Thursday, 31 January 2008

Glorifying the goons ?

Discarded and disdained, the goons in the society were treated with contempt in the past howsoever big they were as Dons. Now that situation in all fronts including cultural level has undergone a tremendous change, the dons too have acquired a status and they are no more looked upon with a contemptuous gaze. Only the other day, I was watching a TV channel where the news reader was putting up the life sketch of a don in quite a magnified way as if he was a great celebrity. It was Dawood Ibrahim being offerred all praise with emphasis as to how he grew to his present status starting from a grassroot level in Mumbai. His personality, his living style, his rapport with all kinds of people and above all the way he dressed himself to look great using an apparel each time costing around 50 lacs of Indian rupees on an overage and that a dress he used once was never to be used again. Costly jewels and the watch he wore was focussed so much. Does a killer, a top ranking terrorist of the world, a kidnapper of worst order and black marketeer deserve such a praise and highlight is the question. He is a role model for the low level goons operating in streets who have their own style of imitating the monster and that helps them in grabbing money from middle level businessmen and ordinary people. Any place, any street, any location, one can find them in plenty every where making the life of common people so miserable. Who is to stop them? Possibly none is there. Media is the channel supposed to highlight the criminal activities so going on every where but they too have not failed miserably on that count, they are contributing a lot instead in glorifying such elements. Many in administration are closely associated with these anti social elements with the result that they always go scotch free in the even they are caught, caught many a times just as a ritual, as so long they are there in police custody they are given a VIP treatment during the time they are taken into custody or even jailed temporarily. This is so unfortunate not only for this country but for the world as a whole. Possibly we are heading towards a level in society where only rascalism and terrorism has to prevail.

Domain Registration

Not having a domain or certain number of domains while operating a computer is like wandering in a desert without a camel to reach the destination. Similar is the situation in the case of those who operate computers as a matter of their routine but tools wise lack necessary modus operandi to fully relish the operation. The requisite feature for computer operators is a domain of their own, a good domain rich in user friendly features like compacted combination of different utility oriented site and sub sites allowing the users an instant access to their choice areas. From free to paid, domains of all kinds can be, and are, acquirable by the computer operators through different providers of the web device but what counts most is the substance with which the domain is loaded. If the chosen domain is just a bald one offering a format of inadequacies, it is incapable of satisfying the consumer both use wise and taste wise. An ideal domain from user point of view is the one that is both economical and rich in ingredients of utility like which quite powerfully provides a package so far as the utility tools are concerned besides being economical, cost friendly with special discounts too. In a way what this site provides is economy, unhindered usage, relaxed rates, taste and utility all compacted into one.domain registration

Monday, 28 January 2008

If dreams were really tangible ?

Dreams OK, dreaming no harm but dreaming beyond reality based proportions is that bounces back to setback and chagrin. What happened the other day in share market was an example in this context. A tearful Tuesday as 22nd of January'07 was called by many, it was a scene to watch lot many investers weeping and crying not only at Dalal Street but equallly in different places after they found themselves hit hard on share prices falling down to the extreme. They were the people who catastrophically failed in their biddings losing whatever money they had otherwise collected to form a resource buying large number of shares making them rich within minutes. Sensex losing 4097 points at a stretch was a colossal setback to the investers. As share trading is now defined, it is no more taken as a game or gambling or just a speculative manoeuvring -it is considered to be a scientific tool based on logical calculations. Such a definition adds grace to stock trading and better it is always for the investors to take it as such only without going for bids just in the air. The factor that actually results into a nightmarish experience of disappointment is investors tendency to build castle in the air with dreams of immediately becoming some Ambani or a Tata by investing a small sum with the hope to get tens of time returns. Expecting returns is alright but why blame the system if investments are made on an imaginary footing. One does feel like sympathising with the victims of shares prices miserably falling down on seeing their tearful faces like it was done by several channels on TV but such a feeling of sympathy fades on realising that they are themselves to blame for the setback. Why they behaved unrealistic while trading in stocks? Had the investors behaved with a rationale sticking to the adage that 'slow but steady wins the race', the amount of concerns and tension might have been minimised to the level they could easily afford to tolerate.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Who deserves it ?

