Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What a breed of humans they belong to ?

They jump to fray, target their victims, kill them on the spot with no kind of any human consideration and their determination for the purpose is so strong that they don't bother at all for their own lives. Who they are? They are known with several names and more popularly as 'fidayeen' (suicide squad) directed by their masters in clear terms to continue their killing spree till they themselves get liquidated of their lives in the process or are killed. This is what happened in Mumbai in the last week of November'08.

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They are heavily paid for their unholy mission, the mission that persues destruction, annihilation and a doom. Targeting enemies is some thing one can understand as it is an instinctive ingredient in human brain and it equally obtains in animals and all the beings on earth but whose enemies are the innocent passers by in the streets or a babe clinging to its mothers lap totally ignorant of what are the happenings in the world and which sort of a revenge it amounts to in killing them so callously. The very stunt propagated by some that it is all done as Allah wants it to so happen and killings appease Him saying 'Allah ko pyari hai qurbani' is only a discovery made by those wanting to satisfy their own beastly tendencies satanically directed to torturing the fellow beings. No amount of stunts or falsely manufactured fallacies can justify the heinous crime of killing innocent people. Most grave a sin it is, it is unpardonable.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mere change of guards hardly matters

Home Minister of India till a day before Shivraj Patil is shown his way and is replaced by P. Chidambaram, till now the Finance Minister of India. Many quarters call him just as a tax minister as tangibly there has hardly been any thing he might have

done to get accepted as a popular leader in public. The Finance portfolio is retained by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself now which may not at all be of any public interest as whatever Chidambaram was doing as Finance Minister was only in compliance to what the Prime Minister wanted and obviously public has no reason to look for any thing more positive to serve their interest. No performance or merit but political compatibility has been the consideration behind appointing the ministers which approach has all along been responsible for induction of incompetent incumbents incharge into different ministries. Such a process allows even hard core criminals to fit into the system and join governance mechanism besides incompetent ones. Mumbai tragedy is a glaring instance of incompetent handling of the situation as the required foresightedness on the part of both the Central and State governments was highly lacking on their part. Change of guards may not serve any purpose as the artists are the same. There is no dearth of sycophants to shower unnecessary compliments on powers that be like I heard an industrialist praising the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for keeping the finance ministry charge with himself with the prediction that markets will now get a boost up and that share market is already assuming a great form on the very news of himself taking over as Finance Minister. How funny? There is nothing unusual in share market opening on a better note but what finally transpired is that the market was found to be in a worst possible shape (on 1/12/08, the date the changes were announced)like it has been happening for a long time. Assuming for a moment that the share market opened on a happy note was because of change in guards, it might have happened for the reason that the Finance Minister who had a fancy for imposing tax after tax is since out. An iconoclastic measure of drastically changing the very political fabric, limping and outmoded, is the need.

Monday, 1 December 2008

A thousand salutes to the martyrs

They laid down their life to save others, their martyrdom is the history the none can afford to forget and the way the Indian commandos carried out their mission of saving the hostages in Mumbai at Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Oberoi Hotel in the reckless attack on them killing many of them on the spot is now the house hold talk, and very rightly so, every where in the country. The chivalry, the courage, the dexterity and most masculine a performance on their part is a slap on the toothless leaders of the country who miserably failed to take a timely notice of the untoward. But for sheer negligence and a callous ignorance on the part of these leaders could have averted or atleast minimized the damage caused to human lives at Mumbai on 26th November and the casualities that followed for days together. The all time alert marine commandos offered their instant readiness to combat the aggression but, as always so usual in political circles, it took several hours for them to release necessary instructions. This delay again caused a heavy loss to the lives of the innocent people but for which several people could have been taken out of the jaws of death in the hands of merciless killers. The whole country knows it, nay the whole world has now to admire the unmatched strength, valour and dexterity of Indian commandos but for whose rescue operations no body knows how big could have been the number of casualities and the damage mainly including the very image of the country. The loss the country has incurred in the loss of life for several fighters who preferred death against submission with the sole aim of protecting others is immeasurable but their martyrdom will always keep them alive in the memories of the country men.We bow our head to these gallant fighters and offer them a thousand salutes.