Thursday, 29 November 2007

A great artist who committed suicide

Text Link Ads The very original building that houses the Sampurnanand University, Varanasi. is a most significant architectural work that attracts an immediate attention of the visitors to the spot. It is a most popular tourist centre and those having an architectural interest find it as quite noticeable a piece of work. The sad background attached to it is the fact that the architect who brought such a building to existence committed suicide when he could notice that the whole building lacks necessary plinth level height with walls starting just from the earth surface level and even slightest possible rain showers made the interiors full of water. Realising that himself so great an architect he failed to realise the drawback beforehand, he started feeling guilty and committed suicide.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A bonanza for visitors

Visiting places for business or for a tour for any other purpose was never that easy and incentives oriented like it is now with great offers of discounts and concessions in prices/rates on booking of hotels under the banner highlighted here. Quality based service, home away from home atmosphere and services well equipped with instantly realisable hospitality of a first rate order are the features that possess an unquestionable capacity to extend to the tourists/visitors all that they need and that too with smiles and without any pinch on price tag. The discount to the tune of 70% is so attractive a feature that even a reluctant visitor thinks twice before saying no to such offers. I know my friends are the ones to resist the temptation of utilising such nice opportunities whenever they are on an outing to different locations.Hotel Reservations

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taj, the wonder

Text Link Ads Reminiscent of a love that was and is unerasable by time is the Taj, a magnificient love story. There are remarks that Shahjehan was capable of leaving a mark of his great for Mumtaz Mahal as he was a King, an Emperor and had an immeasurable amount of money to to fulfill his slightest possible whims. There are people who might have loved their spouse or the beloved in much bigger a measure compared to Shahjehan but they couldn't afford an ordinary most monument for the person they loved.True, but it can't be construed to read that simply because an emperor was so rich, he lost his eligibility to express his love.
One of the wonders of the world, Taj is equally inspiring both to rich and poor. It's love after all that gets manifestation in stone and this is the kind of love that is eternal. It represents the kind of love that is honest and pure and not confined to any barriers like rich and poor. Amount of love is not some thing like ration where distribution is quantity based, it is measured based on its quality where being rich or being poor has no meaning.Love and love alone counts for all.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Green is beautiful

Text Link Ads It is to themselves that the leaves are green but this greenness is a great factor playing the role of an object that gives the onlookers a soothingly satisfying touch. One feels relaxed at the very sight of beautiful things, beautiful colours and beautiful surroundings refreshing the human beings and they get relaxed. Quietly and silently, they are capable of generating an altogether a different environment. 'Nothing clears up my spirits like a fine day' said Keats and if the colour, colour like that of green leaves is added to a fine day, life on earth starts blossoming to fullness, charming and interesting.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Competition all the way

Text Link Ads Whatever be the phase and mode of a life pattern, it is full of competition every where. One can't move an inch without facing some kind of a competition or the other. School, market, roads, parks or any kind of activity are, every where one has to compete like while on road many a times if you are late even for a minute, the shutter on the railway crossing is dow, if you are even slightly slow driving your car, the traffic behind you are there to pounce upon you blowing their horns after horns totally unmindful of the fact that the traffic in your front itself is in a jam and not in a position to move. Many a hotels are there where you go but have to be in the que for want of seats. Once in New York I was passing through a big jam in a car onway to my office and there I got stranded for half an hour and all the time my driver was facing volley of questions by others in the traffic as if my car only was an obstruction for them to move onward. Some of them even used some slanderous language. I was just thinking as to how could it be possible for me to give them a walk over in the competition of travelling on road. You board trains, particularly the local trains, there too you are confronted with several problems -first while buying a ticket spending lot of time standing in the que, then running through flyovers and yet again doing lot of maramari while boarding the train and finally while trying to reach your seat/birth to find that huge luggage is piled up there by your co passengers and no surprise that the person concerned loses his/her temper when asked to clear the luggage from the space reserved in your name. You go to a temple, there again there is a tough competition on who reaches first to avoid standing in the que. Workwise too it is too difficult to cope with the competition and the moment you slightly lag behind, you are out. I am hired by a big company marketing on blogs presently @ of just a few dollars per post. Recently I submitted to them about 10 posts out of which only 2 were selected for the reason of some trivial a lacuna or the other. I felt demoralised. Buyers go for a best available quality expecting others, those who accept the offers, to perform maximum and this kind of competition proves so arduous many a times.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Appeasement at the cost of public money

