps emerging every now and then with the news that an elephant turned violent killing certain number of people on the spot. The report for the current year says that as many as 18 persons,  men, women and children, were killed by irrate elephants. There is nothing very new in what has happened as the past is full of such stories. Why this should not be possible for the organisers of the festivities to carry on their activities without elephants, why this should be that necessary that several lives are lost in the process and that heavens wouldn't fall if the functions are conducted without elephants.

Friday, 9 May 2008

An evening in a park

Strolling, I entered a local park. Noisy scenes, various cricket teams playing the game in different parts of the park quarelling amongst themselves on some point or the othercricket 033. Various groups, couples, singles sitting in free postures taking positions on their selected locations. Singles, all of them, attentively engrossed in talks over their mobile phones, a most convenient device to talk any thing on earth. My preference is normally to go to a desolate place for walk like opting to visit Thomas Hardy's Egdon Heath, an abandoned solitary location sprawlingly spread over a big area of land where there is none to disturb or even interrupt to exchange greetings. The instant case was a different one but was enough to give me a chance to study the latest scenario obtaining for the society as a whole much against old days when there was hardly any thing available to the boys beyond Kabaddi. Some say, possibly rightly so, that today's cricket is a refined version of Kabaddi only -there the bone of contention lay with the boundary frames resulting into one to one fight as against the cricket where ball is the central point for it. But fight was there, fight is here too as fight is after all an integral part of human system. I had to move around with security precautions in mind as those engrossed in talking over their mobiles are known to lose their temper on any passerby who, as they are prone to feel, disturbs them even in a slightest possible manner as these talks are in most of the cases not the business talks but a large scale romance dialogue. Tired of seeking escapes against being branded as an intruder, I had to retreat, get back home to interact with my laptop, my great companion.

Quitting with disgrace

K.P.S.Gill had to call it a day in hockey but it was not voluntarily opted by him, it was actually slapped on him. How graceful it was if it had been done willingly by him. Gill is not an ordinary figure as he was the one who created history by virtually eliminating militant terrorists in Punjab. There are many who say that it was not that much Gill who acted as a saviour of common people in Punjab against every day occuring atrocities and tortures by terrorists but his predecessor. Yes, the role his predecessor played as a police chief was the real base established by him to restore normalcy in the state but the way it was taken over and implemented by Gill was exemplary in itself bringing laurels, and reasonably so, to him and equally to the state he served. The grace, the reputation, the recognition and an overall image he acquired in his role in eliminating terrorism looks now sidelined in view of the posture of reluctance on his part in accepting a sort of public verdict in favour of his quitting the post of Indian Hockey Federation President. His stature demanded a graceful goodbye which unfortunately did not happen. The very citadel of Hockey right from the days of legendary Dhyan Chand, whose extraordinary performance was a matter of envy even for a dictator like Adolf Hitler, has been a prestige banner for the country but the setback it suffered during incumbency of Gill in his capacity as top man of the Federation is much sadly a bitter experience for the hockey lovers.

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Maintaining a car

It is not that difficult to acquire a car and what is really difficult is to maintain it. There is no dearth of people who are rich enough to afford purchasing any model at any price tag but there are persons for whom it is a life time possession. It is entirely a different taste to keep one and maintain it. Often there are old car rallies organised and they make a grand show on road. It's a Ford, a Land Master or a Baby Austin, their look, style and the make is captivating. How come they could keep their elegance even after passage of a long period? The reason is simple. They were maintained well by their ownersMINICAB all these years with a meticulous upkeep protecting them against usual wear and tear which otherwise could have eroded their body causing a shabby look with yawning gaps here and there. True, they are not at all fuel friendly for the obvious reason that when they were born there were no necessary technologies developed on fuel consumption. Moreover, these were the days when the cars were acquirable supposedly by the reach people only and they were the ones who had nothing to bother on consumption rate. Now that fuel economy is there as a result of technological improvements on that count and that their availability is sumptuously convenient due to mushrooming of dealers in vehicles with tough competition amongst themselves acting as a source in reducing the prices, even a common man can afford going for it. Old or new, in both the cases maintenance is the factor that significantly matters. An old car maintained properly looks always better compared to a newest possible one that is not cared with a personalised attention.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Awe inspiring

