Monday, 29 July 2013

Maruti’s Manesar Plant–Let the workers not suffer:

Maruti’s management has threatened to close its plant at Manesar (Haryana) for the reason that it has been asked to pay around 500 crores of rupees being compensation for additional land acquired by them for the plant at the increased rates so demanded by the concerned farmers, the land owners. The Maruti management stated:

“….If further enhancement is granted, the management may to take a decision to discontinue the plant at Manesar”

If closure takes place in practical terms, it turns in to a loss of 8,000 crores of rupees to Haryana government itself besides hardships to the consumers. Most important factor is that the closure is bound to render around 20,000 employees jobless. Earlier also when plant was placed more or less in the similar circumstances on account of agitation followed by the strike as from the workers, the plant was virtually closed, of course for a shorter duration. The very responsibility to sort out the issue, besides through courts, devolves on the government and it is for them to see that not only the government is not put to loss, the employees have not to lose their jobs. Their losing jobs means that their families will have no resource left for them for their sustentation. Sooner the government intervenes effectively on a priority footing, the better.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

P.M.’s 1300 speeches–does it matter?

There is a big coverage given by media that the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, gave 1300 speeches during the last 9 years of his Prime Minister ship of the country. Looks good when averaged in terms of the period involved. I remember the speeches of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. Visitors gallery in Parliament was awefully occupied by a large number of the audience whenever Pt. Nehru had a schedule to deliver his address to the House. He was after all outstandingly an excellent orator and his words were grasped by the people measure by measure. Is it that type of speeches Manmohan Singh made? No, because he had no substance to deliver to the people. Quantitatively, it is certainly a matter of praise to have a record of 1300 speeches, of course in 9 years duration, but occupy as he did the post of the Prime Minister of the country, this is not to be taken as some thing extra-ordinary, A huge number of these speeches included ceremonial ones as ritual as a few minutes speeches prepared by his department for the purpose of inauguration and the likes. Manmohan Singh does deserve an admiration for quantity, a statistical jargon of course, but quality and substance parts of him as one with appeal and substance are yet to be traced if available some where by chance.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

An income commensurate with means:

Not necessary for you to worry if your income far exceeds your visible means. It’s a crime in the eyes of the rules and the laws of the country but if you are capable enough to muster enough of strength by acquiring necessary political equations at the top level, the task is damn easy to manage. Once managed, the rules and laws are rendered as flexible as sand in the rains. The case of disproportionate wealth as against the earnings is pending against Mulayam Singh Yadav for a pretty long time and instead of deciding it on merit, it is allowed to hang in the balance as a source of some political bargain or the other. As limping a government as it is that of UPA in the centre, there is a dire need felt  to trace effective allies to ensure passage of bills in the Monsoon session of the Parliament. The talk in the political corridors is that there is every possibility of the case against Mulayam Singh Yadav being withdrawn or closed by the government to enlist his support. There is hardly any element of amazement if it assumes a physical shape shortly in days to come. The role of rules and laws are after all secondary in nature in our country.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

‘KYC’ need not be taken lightly:

As prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India, the programme like KYC (Know your customer)/ anti money laundering norms compulsorily to be adhered to by all the banks is normally taken by the respective banks and equally by the customers in a lighter way. This resulted into Reserve Bank of India imposing a fine to the tune of 49.5 crores on 22 private and public sector banks including the giant banks like State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank for violating the norms so laid down in terms of ‘Know your customer’. ‘Know your customer’ is a small form which the bankers are required to get duly filled in by their customers from time to time as an anti money laundering measure. The customers too hardly take it seriously with the result that their relative bank accounts continue to be irregular in the absence of their updated bonafides and credentials. This is not only just a matter of a routine formality on the part of the  banks, more than that it is equally the responsibility of the customers concerned to ensure that there is nothing limping in the matters of their records with the banks. The measure is in the interest of both the banks and the customers and is supposed to be duly adhered to by them. Penalty imposed by the Reserve Bank of India is not an end of the problem in to itself, it rather requires more stringent an action to ensure the needful.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pran–A great legend in him is no more!