The Government of Uttar Pradesh announced a sumptuous increase in the salary of different heads of large number of corporations and the boards the other day.The increase being the amount of Rs.5000/, it is not a trivial figure. The increase is meant for whom? Are they financially weak people? Are they the people who need money for their routine basic needs? No, they are not those falling in this category. instead most of them are the people financially fat enough to gallopingly swallow public money in some name or the other.Their quality lies in cultivating votes and it is on this count that they have to be appeased by the political powers that be and for this commodity they are paid sumptuously with offering them appointments as Chairman, Director in some board or the other or something else like that. Theirs is not the money hard earned but the one that comes to them easily in the shape of such appointments.It is infact a loot on public money. The Government can't supply the required amount of electricity for the reason that they have no funds, public utility areas are not provided because they lack required financial resources, roads are in a dilapidated conditions for this very reason, they are not even repaired causing hardships to public. As against this there is an increase every now and then in the emoluments and perquisites of the so called public representatives. The leaders who can really do good to the people are yet to emerge to surface.

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Computer -the wonder of the world:

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Not long ago it was just a different world with people in general working traditionally in quite a manual shape. True they were happy because they never knew that there could be some thing some day enormously in contrast to what they had.It looks utopian but who knows there could be something much better yet to emerge on surface or today's computer are much more improved to open up further horizons of progress in utility areas.

Today it is certainly a boon for the world that if you have capacity to imagine any functionality angle, you get it right there on your computer going ahead on your work just smoothly with interest orientation.Home,office or travelling, it can be there with you all the time with ease making your work a matter of game.On outings you need not bother whether the project you started is properly diarised or the job is entrusted to some one else.You can yourself be on it right the moment it comes to your mind. It is infact a miracle the present day science and technology has given the world to equip itself with a wonderful way of tackling things.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

You are still there!

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You have left us RO, you have now gone far away from us abandoning us so suddenly that I, as one, find it horribly difficult to reconcile to the news. Why the news can't be incorrect?. No, destiny wou'nt allow it to happen. One cries, one crumbles with amazement but the Immanent Will works in its own way and has snatched you away from your loved ones, snatched you away for ever but the very thought of your presence amongst the people is somethig that just can't be erased.

All India State Bank of India Staff Federation has gone much poorer with the setback that a great stalwart who was one of the architects of the present day Federation is no more. A most dynamic figure who played most pivotal a role in building up this Organisation making indefatigable efforts throughout his life -in active service and even thereafter, is now not there in his usual style of a friend, a philosopher and a guide for all those who were associated with him. Always amenable to reasons but firmly sticking to his approach in different matters, he was the one possessing enormous caliber to take his issues to a logical end. There could hardly be any body, possibly none, who might ever have seen him losing his temper even during talks on crucially controversial matters. His contribution in remodelling the very concept of trade union functioning giving it a modernised look is immense. Time may pass, things may change but R.O.Shah remains live in the minds of the people so long All India State Bank of India Staff Federation continues to exist. R.O. Shah is in our hearts, we can't ever afford to forget him, none who directly or indirectly belongs to the Federation, can.

So closely associated to him for decades, I still feel like I see him live even after he is no more. Whenever we both met after some gap of time, we used to embrace each other as a matter of affinity and kinship and  the very thought that it has not to happen now so twitchingly haunts my mind. I just feel like crying with the words of Mathew Arnold -

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In the void air towards thee, my strained arms are cast !

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Faith in work:

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'Good striving brings thriving, better a dog that works, than a lion who shirks' is the saying and it so happens in many a cases that people are good enough to look hale and heart but they are the ones who are masters in shirking from any activity. A lion failing to be active enough in doing his work is just a useless animal compared to a dog who toils the whole to secure some thing or the other to eat.It quite applies to human beings who are capable of doing their job well and earn their livelihood with labour and hard work and this way they earn a recognition as against the persons who are physical quite capable but are so lethargic that they can't do any thing.Infact work is some thing that is 'worship' for all -be it a man/woman or some animal.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Hotel reservations