The very mention of 'awe inspiring' is denotive of some thing very ferocious causing a sense of fear, a sense of terror. It actually prompts me to make a reference to one of my posts based on real life story with the link . This is just by the way and may be is of interest to the author of ''. Getting back to the very instant topic, it may sound frightening but no worry, there is a device to overcome the fear by exchanging these limited two words to a link in the similar name as pasted at the end of this paragraph. Not much of fear as such but the web site is undoubtedly full of features and informations of much worth to the people which, when accessed, opens a flood gate of materials/ inventories of interest.

She was an icon of Awadh Nawabs dynasty

Rising from the status of a commoner she hat guts to occupy the grandest available level amongs begums of the Nawabas known as Begum Hazrat Mahal. Beautiful she was with hardly a parallel then, she had capacity to match, nay even beyond that, a masculine strength, she had large number of admirers amongst then in a dominant position British and she could very easily use her rapports with them leading a comfortable queen's life but she was the one gallant figure who opted death as against all luxuries. She died fighting. Begum Hazrat Mahal Park developed in her name with her tomb inside at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) stands testimony to a fierce fight she gave to enemies dying a martyr for the honour of the people in the state.

Compromising basic cause on merry makings

20071201102832 Sometime back I attended a function as one of the mai

n guests at Mumbai. It was a grand function organised by a local trade union organisation of national level in Banking Industry. It was full of merry making events on the stage with various cultural programmes covering dance, drama, acrobatics and even robust romantic displays. With a deep anxiety and curiousity I was waiting for seeing something of workers interest highlighting their issues in relation to their working conditions, welfare, superannuation benefits and some such announcements talking of what was the latest in the industry. I got deluded as nothing of this sort emerged and the show was over. It is not that the trade unions, their leaders, their followers are in any manner deprived of enjoying merry making events but the question is whether such activities are allowed to supercede the basic points. Any organisation or forum resorting to and concentrating at extravagantly extraneous areas of jubilations, at times in a loose order, at the cost of basic issues only causes a doubt on bonafides of their mission as such.

Practice of contrasts

Believers in truth tell lies, preachers of non violence act as killers, masters of ethics indulge into unethical activities, moral monitors are found involved in immoral acts, advocates of simple living are found drowned deep in luxuries and the total cycle of such a routine in the society is not a product branded today, it has been there right from the time the very civilisation was born. I visited a Budha monastery and had a talk with the attending monks and the bhikshus. Before I interrupted them, they were actually quarrelling on some trifling matter which soon assumed a graver proportion when one of them pickedup a stone blowing it hard on the head of the other one resulting into profuse bleeding. My men intervened and the fight stopped with their angry postures continuing. I asked the monk who attacked the other fellow of his as to why he indulged himself into such violent activities being a Budhist. His reply was that he was a Baudh no doubt but it was not to mean that he was not to fight for his self respect. The reply was shocking but quite revealing in the sense that basic tendency on the part of the humans is that of a beast and whatever apron they wear in the name of a religion or a creed is just secondary.Non violence prohibits killings and any non veg food is not possible without it. Majority of Budhism followers are non veg people only. Possibly there is hardly any exception where a culture or creed is followed without contraditing its own frame of ethics and rules.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The architect who committed suicide!