A legend in Bollywood, Pran, Pran Krishan Sikand, breathed his last at Lilawati Hospital, Mumbai, on Friday the 12th July’2013. He was 94. With his death an era of villainy as an art ends. Right from the days he entered the filmdom in 1940, he never had a parallel to match him. At the initial level, he did act as a hero in some films but what became a hall mark for him in later years was the art of villainy playing his roles with unique excellence. He gave the cinema some character roles too with a brief appearance but there too he exceedingly excelled all. No body can forget his roles in Shaheed, Upkaar, Ram Aur Shyam, Zanjeer and the like. We bow our head in reverence to the great soul.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Certain tit bits against monsoon diseases:

A sort of hurricane showers of monsoon are settling down now but that is adversely followed by different kinds of ailments known as monsoon diseases. There is a general tendency on the part of the people that they don’t bother at the initial stage of an ailment and when it aggravates they have no option but to rush to some doctor or the other. Some minor precautions at the outset count more and with them it is normally possible to keep the ailments at bay. The only thing is that the precautions have to be resorted to before it gets too late. A few of such precautions required to be adhered to are like this:

  • Avoid sleeping during day hours.
  • There should be no over exertion.
  • Surroundings to be kept dry and clean.
  • Don’t go to AC room immediately after taking bath.
  • Avoid eating uncooked food and salads.
  • Water intake should be in plenty.
  • A clean and cool glass of water should be taken before going to sleep in the night.
  • Body temperature to be kept warm as low temperature is vulnerable to virus.

This one is not an exhaustive list of precautions as they are numerous but can serve the purpose to a good extent if applied with a discipline.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

A positive lead by temples to help uttarakhand rehabilitations:

There has been a hue and cry on the question as to why the very temples throughout the country which are so rich financially otherwise are not coming forward to suitably help the post devastation conditions in Uttarakhand. The temples so lagging behind till now include even those in Kedarnath and the other adjoining ones. Now there are gestures from the temples like Siddhvinayak in Mumbai joined by several others to contribute substantially towards the cause. They have announced the contribution of 5 crores for the purpose of which 25 lakhs has already been released. Most welcome a news in this connection is that a Muslim group in Mumbai has made an appeal that whatever funds are customarily spent on Iftar parties which festival is to commence from 10/11th of this month be diverted to the help of the families of the victims of the devastations in Uttarakhand. Such an initiative is highly commendable and sends a healthy message of communal harmony. Temples and mosques and also Gurudwaras have an immense wealth at their command and if a portion of it is diverted towards the rehabilitation process in the context of the devastatations, this serves a great cause of the humanity and deserves laurels.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Think twice before paying bills online:

Damn easy it looks to be to pay the bills on line without any hassle of any kind as a matter of two minutes job. One needs not treading in fools paradise as this kind of transactional ease may cost the user heavily. One Anil Kumar at New Delhi paid his electricity bill for Rs.2,340/ and got the confirmation that the transaction was a success followed immediately by another message that the transaction was a failure. It was further followed by a telephone call to Anil Kumar asking for his account details and also his ID, Pin number and password which he innocently and in good faith provided. Finally when he contacted his bank to confirm his account position, he was advised that his account was debited within 5 minutes by successive 5 withdrawals of 10,000/ each. He was in fact duped and cheated suffering loss of money to the tune of 50,000/. This is how it is becoming a normal trend for the cheaters and the hackers to loot the money of the account holders in different banks. Anil Kumar failed to follow the oft repeated precautions by different banks never to give account details with Id, pin, password to any body else. Had he followed this advice he would not have been cheated like the way he was. Let it be a serious note of alert and precaution for those who go through this post sharing the same with others as their well wisher.