Hotel Reservations
There is no dearth of hotels any where but what matters most is quality, service, network and above all economical rates. Be it a hotel, a motel or a resort, these factors most demandingly count. Tourists or business magnates or even those visiting places for leisure, rest or recuperation, all have not only a preference for better stay but they actually need it. Business men need it because they have to relax after working hard the whole day, those visiting places for rest and recuperation need it because they require a place that could give them some solace and a soothing touch to alleviate their tension. The slogan of a 'Home away from Home' may at times be not enough as people need some change against their routine living that goes monotonous over a period of time. There are hotels really capable of giving the visitors a change that could otherwise be not available at home. Good hotels do have a capacity to give visitors an atmosphere of change in totality by providing them a most satisfying congeniality in environment coupled with smilingly supplying the required services themselves or on demand instantly making it possible even for a tired mind to feel at ease and enjoy the stay. There could be potential visitors hesitating to opt for an outing for the apprehension that it could tell upon their pockets heavily and that they may not get the required services the way they need them. Once these apprehensions are done away with when they come to know of the good hotels offering excellent services with quite a relaxation in their rates, they are the ones readily agreeing for an outing they very much needed.
Hotel is a site that adequately makes multifarious services on reservations in hotels, motels and resorts offering a vast area of different features including rates, a dominant factor for majority of travellers. Their offer to the extent of 70% discount is not a matter of triviality, it is much bigger a relaxation abundantly capable of convincing the potential visitors to go for it and obviously they can't afford resisting their temptation. I as one undoubtedly feel quite enticed and, given an opportunity, I would like to avail the offers so tempting and adoptable.Hotel ReservationsHotel Reservations

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A note on Trade Unions!

Part 2:
They are the type in no way really interested in the welfare of their organization which they belong to –their one point programme is to cling to the post to the last unless kicked out and thrown in the streets in which event their all out endeavour is to drag the organization to shambles without being prepared to realize that this parting gift of theirs to their followers only leads them to a situation where one ignominiously mingles into dust unwept,unsung and unhonoured. It forms an interesting instance to quote one study about a trade union leader of national level in Banking Industry. Drastic measures as a result of National Emergency in the country in the year 1975 were there at their worst. He convened an emergency meeting of National Executive at New Delhi. This was the day when Bang Bandhu Mujibur Rahman of Bangla Desh was killed. The atmosphere in the country. The atmosphere in the capital was already so tense. The line of action adopted by the Government of India in curbing and crushing the trade union activities in the Country was no more a secret to any body. Definite instructions were issued to various Heads of different departments in the administration and other organizations both in public and private sectors that the union leaders be pinned to desk obviously with an idea to cause them biggest possible handicap in carrying out the union activities. The instructions so issued were meticulously implemented with some relaxation in regard to those belonging to INTUC. The proposal mooted out by another leader that all leaders should in the changed circumstances resign from from whatever post/position they were occupying as employees in the industry to serve the union exclusively didn’t find favoour with the top leaders who whipped their veto suggesting an alternative –the alternative that the coercive instructions of the Government be defied without leaders abandoning their jobs as employees. The key man who in his capacity as the top man in the executive in the union piloted the discussion was the one, nay the first one, to report for duty - he and the other one second in command rushed to their place of work for the purpose to every body’s amazement. They were wise enough to save their wages as against others who had to remain on leave without pay for a long time obeying the advice to defy the Government directives.
In yet another instance, the big leader practically started weaping to win over the sentiments of membership in general in a largely attended conference. After the session was over, he confided to a close associate of his telling that his tears were only a matter of strategy exercised to overcome a situation but for which he had to get embarrassed.
Tears are serene and sublime –only a hypocrite of first order can use them, nay misuse them, as a matter of trick and dodge. (tobe continued)

Monday, 12 November 2007

My garage floor

Broken and cracked, stained and clumsy, my garage is the one giving the look of a wrinkled face, sick and frail. My house too as a whole is not in a good health condition and every time I interact with it, it asks me for an urgent makeup. I may have to go for a refinish peremptorily securing necessary means to give my home a look and shape with tiles of a colour that is soothing and satisfying. For a whole new look with quality tiles, a house and its garage are sure to get a much better a face lift for which there are powerful channels availabe on line, say like the following:
Besides the above a well tested material for better cleaning too is conveneniently availabe online by contacting -

garage flooring

Pangs of seclusion !

