Monday, 26 May 2008

Precautions are better than cure

Diabetes in olden days was known as a Raj Rog meaning thereby that it was a disease for the rich people. This inference was drawn on a simple reason that the royals led a lavish style of life and could easily afford going for a heavy intake of food and the likes which obviously resulted into causing several disorders in body system with diabetes being an offshoot of it. Things are changed enormously since those days. Now that there are tremendous medicinal avenues available one can easily, if the pocket of the patients supports, go for them but still what counts more in a disease like diabetes is precaution in an ample measure without entirely depending on drugs. Insulin is a major factor where its users just take it for granted that its intake itself is enough to remedy the ailment which is not very correct. Insulin intake is sufficiently more effective but it requires a meticulous monitoring. The foremost requirement being that before its intake, the patients must see to it that there are no gas bubbles in the syringe or the pen cartride which aspect is ignored by majority of them. Precaution demands that before injecting insulin the bubbles must be removed failing which the results may most adversely fluctuate either downward or upward.
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