No dearth of contenders for the most covetous position of Bharat Ratna in country like India where for everything on earth there is a clash amongs politicians - be it a trifling matter or the one that is big enough to secure a status. Even names unheard in the past or hardly heard ever are proposed for this prestigious award, the highest one in the country. Great stalwarts or the personalities who sacrificed a lot for the country and whose contribution is something that makes history are the ones who really deserve as against those who did nothing except serving their own interest. What Charles Lamb once said as 'Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrels' quite sounds to be true very often when things are measured based on their behavioural pattern. Atal Bihari Bajpai, the ex Prime Minister of India, proposed by another veteran giant sized politician could be one proposition to be understood based on his sacrifice and contribution. Then different names started pouring in like BSP proposing late Kanshiram, comrades in West Bengal suggesting Jyoti Basu, Shiv Sena in Maharashtra talking of Bal Thakerey and different other groups suggesting various other heavy weights in some field or the other. Possibly there was never such a big list submitted for consideration in the past. Democratically there can be any name(s) proposed for any position but Bharat Ratna is not the matter pertaining to some mohalla or locality -it is something that concerns the whole country. After all dignity, status, stature and above all being above board are the essential ingredients to make a Bharat Ratna and this can't be taken lightly by those who count for the purpose.

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Save buckets to buy more !

Shopping and buying is a routine for every body but buying with a discipline of economy is an art, an art that pays. Monied people too, unless they are highly extravagant type, need a restraint on wasting money and this they can very well do not by slashing their budget but just by applying the required rationale while going for a buying spree. Most dominantly important a factor in this context is to make necessary selection based primarily on quality coupled with the comparative prices. It doesn't at all mean that a buyer has to run helter skelter to ascertain prices in different shopping centers for the purpose of comparison. All this in totality is available online at which amply enables a buyer to select items to purchase, verify the quality aspect, pickup the chosen items from a large scale variety avilable on the site itself and make the requisite comparison cost wise. This beside, there is a bumper amount of help and support available to customer in case they require some guidance in the matters of selection of items or more elaborate details on their quality, availability and price. Further more, if article(s) the buyer wishes to purchase and the same is/are not available in the huge list of salable items in thousands on the site, the offer is there for instant help. You just make an indent and your requisition is promptly met for which the only requirement on your part is to point out your need which feature is distinctly elaborated on the website itself. A singular online contact capable of generating plurally rich advantages for the consumers who shop is the most laudable feature of the aforesaid prices

Monday, 21 January 2008

No compromise on merit !

Many an items are there in the market which are easily purchasable and every one does it to the extent his pocket permits. Merit is much different a phenomenon which one just honestly can't afford to purchase in an open market howsoever best he tries. People in politics are however an exception as they are the kind who can manage any thing like if some body doesn't fit into a job on merit pattern, there is a readily available device to reserve the post(s) for a particular category. This is not honest. Social justice is the need for every society but merit is an element which should not be compromised for the purpose as there are ample ways to bring upliftment to different low level layers of people both financially and otherwise. Sam Petroda, the head of Rashtriya Gyan Aayog opined the other day that it is unfair to force reservation in educational institutions for the simple reason that it only downgrades the merit. Opportunities must be offered for different caders of the society to get necessary education and training for a career building. These opportunities are a must no doubt for all those who have acquired necessary skill for the job not only by way of hard labour put in by them but more than that on the basis of the merit the candidates possessed. Reserve the scope to learn and get educated, don't reserve them by artifically adding extra marks to the candidates simply because they belong to a particular caste or creed.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

What worth it is to blog?