मैं वियोगी प्यार के आंसू न पोंछो
वेदना की यह निशानी धुलुकने दो
जिन्दगी बे रास्ता हो जायेगी
तुम हमारी ब्यथा की आंधी न रोको।
एक निश्चित क्रम सुबह और शाम का

लिये ज्यों ज्यों जिन्दगी ढलती रही
सजल मेघों की तरह भीगी हुयी
एक स्मृति है कि जो पलती रही ।
यह घुमड़ते मेघ जायेंगे कहाँ
बरसने दो बूँद बन कर वेदना
मुझे इन से प्रीत है अनुराग है
यह हमारी साधना हैं अर्चना।
बाँध टूटा है द्रगों के धैर्य का
स्नेह की ये धार हैं इन को न रोको
मैं वियोगी प्यार के आंसू न रोको
वेदना की ये निशानी धुलुकने दो.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Loans - compatibility

One resorts to taking loans as a matter some pressing need or the other and it does help the borrower to take care of his/her immediate financial requirements. There was a time and still is in certain places where lending money to some one was to get himself mortgaged to the lender for life time. Now it is entirely a changed scenario.All the banks are all the time in competition with each other to secure a biggest possible number of borrowers on a competitive rate of interest which in case is always less costly compared to private money lenders.Online offers for giving loans are in plenty.
During my experience of working in Banking Industry for 3 decades+, I have seen that loans are not always taken for pressing needs like weddings,medical treatment or to consolidate the sundry dues otherwise croping up routinely but there are people who go for it to make their life style more full of grandeur.That type of approach is something that spoils the future of the loanee as once a loanee, always a sufferer,because the loan amount compounds by leaps and bounce.Loan is a great relief in emergent situations but it takes no time for it to assume a graver proportion if it is misused and is not paid within stipulated time schedule.Loans

Evolution of Banking system in India:

Till 100+ years back there was hardly any system dealing in banking except certain money lending communities persuing this as a matter of their traditional business.So is the position in respect of Trade Unions in banking industry.Chronologically the events leading to these systems are collected, compiled and given below to be followed up in parts:

General Bank of India formed followed by another bank known as Bank of Hindustan.
Bank of Calcutta established -It was later renamed as Bank of Bengal
Bank of Calcutta becomes Bank of Bengal
Bank of Bombay is established
Bank of Madras is formed
Paper Currency Act is passed
Allahabad Bank is established.This was the first fully Indian owned Bank
AITUC formed under Lala Lajpat Rai's presidentship at New Delhi
Imperial Bank of India established by merging 3 Presidency Banks –Bank of Bengal,Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras.
INTUC formed at New Delhi
State Bank of India is formed by replacing Imperial Bank of India. It becomes the first Bank in India to be nationalized.
State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act is passed enabling State Bank of India to take over 8 former State associated banks as its subsidiaries.
Nationalisation of Banks -14 major Banks in India nationalised
State Bank of India’s Banyan Tree emblem changed to ‘Shoonya’ (Zero)
Nationalisation of Banks -6 other Banks in India nationalized.With this Government of India owned banking in the country rose to 91%.
Government of India acquires the entire Reserve Bank of India shareholding in State Bank of India consisting of over 314 million equity shares at a total amount of over 355 billion rupees.
Indian Trade Unions Act comes into existence
Imperial Bank of India Indian Staff Association is formed under the Benevolent Societies Act at Calcutta (now Kolkata). It was duly registered under Indian Trade Unions Act only on 24th May’1932.
First ever Strike in Imperial Bank of India by Imperial Bank of India Indian Staff Association continuing for 46 days. It was withdrawn on the 15th September’1946.


Credit Cards -a tool for compacted utilities !

