Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Being sexy–what does it denote?

IMG0069A vidya balanThe statement made by Mamta Sharma, the chair person of National Commission for women, while addressing a conference to the effect that there is nothing wrong if a woman is called sexy, this should instead be taken as compliment and appreciation has since become a matter of controversy. The furore on that count is raised by the women themselves and they have taken it as some thing much more derogatory to their honour and dignity. Many of them even raised a demand that Mamta Sharma be removed from her post as the chair person of the commission. There are big debates all over the country whether her remark is to be really taken as that of appreciation or as some thing that sounds derogatory. In fact the words are some thing which continue changing their definitions with the passage of time. It applies to all the languages whether it is English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, Urdu, Sanskrit or any thing

IMG0070A vidya balanelse. The Oxford Dictionary of Current English describes sexy as (1)‘sexually attractive or stimulating’. (2)’sexually aroused’, (3) ‘concerned with or engrossed in sex’. In earlier days the word ‘sexy’ used to be denotative of a biological inference and it was read in its crude form. Now things are changed and enormous upheavals are there in the social order. There are  many a women and the girls who unhesitatingly take it as some thing of a compliment when some one calls them sexy. Vidya Balan, the famous star in Bollywood, in her last visit to Kanpur where she visited to promote one of her latest films, said with a sense of pride that she felt much elevated in to herself when people called her sexy adding that it was most often in the context of her eyes and voice. The observation that gender sensitisation occurs more due to provocative looks and dress the women wear is correct quite to some extent but the fact is that the very social order of the day on the part of the people in general coupled with their cavalier attitude is itself to blame for the malady. Literally and also grammatically speaking any person having the element of greed is called greedy and similarly any person possessing the element of sex is sexy which factor gains strength when it is read in the context of the  meaning of ‘sexy’ in the dictionary as quoted above. Any inference drawn out of the word ‘sexy’ beyond this is nothing but just the reflection of one’s own  individual  mind in the garb of the enormous change in social scenario assuming the character of an ultra  modern culture.

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