The current cultural revolution all over the world has it that writing scenario is fast switching over to blogging, blogging on all matters, be it serious writing, publishing ads or playing online games. Access to any website promoted by the sponsorers instantly shows thousands of posts as if the entire world is writing with their blogs as a tool for the purpose. I too have been feeling so enthusiastic about it considering it as the most powerful weapon so far as the expressions are concerned. Satisfying to the maximum with utility orientation, this tool hardly has any match. I have number of websites on varying types. Keeping and maintaining a bigger number of blogs is a task in itself and sounds so cumbersome at times but the very mechanism involved in the process continues tobe interesting and self satisfying coupled with some financial benefits too. I believe in following the rules but many a times, I do admit, I miserably fail to adhere to them in the matters of blogging. Every sponsorer has most voluminous a package of rules which a blogger has to accept before embarking the task to blog. Rules of one sponsorer are most often conflicting with those of others and it is hardly possible for a blogger to meticulously follow the discipline. Even if the working is quite within the frame of the rules, it is not necessary that there is no problem left as many a times a blogger is confronted with hidden clashes amongst the sponsorers. Rules permit a blogger to write for different sponsorers on the same blog but this is something which becomes the root cause for the problem. In practical terms possibly no owners/sponsorers are prepared to tolerate others on the same site. Situations like this are a matter of

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embarassment to the bloggers who find it too difficult to freely concentrate on writing. The problem assumes much graver proportions when it is found that the sponsorer are normally not prepared to enter into any correspondence on individual areas of difficulty. They never lag behind in  most vociferously claiming that they are always prepared to extend all support to individual bloggers but factually it doesn't hold good at all. They either don't reply the queries or, if at all they do so, it is an answer curt and blunt. How nice it would be if those who manage the field for blogging behave more realistically without causing any embarassing situation to the bloggers.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Casinos -the robust games online

Starting from kabaddi in the villages to cricket all over the world, there many a games for players to peform and relish. These are the games played in the field but as the taste of the world is now so much switched over to getting every thing online, casinos are the best that can be played online without any hastle of tracing different fields for the purpose. The barest minimum requirement is just a computer and you have a full fledged world of games to be played and rejoiced online. As applicable to all the games, casinos too need a discipline to be followed by the players -discipline of knowledge, rules, methods and the types one may have to opt. Casinos like Rushmore or Golden casinos or the other ones selectable out of a big lot available on the site are elaborately explained in the form of most handy a tool to join the game(s) enjoying and relaxing. Step to step, different modes of the game are illustratively outlined for the benefit of the players. This site provides every thing that a player needs to participate and enjoy the game. Now that Mobile Casino Software is developed, the game the players play online over a computer can well be enjoyed on mobile phones too. The website being fully updated on technological front, a player is no more required to run helter skelter in search of any casino

Better caring

Care in itself carries an impact equal to several medicines at a time as it has a great healing touch. No medicinal properties are capable of rendering solace and satiation to a mind that needs more of care than the drugs. Caring is a divine factor. Better care for self and others means a lot so far as recuperation is concerned. Take for instance a person who is rich enough to afford medicines at whatever be the cost but has none to care for him/her and hankers all the time for some one to look after. Aged ones, handicapped persons, persons ignorant of the various treatments available for the purpose are all a category requiring some one to be of some help to them extending requisite support. If one has a mind to help others, all necessary tools are available on website like which can fully be depended upon for the avenues of support, knowledge, methods, modus operandi and a systematic way of looking after oneself and equally others. Service to self and service to others in the family and outside is a cause, a cause that so much serves the society.nursing home

Just gamble viagra

No harm if someone resorts to use of viagra to enhance his capacity in the bed as deficiency on that count is like some sort of an ailment requiring a medicinal boostup like it is done in several cases, minor or major. What holds good for intake of any drugs or usage of an oral alternative is that necessary amount of care is to be exercised which factor equally applies to use of viagra. Market is full of it in some name or the other. It is most often used in a hide and seek manner to avoid survillance by others and for that reason the buyers hardly spare time to ascertain full details about it. They just buy and disapper. If some body resorts to use of some thing, it is for a reason and why one should feel shy of it. Several instances enumerated, mostly self experienced ones, on the website of abundantly act as an eye opener on the subject and it is infact a dire need for the users of viagra to go through it. Fake medicines may cause havoc and for that reason it is a must for the users to go for original viagra from the trusted suppliers avoiding unnecessary risk. The very website quite sounds like 'Just Gamble' denoting as if it is for a just gambling and game, just in the sense that it has necessarily to be the original one and not all the fake ones.viagra