A great magnificient building as it is from architectural angle, the central complex of Sampurnanand University at Varanasi is not only a tourist attraction but equally a favourite spot for research scholars who throng there to collect and verify various aspects and background of it. This was, as it is said, constructed as per instructions from Queen Victoria. The very college known as Queen's College was first of its kind at Varanasi.20071128164538 Sanskrit was introduced there as a primary language. The building where Sanskrit University functions is the one that came up afterwards. An English engineer of prominence was given the task of constructing this building who most committedly performed his job seeing to it that there is no noticeable a flaw left in the total project. The building when it was completed was a great attraction in the city. Viewable in the picture from different angles, the picture is obviously to look much better if there are no steel fencings around it. The saying goes that one of the visitors, the one from a village, passed a remark seeing the building that it was bound to have water logging on the floors particularly during the rainy season for the reason that there was not the desired height given to the plinth level of it. The plinth should have been raised to a level of atleast a few inches more, he renarked. The engineer realising that the remark so made was every inch correct and that it was an unpardonable lapse on a distinguished engineer like him that a minor sort of constructional requirement was not followed by him. This led him to commit suicide out of shame and humiliation.

Inhibitions against Insulin

Diabetics use lot many drugs and also insulin to take care of their ailment. Herbal medicines for the purpose have been in use for hundreds of years, the oldest users of herbal medicinal devices being India and China. Allopathic system came much afterwards but became popular for its instant impact but it did and does suffer from causing side effects. Insulin virtually acts like replacing the natural system unless ofcourse one grows immune to this therapy. Although insulin is an effective tool of keeping sugar level of a diabetic patient to a normal level depending on the way the total system is monitored, it is no treatment for the disease in the long run. Its quality lies ofcourse on the fact that it more result oriented compared to tablets and capsules. The other important aspect is that variations in dosage can very well be made in a balanced manner reducing or increasing the intake quantity according to the need. Cost apart, the other reason responsible for comparatively a lower demand of insulin by the patients is that repeated pinches cause so much of inconvenience and at times pain too. If the patients are patient enough to tolerate a pinch or two in a day ignoring their inhibitions against it, insulin, preferably human insultin, is much better a remedy to successfully face the most problematic a disease as diabetes is.

The stones that talk

The stones speak, they talk and they interact too depending on whether the viewer understands their language. A great expression dug deep in stone engraving a  masterpiece of the two outstanding figures -Ravindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi by another great personality, the sculpturist Khastageer stand witness to lot many events in history of the country. Visitors to Varanasi hardly miss an opportunity to relish the beauty of these objects of manumental significance.20071128164233 


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cut them not, they are your life line

The trees, the plants, the bushes are not merely to form greeneries. They are virtually the basic life line for the beings on earth particularly the humans. Their devastation at the rate it is going on is bound to prove ultimately fatal for the mankind. Environmentalists talk about it, governing channels boast of having got necessary statistics to prove that a lot has been done to stop tree felling and even religious preachers lay so much of emphasis on protecting greeneries but results are just otherwise. Tree cutters and wood mafias are roaming free to cause any amount of devastation. Forests are reduced to almost a nullity. It appears that whatever measures, taken or not taken, are highllighted are nothing more than a publicity 20071128170402 measure. They are more a ritual than reality. There was, and is operating still at many a places in rural areas, a system, nay a custom, to plant a significant number of trees digging a well by their side. The well was treated as a bride groom and cluster of trees as a bride. Their marriage was solemnised in a grandest possible manner with large number of people from the nearby villages assembling there with all funfare. Both the well and the cluster of trees were treated as a newly wed couple drawing a measurefull focus from all and sundry. All this matured to a situation that made an adequate supply of water and greenery not only to the local populace but equally to the animals. What a graceful method of service it was! Why the current incumbent generation can't take a lesson from such a practice? Customs and rituals like this were afterall practised for a cause only. The cause it served holds every inch good for the present and equally for the times to come and there is no reason why it can't be persued. Such a need is infact much more now in view of large scale pollution and several hazards to environmental balance. You cut a tree, you infact kill a life, the life that gives life to others. There are mythological references containing warning signals that this shall be the Doom's Day if there comes a stage when there are no greeneries on earth. It is never too late to mend and better it is for the present generation to get awakened atleast now onwards.