Tiny and so user friendly, Credit Cards are certainly a revolotion miniatured to the size of a fist. One of the greatest gifts by the scientists, this tiny tool has made the present day world so interesting and attractive. All good things are always prone to some ill effect or the other and this tool too is no exception but this aspect is not at all beyond repairs and very much depends on the behaviour of the users themselves. Abuse side is bound to occur if the users resort to misusing the machine recklessly directing their usage theme to an obscene or other kinds of negative order instead of confining themselves to a real utility oriented usage in a positive manner for which Credit Cards are basically meant. Yes, they are a necessary evil in the sense that even if there are some negative aspects attached to it, they are a thousand times much worth from utility angle and if the consumers use them properly, there is no question of any ill side of it affecting any one. Availability of the tool being easily available particularly through Online Shopping, it has become more popular than even wristwatches and is popular in a big measure both in urban as well as rural areas. Using credit card for more than a decade I find the machine (Credit Card -Visa) an integral part of my body system both at home and on outings. My advice to a potential buyer would always be to go for it with the remark 'sooner the better' ofcourse with a note of caution that he/she should not blame the tool for some mishap or the other if they fail to handle cards with cash back

Saturday, 10 November 2007

On 'Daughter of the East' -a review:

Text Link Ads Benazir Bhutto, extraordinarily a most charismatic woman and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, wrote her authobiography in mid eightees. It’s an autobiography but it has the inherent qualities of a history –a history that is all time relevant. When written and published, the Book was acclaimed as a masterpiece not because it was the work of the one who happened to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan and daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who himself ruled the country as Prime Minister earlier but more because what she wrote was not only in relation to power politics but it talked of behavioural pattern which at same scale or the other applies to all in general. Faithfuls turning saboteurs, those recognized as honest behaving dishonest, peace lovers acting violent, protectors assuming the role of killers and justice givers in judiciary monitoring injustice. All these aspects on human behaviour have most dexterously elaborated by the author and are worth going through by the readers of both kinds –those who take interest in history and also those who have inquisitiveness for human behaviour in different given situations. One instance briefly reproduced here talks volumes as to how a Judge could twist a broad day light truth to a blatant lie by forcing his words into the mouth of a witness just because the truth revealed by him could go in favour of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and if the same truth was successfully twisted by the Judge to look a lie, it was enough to implicate Bhutto in the case of conspiracy launched against him. As quoted by the author, Masood Mahmood , the Director General of the Federal Security Force was a witness turned approver and his was the only testimony directly linking Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the conspiracy. The way the Chief Justice Maulvi Mushtaq conducted the proceedings aimed at implicatig Bhutto runs like this in the words of author herself:

I was present when Maulvi Mushtaq misrepresented the testimony of Masood Mahmood’s drive trying to establish a link between my father and the Director General of the FSF. ‘Is it true that you took Masood Mahmood to see the Prime Minister?’ the Chief Justice asked.
‘No’ the frightened driver replied
‘Write: “I drove Masood Mahmood to see the Prime Minister”, Maulvi Mushtaq directed the court stenographer
‘Objection my Lord’! the defence lawyer said rising
‘Over ruled’ Maulvi Mushtaq snapped his heavy white brows gathering in anger. Then he turned to the witness. ‘What you meant to say is that you don’t remember, but you may have driven Mahmood to see the Prime Minister’ he said.
‘No,Sir. I didn’t drive him’ the driver responded.
‘Write: “Masood Mahmood drove himself to see the Prime Minister”, the Chief Justice instructed the stenographer.
Objection’ the defence lawer said again , rising.
‘Sit down’ roared Maulvi Mushtaq. He turned back to the driver
‘Masood Mahmood could have driven himself to see the Prime Minister, couldn’t he? he asked
‘No, Sir’ the driver said, shaking
‘Why not?’ shouted Mushtaq
‘Because I had the keys, sir’, quivered the driver

The Book contains narrations and illustrations like this in a large number and one can realize the worth of it only when it is given a thorough reading.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Why I signed up for Pay Per Post?

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I did feel tempted to go for Payperpost at the first sight on the Internet. Besides ofcourse the money consideration, I found it user friendly in the sense that it contains elaborate features on functionality and that I got replies to my queries promptly with a touch of attention and care, a feature quite denotive of a quality level dealing. Dealings with an amount of cordiality are after all most powerful tools, be it business or any other mission. Customer care is customer love with PayPerPost and that again speaks volumes of a sort of an affinity between them and the posties. I do feel like sharing my impressions on PPP with my friends/ my readers, hence this small writeup.Giving vent to my anxiety based on my first hand impression, I fondly signed up with PPP looking forward to a congenial and result oriented relationship with them. I do want money as I need it and I chose PPP for this reason too realising that it can well be persued with them gracefully. I have a conviction that ten dollars earned with labour are much more satisfying than hundreds of them earned otherwise. Howsoever pressing and compelling be my needs, I have no fancy for money earned through gambling, lotteries or speculative tradings. If fortunately I am able to come across avenues for more money beyond what is required for my basic needs, my priority option would be to help the orphaned and handicapped children. Trying to comprehend as to where PAY PER POST lays more emphasis in business orientation and marketing facilitation, it satisfyingly inspired me most to realise that they have a missionary approach towards Computers and Internet. Given below is a small account of the way I take this powerful tool of business and interaction:

Computer and Internet:
When first fully functioning electronic computer was developed at the University of Pennsylvania during World War II, none migt have thought that some day it was to blossom to the pinnacles of success and that it was something to become a sort of wonder for the world. Initially it was developed as a device that could both determine missile trajectories and predict the weather.Soon it captured the fancy of business community followed by an overwhelming demand from corporate bodies and individuals.Computers appeared in much developed a shape during mid fiftees of the last century to blossom further in the mid sixtees when they started being dependably used by the Banking Industry throughout the world.In India,it was State Bank of India to play a pivotal role in developing its popularity and demand. Basically it was transistor that acted as a source of inspiration from acceptability point of view on a thinking that if radio/transistor could be so popular with the masses why computers can't be and several new features started being added to this technology every day. Development and progress on this technological field no doubt suffered a setback as a matter of stiff resistance offered against it by several quarters mainly including leftists on the slogan that it was potentially a great danger for the workforce as it was most powerful a machine to replace and do away with the manual labour causing a large scale unemployment but with the overpowering utility angle of computers, it didn't take much time to overcome the problem as those opposing it tooth and nail reconciled in its favour propagating its qualities publicly.Talking to a Chief Minister of a State in India, I found him highly aggressive virtually abusing those who worked for computers and my arguments supporting them were just turned down. Later I was told that he since became a great admirer of the machine ordering full use of computers in all offices of the Government in his State. Now it is an era of computers in full measure and that no one who believes in work and efficiency can afford going without them. Computer, thy name is efficiency, thy name is progress, development and prosperity.
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She was an angel incarnate !

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A serious doubt started lurking in the minds of the people including brother of Lord Buddha himself about his credentials and bonafides as a saint Divine after he returned on attaining enlightenment –the reason being his soft corner for a woman –none else but Amrapalli, the one who had no parallel in beauty but was forced by the then elder men in the society to lead the life of a prostitute.Her request to Lord Buddha to visit her palatial house was affirmatively nodded by him and this caused all hue and cry.Buddha,the Enlightened, addressed them and storm of suspicion was visible no where after he,who was by then recognized by everyone as the one capable of seeing the past,the present,the future,narrated about what Amrapalli was in her earlier birth as a bird and that she was the serenemost a person with noblest soul on earth.This was the bird that got perished trying to save others.Her physical apparel could be any thing but in her actions and thoughts she is the one thoroughly chaste and pure concerned always for others.
A miniatured version of the story runs like this:
One of the creatures in a dense forest with a river flowing in the midst of it was a tiny bird.Drought occurred with famine of high magnitude.Fire brokeout engulfing all. Total inhabitation was at a collapsing point with dwellers running helter skelter to save their children against fire which nearly engulfed them leaving no time gap for them to escape.Nothing was there and the fire was assuming aggressively aggravating proportions set to devour the entire forest. The bird started dropping herself into water in the river flying back fully drenched to the top of the trees fluttering her wings and squeezing water therefrom to soften the flames. The God of rains Lord Indra laughted at her calling her action as ridiculous pointing out how silly it was on her part to show audacity against mighty flames. Reply of the bird was ‘you and the other Gods have the capacity to play any havoc or if it so pleases you you can equally remedy it by causing rains but since you care damn for others on earth you would’nt do it. I as one have to continue my efforts to do whatever little I can till the last breath of my life’. In the process the poor bird accepted being reduced to ashes.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

एक औचित्य विहीन निर्णय !