Birthday Mayawati style

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had her birth day the other day like she has been so doing for quite a long time. She always wants to be recognized as a real representative of downtroddens and the backwards. The way she always goes for a lavish expenditure on her birthdays speaks some thing just otherwise. If Mahatma Gandhi championed the cause of the poor, the downtroddens, he never forgot to himself lead a simple life matching with the poor ones as his conviction was that how could he have a life full of comforts if it was denied to poors in the country. He was known as a faqir wearing a simple dhoti to cover his body. Just in contrast to this is the living style of Mayawati whose chosen preference is always for a lavish style of living. Behavioural pattern of hers too is normally too harsh leaving autocrats much behind on that count. Only a few days back a girl wanted to see her to narrate her plight, overharrassed as she was by her maternal uncle, but instead of hearing her agonies she was sent to police custody. Birthday gifts are a common feature no doubt and people do accept them as a token of love and affection but the moment they assume the shape of some kind of a bribe, the very sanctity is lost. An enormously huge amount of money is collected in the name of her birthday every time just fails to get termed as love or affection, it only amounts to a bribe requisitioned by the one who is in power and command.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The treasure of casinos

A world of magic it is when is opened online that offers a large spectrum of miracles in the form of different games which one can't just imagine unless personally going through the bonanza. Play,enjoy,refresh yourself and get a bonus too to the tune of $888. The most cherishable quality lies in the very software that is used for the purpose. Quality of games, their variety, choice to select games from Platinum Play to Golden Casino with astounding graphics and so on are the features capable of generating the requisite interest on the part of the players even if they are the ones trying their hands for the first time. Different features combined, they create a most consolidated impact for the players irrespective of their status as maiden or experts. The background software has taken abundant care in such a subtle manner that the relative pictures and widgets are wonderfully appealing. Rich in reliability and customer care elements, equipped with all the features that make the game soothingly relaxing, the package is undoubtedly worth casinos

Power packed Reliance Power

Commercial ventures in the country are just a routine for top men in the business who every now and then go for some big project or the other. For Ambanis, such adventures are very much a day today matter but it certainly thrills the people when they find that some particular branch of activity in business is directed to an overall welfare of the society. Ambanis are known well for this more or less like Tatas who always kept the interest of people in general in their mind while working out their projects. Commercial object does act as a basic factor in any business but it counts much when it is coupled with people's welfare. The idea behind utilising the funds generated through Reliance Power shares is to place India if not exactly at par with China, atleast some thing near to it providing required electricity in bigger number of places besides several other projects. Profits OK as no business can run without necessary leverage on profits but service to mankind means some thing much more. Reliance Power shares are in high demand even before the required listing takes off which abundantly speaks of Anil Ambani's roaring popularity not because he is a Mughal in business but more because he has the reputation of being considerate enough not only for his people but people as a whole in the country.Success to Ambanis.

Rehabilitative measures through bad credit loans:

In today's fast speed culture, it is hardly possible for people to cope with their routine earnings and, howsoever best they manage their resources, they do fall short of funds to meet their urgency based needs. Such needs are at times highly pressing and one has to resort to borrowings. It is not uncommon for the borrowings to accumulate with repayment schedules very often failing. This problem many a times may look gigantic but is not the one that can't be overcome as there are channels/ online channels like the one who readily provide necessary help enabling the borrower to rehabilitate and rebuild the debt. Be it Credit Card, Home Loan, Auto Loan or Personal Loan, repairs to borrowings are best handled through this web site. It does take care of bad credit loans adequately and smoothly.Belonging to Banking Industry as I do, I am aware of several such cases where borrowers failed to follow necessary repayment schedule despite all intentions on their part to pay back the dues. Repairs by way of extending necessary financial assistance with a balanced and a rebuilt schedule of repayments enabling the borrowers to reheabilitate themselves is not just a commercial activity but equally a mission of service which task is very well taken care of by the who deserve praise for the service mission so undertaken by them.bad credit loans