A mini market with a maga style

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These are the days when high tower market complexes are gigantically coming up to house different stores/ shops particularly the ones managed by big brands. New styles, novel service patterns with ultra modern tools to attract visitors and customers. This mode of marketing facilitation is the result of a large scale research work done for the purpose but there are certain old examples which are more customer friendly. There is a village adjoining Nainital. There is a small market there where routine usables, food items and drinks are available not only meant for the locals but for the visitors too. The most interesting feature of this market is that the shops are hardly manned. Excepting barely a few, you will not notice any person monitoring the sale. All items have a price tag explicitly denotive of a moderate rate. Select your item, see the tag, pay for it placing necessary currency at the counter and leave. No bargain, no chasing, no fight on rates. If you feel like taking a cup of coffee or feel like going for a cold drink, select your item, pay and leave the bottle there itself. The task is over in just a simpler form. For coffee there is sugar available separately, even sugar free for diabetics, and if you have a mind to add a rich flavour to it you can make additions at your choice. Every transaction is based on the theory that if customers are allowed to behave themselves at their own they wou'nt indulge into any dishonest dealing and the reports are that never any instance of a buyer behaving hanky panky adopting dishonest measures has come to light. The inbuilt touch of close rapport between the customer and the dealer is a great satisfying experience. Surely the present day maga stores look much miniatured compared to these mini dealers so far as the element of cordiality is concerned.

Monitoring free time and expense

Getting harnessed to work or involving others to join the job task in their capacity as employees, managers, technicians or the executives are all the areas that prove result oriented only when there is a meticulous monitoring for the purpose. Timesheet management is the one that works best in determining the productivity ratio that is generated through the workforce engaged to complete the project. It not only works as a path per person, it adequately tracks movement wise activities of the personnel engaged. The system and arrangement elaborated online being downloadable for upto 10 persons, the implementable feasibility is enormous.Timesheet success stories
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Monday, 5 May 2008

Cheer girls

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  • Cultural changes reaching a pinnacle, there are newer innovations one after the other emerging to surface. Games. It is a renaissance, an upheaval or a radical change on the cultural front is a different matter but the message it leaves for the people of the country is lucidly clear -the message of a total overhaul of the civilization scenario. Games being a great tool of entertainment, exercise and publicity, they are the best chosen area of imposing any new sort of trend on any front. Cheer girls are now the latest addition to grandeur in cricket as if it was otherwise lacking necessary popularity. Cricket mania is a known phenomenon not only in this country but equally in all the places in the world but its managers felt there was an urgent need of accelerating its popularity for which they opted for cheer girls as a device to attract viewers. The result is as it was guessed. The viewers are all not the cricket lovers, they consist of the audience in bigger measure more interested in scantly dressed girls dancing, twisting their bodies and even kissing the players in the field. The show can't be branded as ugly, obscene or ridiculous as it is organised by powerful forums. The question that needs an answer is that if the way these cheer girls show themselves baring themselves to the point of nudity, what is left for the preachers of descency to teach. The media sought an opinion from the viewers themselves who were almost unanimously of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in it and that it should be given full freedom to go ahead further. What is the meaning. Is it not that we are heading towards a catastrophic scenario with the name Cultural heritage of India?

Snoring is a health hazard

Snoring is normally taken merely as something like an irritation hardly realising that it could be a serious health hazard at a later stage. It is infact a signal alarming about something worse to occur sooner or later. The main reason behind the slow moving ailment is that the patient hardly realises it as it only seldom happens that the person concerned is able to hear his/ her own snorings. This is actually for the friends and family members to take notice of it for the needful whenever they come across it. It is a signal of bad heart condition. Not necessary that this could be a cardiac ailment but it could certainly be remotely noticeable beginning of it. It is never advisable to take it jokingly. Bad stomach conditions also contribute in worsening it. Noticed in time, precautions applied, this ailment doesn't require any hospitalisation. It can well be taken care of by resorting to a regular exercise and yoga on an indigenous pattern without much of any rigorous schedule for the purpose. Precautions for the purpose are much more effective and running helter skelter from doctor to doctor to secure medical treatment may not be necessary. Precaution is better than cure, it is said, and that holds good in many a cases of casual disorder in the body system including minor irritants like snoring.