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श्रम और श्रमिक के महत्त्व का निर्वाह किसी भी देश की प्रगति के लिए अपरिहार्य रुप से आवश्यक होता है और इस क्रम में श्रमिक संगठनों की भूमिका और भी अधिक महत्वपूर्ण होती है। एक स्वस्थ संगठन में छ्मता होती है, और होनी ही चाहिऐ, कि वह श्रमिकों की रक्छा और सुरक्छा का भरपूर ध्यान रख सके। यदि ऐसा नहीं होता है तो श्रमिकों के हितों की हानि होती है, कार्यकर्ताओं का मनोबल गिरता है, और समूचा संगठन अवनति के कगार पर पहुंच जाता है। देश की प्रगति, श्रमिक वर्ग की सुरक्षा और उनके हितों की रक्षा सभी कुछ इस बात पर निर्भर है कि संगठन किस प्रकार से अपनी भूमिका का निर्वाह स्वस्थ एवं स्वक्ष रुप से करता है।

स्टेट बैंक आफ इंडिया स्टाफ असोसिएशन राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर एक अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण संगठन है और अपनी गौरव गाथा का पूर्ण शतक पूरा करने के अति निकट है। ....tobe continued..

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Ashop commerce -a revolution in shopping cart software:

A revolution in itself, contribution of Ashop Commerce to the business community is well known not only because it is an award winning product but much more than that for the reason that it has given the traders something that counts most from functionality angle. It's role is not just confined to selling the product but is aimed at providing a most compacted system of dealings abundantly equipped with a full scale compatibility in respect of important business channels involved in the process. The channels like Paypal, various banks and credit card agencies form an integral combination for cultivating and processing of different types of trade dealings in an smoothly order. With Ashop Commerce offering 10 days free trial of their shopping cart software, it is convincingly capable of generating the required confidence in the minds of the customers, say potential customers. The feature that the working of Ashop Commerce is channelised through ultra fast web servers extending necessary service all twentyfour hours is again quite satisfyingly attractive for the traders and it may be difficult for them to resist the temptation of going for such a modern most product.

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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Shopping cart software:

More the inventions, more the development and progress is the saying and that very much holds good in respect of marketing too. Like any other developmental area, marketing to day can't afford moving on further without necessary tools, tools making day to day activities run faster. One such tool propounded by Ashop Commerce is Shopping Cart Software that adequately fulfills the need for a comprehensively methodical shopping cart making necessary business handlings feasibly convenient considerably accelerating organising capabilities of merchants and even sundry traders. The days are gone much far behind when the merchants had to depend upon themselves as an individual factor without being able to go for a well compacted system. Credit undoubtedly goes to Ashop Commerce who most successfully contributed to ecommerce by providing hosted shopping cart software. Equipping the traders with modernity oriented tools is in itself a most laudable contribution to the people particularly the business community. Working online is a matter of interest and pleasure and such interest and pleasure assume satisfaction in a double measure when traders get quite facilitated with Shopping Cart Software, much acclaimed a business tool.ecommerce software

Computerisation in Banking Industry:

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Computerisation in Banking Industry, more so in State Bank, is a big story in itself.Computers made an entry in Banking Industry through State Bank in mid sixties before which they were merely a topic of academic talks without any thing substantial in practice. By mid seventies it started gaining momentum and by eighties they were in operation in full swing. During Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister of India, computer was a priority subject. He himself was well conversant on computers having a keen interest and a great aptitude for their operation. There were two reasons for this –one that he appeared on political scene as a champion representing the youth of the country and to attract them more votes wise he was hankering to go for some thing dynamic on technological front keeping in mind in the meantime that it was a most powerful tool to herald a new era of progress and development distinguishing him enormously as against an old and outmoded leadership then obtaining at the national level in the country –the other reason had its roots in nationalization of Banks in 1969 by his great mother Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister. Catching up on the popular slogan that Banks in majority were in the hands of Rajas and Maharajas or big bullies in business who failed to serve the common people in the country, Indira Gandhi took a drastic measure nationalizing 14 major banks which act on her part was capable enough to bring her laurels and more of popularity in public. Rajiv Gandhi too was for a popular footage on the similar pattern picking up the Banks again as an easily available choice for the purpose identifying them as the base for it through computerisation. Management in different banks in general and that of State Bank in particular has the tradition of jumping to joining as the first one in the que to appease the Government on all counts and there could hardly ever be a ‘some body’ to raise any voice of protest howsoever illogical, untimely and problematic was the direction so issued. Masters directions from Delhi were over hurriedly adhered to by the bankers placing computerization as their priority number one task on their agenda. It was ofcourse a different matter that the priority task failed to elicit a required response at the implementation level for the reason that bankers refused to take a notice of the fact that projects like this warranted a large scale mobilization and awareness generation amongst staff and public in general to make the scheme acceptable to them.