A revolution called 'Nano'

Looking too small apparently, the tiny 'Nano' is practically big enough to meet the need of the people who otherwise can't afford going for big cars. Utility and use wise, this is the vehicle sumptuously capable of passing through even lanes and streets and there lies the advantage of this car coupled with the feature that it is quite consumption friendly from fuel point of view with 20+ mileage per ltr. Cost wise it is much worth its value as an amount of 1 lakh of rupees in today's market is not considered to be a big sum. With 8% less in space outwardsly when compared to Maruti 800, it is 21% more than that in the interior giving sufficient leg space to the passengers. It is a moving story that inspired Ratan Tata to go for production of a small car. While travelling he saw a woman taking shelter under a tree alongwith her husband and two children as they couuldn't physically afford travelling further because it was raining. They must have been some junior middle class family who were not in a position to manage any vehicle beyond a scooter. Tata instantly madeup his mind to produce some small vehicle which can easily be affordable by the people unable to apply their option for big cars. Such an inspiration drawn by him speaks volumes about a normal human being in him who gets worried on seeing others in difficulty. Bringing out such a car for which Indian engineers with Tata worked day and night is certainly not a commercial venture to earn profits, it is infact a great service to the people of the country. All praise to Ratan Tata the great.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Online Casino

Interesting, entertaining and refreshingly relaxing are the casino games but they may not be worth all that for those who are not conversant with them. If one opts to continue just as a layman, he may not at all be able to relish the games. No problem if some is interested in Casino but has no requisite expertise as there are most convenience oriented websites like fully equipped with required guidelines offering not only variety of games but necessary designs too, interesting and appealing. The type of players with their roles well denined are nicely enumerated in a manner that it can make even a dullard to run and win the race. The very logo of itself neat and beautiful is capable of arousing an instant sense of refreshing ease the moment one comes across this. It speaks volumes on skill and performance. Games explained with their types and modes elaborated, it doubly interests the player(s). No game is performed well in the absence of suitably devised necessary guidance and there is no better a choice for the purpose than . It is infact a great service provided to the casino casino

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Abandoned she is left in the lurch

Her name is Smriti, Smriti Agnihotri, currently in police custody at Luckow where she had gone to meet the Chief Minister Mayawati for redressal of her problems but she was sent to police station instead. Her father died and over stricken by his sad demise her mother too breathed her last. It is her maternal uncle who is taking the advantage of her parents being no more and none else left to take care of her and her two teenager younger brothers. There is no trace of her one of the two brothers. He might possibly have been kidnapped. She has been running from pillar to post to trace the boy but failed and reached Lucknow all the way from her village in Jhansi to seek help from the Chief Minister who too like big bullies in politics didn't give her an appointment. Instead of getting a chance to meet the Chief Minister, she was forced to get lodged in a police station. On what charges? There is none to explain this and now it is a matter of months that she is there. Her father had a house of his own and also cash besides his bank balance to the tune of around 35 lacs. This property and cash is the cause of the tortures she is getting from her maternal uncle who wants her to hand over both the house and the cash to him. He has already forcefully occupied the house. There are people talking of womens welfare, there are forums boasting to be the champions of womens cause, there is government machinery with certain special cells for the protection of ladies. Where are they? They possibly are not for the common women suffering on one count or the other crying and running from one pillar to another post. The forums meant for women never lack in crying at the top of their voice when it is the day observed as 'Womens Day' but are normally found only reluctant when it comes to extending a tangible help to them. Love India as the  slogan says 'We love our India', but why love an India where there is no love for the women folk? India was once known for always extending due respect to women with the saying '..Yatra nariyastu poojyante, ramante tatra devta.' meaning thereby that where women are respected, gods are found there. Unfourtunately the fact remains that it is very much in this country that women most often are treated as objects for 'use' or say misuse and they are not respected. Talking of loving such an India looks nothing more than a political ritual.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cash in need:

Money is normally termed as materialistic and there are certain religious sects that prohibit its use. Something quite unrealistic. Money infact is a dire need, as big a need as life itself. Money falling short of the requirement causes hell of a problem particularly in the case of those who draw a limited amount of salary every month. Asking for monetary help from close quarters in the family is normally embarrassing but one has to resort to some avenue or the other for pressing urgencies. Now that there are channels readily available for urgent requirement, this problem is not that big, it is rather smooth and convenience oriented. The web sites offering such services are actually doing a great service to the people requiring money on urgent footing. The website like is the one doing great service to the needy and it undoubtedly deserves all praise for extending necessary monetary relief in times of need. Banking terminology talks of case-in-need and this website virtually acts as provider of Cash in need under different schemes. Womens Pay Day Advance, Additional Earnings, Cash Loans are a wide variety of service. The other scheme Silent Cash Advance is much more important in the sense that it keeps the transaction fully confidential enabling the borrower to remain away from any awkward situation. The borrowers under these schemes are not only able to meet their urgencies but their transactions are equally safe and secure.payday loans

Pay hike for the top men

As per latest announcements appearing in the media, those placed in top positions in the country are to get more pay. President of India is now to get Rs. 1 lac per month, the Vice President is entitled to Rs.85,000/per month with Members of Parliament already drawing a fat salary besides sumptuous perquisites costing the treasury an amount of several crores of rupees as a routine. Normally demands for a wage hike are raised in the context of routine sustentation for self and family where food and other essentials count. Personalities on the top do need support for their routine requirements for self and the family like every one does but their mode of living beeng just so different, the intensity element in their case is not that big as that in the case of common people. Workforce keeping their livelihood based on whatever amount of salary they are able to draw are never in a position to go beyond their sustenance and whenever they are in for a certain pressing need for the family they have no option but to borrow from friends or the financial agencies which again they have to pay back from their only source available -their salary. This problem has hardly anything to do with the celebrities placed in a high salary zone equipped with innumerable perquisites. It is State to bear all those expenses in their case. Majority of them get almost all benefits nearly tax free which priviledge is just inaccessible in the case of a common man. Infact it is the workforce in the country that needs increase in their wages and not the big bosses who are otherwise fat enough.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

A bumper bonanza for casino lovers

Casino games being the most favourite area for people throughout the world, the anxiety to trace better pastures in the shape of necessary tools and equipments for the purpose is just a normal phenomenon. The very site is quite a synonymn to the very paraphernalia one may need to go for the game. Any mode of the game it is like Rushmore, English Harbour and the likes, it is most illustratively available on the site well equipped with all the required details. Several relaxation and incentives like a sumptuous bonus are there for the players to opt for whatever mode of the game that suits them. One can instantly be live on the site for a trial ride enjoying the game. Fancies and imaginations assume a tangible shape the moment a player feels like entering the games gallery like Real time chat support, Progressive jackpot games, Black Jack or even Video poker. Online Poker Room on the web site is virtually the real room to get bountifully engrossed into games far away from a tension, far from 'the madding crowd'. High ratings on the tools available for the purpose are denotive of their popularity indicating what a great favourite they are to the game lovers. I as one do feel so tempted the moment I go through poker room

