Monday, 19 May 2008

No ageing for M.F. Hussain

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Nearing a full century of life in a few years to come, Maqbool Fida Hussain, a great icon amongst world fame painters, continues to look the same age wise as he was a decade back, nay even much before that.Zee Awards 2008 -004 Age fails to leave any mark of it on him. Difficult to know as to what could be the secret of his longevity in life despite lot many odds he has to encounter every now and then and is always surrounded by some controversy or the other receiving at times even threats for his life on account of his controversial paintings. His mixing up with women and girls in whose company he is seen very often at times promiscuously too remains a subject of hot topics not only for the media but equally for the common people. Still looking so energetic and smart in a style dress he appeared as one of the guests in an Award giving function under the auspices of Zee, was quite in a form and could speak eloquently in chaste Urdu addressing the audience with a prologue '...main to haseen chehron ka aashiq hoon' ( I am lover of beautiful faces) adding that this sort of love on his part is never confined to a single person (obviously he might be having Madhuri Dixit Nene in mind) but any one looking beautiful is my favourite. Possibly his love for beauty, say beauty divine, is the secret of his long life.

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