Autocracy of democracy champions

Have heard herds of people chanting '...for the people, by the people, of the people...' defining democracy. Nice to hear like this. Nicer it is when you see it implemented which factor is a rare commodity with those very people who do such chantings. Monarchy in Nepal is almost a gone phenomenon and the process to replace it by a government of the 'people' is nearly complete. Now that the stories are taking new shapes, there are every now and then reports that the process of retaliation and revenge is equally operating in a bigger measure. This operation is let loose by those very people who have been branding their movement till now as the peoples voice. One report says that in a village called 'Anga' in rural areas of Nepal, water supply is completely stopped, stopped by the 'people' and ofcourse for the people. Their crime was that the people in the village did not vote for the now rulers to be Maoists, they actually voted against them. The climax of the problem is that the poor villagers are rebuked, thrashed and threatened for further dire consequences if they continue raising the issue. It is a sheer revenge knowing no bounds, a revenge normally supposed to be unbecoming of those who never get tired of preaching the virtues of democracy. Autocrats are there and so are the dictators too and if they are the ones who never hide their identity as such there is nothing much wrong in it as it all can be construed as a matter of their conviction. Worse it is if the atrocities on the people are perpetrated by the pleaders of peoples cause themselves. This is what is happening in Nepal. Such a heinous type of hypocrisy amounting to barbaric treatment to the people as a matter of revenge deserves nothing but an all out condemnation. If you believe in terror mongering, better it is for you to stop wearing 'for the people' robe candidly confessing that you are actually not for them but for a loot and torture on them.

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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Visiting abode of a ghost

Just a few kilometer away from Nainital, there is an abandoned sort of a place called 'Bhoot Bangla'. During my visits to Nainital on numerous occasions I ventured to take a trip to this place with a dilapidated building standing as a witness to several mishaps that occured there. The stories that many a visitors had to face the wrath of the ghost in many ways, thrashing, beating and even killing, are a common narrative offered by the limited few locals there. This building was originally meant for being used as an observatory by the British during their rule in the country. An engraved script denoting different geographical locations of important places nearby is still visible in a dormant form on a raised platform. I wanted to stay there for the night but was not allowed by the security. What could be managed as a special case for me was the permission to remain there till late hours in the evening as against the normal practice of vacating the site latest before sun set. Waiting till late hours was of no result and I was to return when all of a sudden the lights were gone, there was a big thunder and it looked like the volcanic storm with a mountain of dust blocks was to engulf us and swallow. I asked my men not to abandon courage and patience and face whatever was to come our way. Turbulence continuing for a few minutes, every thing subsided. The locals told me that but for the reason that it was a crowd of men with me the situation was bound to prove fatal otherwise.

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Human Power

Coming across an opportunity that allows several hands to join together forming a powerfull strength is in itself so thrillingIMG_0016 and all of us obviously owe a gratitude to Social Spark who most innovatively gifted us such an interesting channel. A hand joining the other forming an ongoing chain of links and thus rising to a level of focusable object of joint power. Propensity wise, humans have all along been having a tendency to hanker for sharing their thoughts, emotions, feelings with other fellow beings and there lies their taste. Such a taste is never relishable by visiting a departmental store and make a purchase, this is possible only when like minded people join together, exchange their views amongst themselves with their expressions on their choice subjects through their blog posts. My experience in dealing in human relations for a long time tells me that this is a best platform to sort out the issues of any nature with mutual understanding and rapport. What Social Spark has provided is capable of virtually acting as dias for such expressions and writers/ readers like us can very well make best use of it on their choice topics. Like I have chosen 'human power' as the theme for expression, any one can do so going by their liking and taste.