Kudos to Ratan Tata

Tatas have been the ones known for creating history in business world and up to their family traditions they are still breaking their own track records -latest being the innovation incarnate the Nano, the small low priced car that is a revolution in itself.It was possible for a visionary like Ratan Tata only to offer this low priced car to people in the junior middle class. Moved he felt seeing the middle class people in the lower rung who had problems in travelling by public transport with small kids and had to suffer from lack of options in the absence of the required resource to buy a car and this plight of theirs led the Tata to plan this mode of transport for them pricing it low but equipped with features which are necessary for a convenient journey. The cost has 3 models -Standard, Semi Standard and Deluxe and these variants are from the point of view of different categories of consumers. The original cost of the standard model is 1.25 Lac as against 1.55 lac for semi standard and 1.75 for Deluxe models. Models include VAT in the price tag. It looks so funny and ridiculous that the Government has no consideration for the problems of the common man remaining always dead set to recover whatever maximum amount they can from the public. If Tata can manage the barest minimum for the car so produced by him,why the Government can't relax their taxation mode and rate to suit the consumers. After all this is an era when small car like Nano can't be termed as any luxury item, they are rather necessaries. None can doubt the success of this car and also its utility but what is a must is a little more of price relaxation which is possible only when VAT is either waived,withdrawn or atleast minimised.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Get rid of obesity

Of all the hazards to health, obesity is worst in the sense that it works as a root cause for various ailments like diabetes, cardiac problems and even cancer. Resorting to oral treatments to secure necessary remedy against fat normally elicits only a vague response hardly with any tangible results. LAP BAND SURGERY is the process that takes care of the problem eradicating it in totality enabling the patient(s) to restore their normal form towards a better health. Better it is always to go for a remedy that works which undoubtedly lies in going for the system that is Lap Band Surgery.weight loss tampa

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Mayawati gets a clean chit!

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U.P.Chief Minister Mayawati getting a clean chit in disproportionate assets case as from the Incometax authorities appears to have more meanings beyond just a simple exoneration. The ground that gifts received out of 'veneration and personal esteem' are legitimate ones obviously denoting that they can't be termed otherwise.Her bank accounts with credit balance beyond 7 crores of rupees were frozen by the authorities getting fully convinced primarily that it was a clear case of disproportionate assets acquired illegitimately.Law was followed, the Law that was to finally convict her. Laws then and the Laws now are the same. Changing law is not a matter so trifling that it could be changed any time but the via media adopted for the purpose is 'interpretation' which can vary from individual to individual and from situation to situation. Political situation when she was booked as an offender of law and the one that started to obtain afterwards, more particularly after she took over as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is visibly clear to all and it leads one to conclude that not the law but political placement of the concerned individual counts. It is this very type of change in scenario that is capable of changing 'bribes' to 'gifts'. It is difficult to think of any gratification including bribes where they can't be named 'gifts'. One who bribes the other can always very conveniently say that it was done not as a matter of any pressure or compulsion but purely 'love and affection' based transaction. Commodities are sold for money, workers are paid for their labour, money lenders get interest from borrowers and much beyond all this there are people who have nothing tangible with them to sell but still get money. It is this very money that is defined as 'bribe' when the concerned individual lacks the required equations for the purpose. When political equations normalise, the definers of law start terming the bribe as 'gift'. Possibly this is exactly what has happened. The relaxations so granted by redifining the earlier provisions may not end here only, they may further be extended to many other so called political stalwarts like Lalu Yadav in Bihar or many a Lalus elsewhere. Politics has its own way of spelling out their terms always in a manner that suit them irrespective of the repercussions it may cause to the society as a whole. Are not we a great democracy in the world?

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Citizens and the priviledged citizens:

It's a routine media coverage that some cover of some kind for protection and safety of the VVIPs or VIPs is added to them. The latest being the SPG cover demanded for U.P.Chief Minister Mayawati. There is no dearth of the grounds for the purpose.Law and order situation, threats from terrorists and even threats from political opponents. The categories recognized for the purpose are the Prime Minister, ex Prime Ministers. Exceptions were made in cases of Sonia Gandhi and the members of her close family. The proposed new addition in the case of Mayawati may in all likelihood be agreed upon by the Government not so much for the reasons of security and protection but for political reasons. Even ordinary MLAs or MPs are treated as VVIPs from their safety point of view. Needless to say that security measures so provided to many are used more for personal reasons than a real need based ground. Many an instances are there where stories of some attack or the other on individuals claiming eligibility for official protection are concocted to secure more amount of it to get highly equipped for a better show of grandeur.