Smorty, the leader !

Of all the platforms available on the Internet for users interested in ecommerce particularly those choosing blogging to express themselves coupled with their desire to make some money also, Smorty are a forum superb and user friendly. My experience with them is that of a cordiality oriented relationship and they are the ones who never lag behind in quickly responding to the queries of their customers -be it on issues, be it on features or be it on functionality. Their net work being large enough to meet the needs of the people, customers do find it as a very convenient tool for a smooth and satisfying working. Features wise, their way of working is largely manifest on their web site itself -neat, to the point and legible maintaining the brevity aspect in the meantime. Surfing their sites meant for bloggers or the advertisers is always a matter of interest and there is nothing like any zig zag laden with confusions. They ofcourse look like hard task masters at times when some one defies the terms but there again it is all a matter of quality, quality in the sense that necessary business norms are not the ones to be compromised for trivialities. Smorty's is a functional pattern worth being followed by others in business.advertise on blogs

Casino -an online game with money and excitement !

Many a games are there interesting and exciting ofcourse with some risk or the other but dexterity demands that the game be chosen meticulously following the type of the game, the risk factor and the extent to which it could be money oriented. Of all the games, Casino online is the one that combines different factors which are much more user friendly and convenient to operate. Whatever be the mode -micro gaming, playtech or any thing else, adherence to the task with a keen involvement with the required mental agility is a must as in any game. There are web sites like elaborately covering different features which are legibly convenient working as a help line to the users. The notion that Casino is nothing but a gambling only is not true, instead it is much capable of offering necessary satiation and money too in quite a graceful order to the players. I as one do feel like casting my vote in favour of Casino online as against the outmodded traditional gambling much in vogue till recently. It is satisfying, it is payinng, it is entertaining. online casino

Friday, 2 November 2007

Sanjai Dutt -a victim of prejudices!

Text Link Ads Intentionally or otherwise something wrong did happen on the part of Sanjai Dutt for which he suffered so much in the hands of Law of the country. Hardly any one else could have been dealt with so harshly in a country like ours where there is an innumerable lot going scotch free after committing several heinous crimes and on that count there are mafias and ruffians particularly in the political field who are making the life of common people so miserable.Even if sent behind bar, what type of a luxurious life they are allowed to lead there in connivance with the administration is to every body’s knowledge.It’s not that whatever wrong Sanju Baba, a luminary figure in filmdom, might have done should be treated as something rewardable but the punishment he has already undergone is much enough and there it should end. Instead what is happening looks like a sheer witch hunting as if all unlawful activities shall stop taking place if Sanju is dealt with in a worst possible order. This all is infact a prejudice on the part of the authorities including those in judiciary –prejudice to the effect that Sanju being a great movie star and celebrity known well the world over, his clear acquittal may be taken by the people that it has been done so because he is most important a person in the country.This is unfair, this is a treatment highly unequal. Prejudice of no kind should be permissible to any one at any level –judiciary or administration.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

No limit to sectarianism!

An amount in crores of rupees is proposed by Mayawati towards erecting and raising different kinds of memorials for Kanshi Ram. Leaders who brought freedom to the country are hardly found any where with their photos as Father of the Nation or Heads of the nation missing almost from every office. It souds harsh but there can be no justification in glorifying any leader known only for their sectarian approach all along.True, backwards in the society do deserve a treatment that restores right of equality to them and on this front possibly it was Mahatma Gandhi who has no parallel. What others are doing now is nothing but exploiting the sentiments of the people to their advantage in the name of caste and creed. Memorials within a reasonable limit could be ok but wasting colossal amount of public money on that count is a sheer wastage and has nothing to do with the welfare of the people in the country. It is just a misuse of power to appease certain sections with an attempt to capture their votes.Vote politics is always aimed at acquiring benefits to politicians and has hardly to do any thing with the general welfare of the public.

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