Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tele serial ‘Veer Shivaji’–a review

Immortal as he remains in the minds of all Indians as a great hero, Veer Shivaji is a name in the history as alive, nay more, as it should have been in the days of his life (1630-1680) and more so when he firmly reigned in Maharashtra during 1674-1680 AD. TV channel ‘Colors’ is currently showing Veer Shivaji as a running serial which is a quite popular one. The life of Shivaji is justifiably depicted in the serial in most powerful a manner and read in the context of what a social and political atmosphere might have been there in the then times, the serial has meaningfully covered different aspects of the society then obtaining. Certain narratives are of course there which might injure the feelings of a certain community but that is after all a history where factual side of it just can’t be sacrificed. The actors playing different roles in the serial have done full justice to their performance. Shivaji is portrayed as a champion of the masses and his role reminds us of what Prithviraj Chauhan did several centuries back in the remote past. Prithviraj Chauhan not only fought against the invaders but equally strived hard to have a fully integrated India and so did Shivaji uniting different factions of rulers operating as self styled autonomous entities in the country. Shivaji as he has rightly been portrayed in the TV serial was certainly not only a great pride for Maharashtra alone but the country as a whole.

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