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What about the common man? Is there any channel to bother about their safety or the safety of their families? The answer is obviously 'no' if the amount of insecurity they are experiencing is taken into view.Loot, arson, kidnapping, train robberies and manhandlings for hafta wasooli are the order of the day. Our country is not that poor now. Thanks to technological developments which have made India capable enough to meet the basic needs of the people including security but it appears that revenue channels so acquired are diverted in bulk measures towards welfare, comfort, safety and grandeur of the so called VIPs. Which are the industries the MLAs and MPs are running to earn their wages as employees. None of the sort. On the contrary they are the people who raise hue and cry every now and then for increase in their monthly emoluments and perquisites and surprisingly such enhancements when proposed are only unanimous and approved instantly. Why don't they realise that those who work hard in the fields to feed the nation or those who work in factories and offices need attention in similar manner. In fact they need it more.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

On a personal footing:


Wednesday, January 02, 2008: Wished that the New Year starts on a pleasant note and I am to remain in my form. Actually it didn’t happen that way and I felt somewhat badly disturbed more than yesterday today. Problems being the routine ones only but as it happens with me very often I lose my grips on facing them which results into causing me discomfort, the discomfort and lack of ease I just experience. I am for avoiding tranquilisers but what actually happens is to resort to them often for days together as a measure to opt for a lesser evil as against the worst ones in the form of tremendous strain and tension. Only the other day I was taken to hospital by my son for an urgent checkup.

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Despondency overtakes me which factor I do resist as I am never for giving up but human faculties after all have a limit. Possibly I am too tired and consumed. My daughter Bachhey who has been suffering from a slow growth syndrome right from her birth is a perpetual cause of concern that hounds me all the time. After my wife and her mother Shashi was no more, mine had to be a role not only as her father but her mother too. She has now grown to adulthood, she relishes talking on love themes with others in relations circle without knowing what it is all about. She very often asks me for my mobile to talk, I can’t afford disappointing her. I am leaving no stone unturned to find out some match for her which is ofcourse not only too difficult a task but possibility wise so remote in view of her physical deficiency on account of retarded growth. Since I don’t believe that there could be some God or a Goddess to help me, I have no phenomenon available to me to share the onerous tension and a killing sort of strain I have to undergo on this count.

I have opted to share this extract from MyDiary with my readers with the temptation that some one out of them could possibly extend me some help in securing some matching partner for my daughter whom I love most on this earth.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Retirement is predetermined factor that starts on the day one when one joins some service or the other as a source of sustentation. Once this age used to be 55 in government undertakings, was extended to 58 and then in certain undertakings it was raised to 60. This rise was mainly based on health rate in the country getting better and it was logical to conclude that with a better state of health it was possible for the employees to perform more efficiently. The considerations that worked for raising the retirement age earlier changed to a different dimension later assuming a politically based criterion or in other words a vote oriented measure.Work is a must for all and any better performance workwise is possible with good health only unless there are undue accommodations. Various trade unions representing workfore in different undertakings have been raising a demand for quite some time that the age for retirement be extended beyond what it is today and they are correct to a considerable extent in the sense that theirs is not a demand to accommodate individuals but allow a legitimitately eligible class of workforce otherwise found physically fit.Central Government indicated only sometime back that the age for retirement of Central Government employees is to be raised to 62 which deci

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sion was obviously hailed from different quarters of the workforce. Their jubilation was however shortlived as it didn't take much time for the system succumbing to political pressures and clarify that there was no such decision. They ofcourse gave feelers that the view earlier taken was likely to affect the unemployed youth of the country.It is all a number game. Strengthwise the people eligible for benefit of extension in age are far behind compared to current unemployed generation who obviously count much from votes point of view. OK if you talk of health, performance, efficiency or any factor that counts for nation's development but to opt for a basis that works as a vote catching device is neither fair not honest by any measure.