Thursday, 2 February 2012

Case of a sheer witch hunting

In a corruption laden society like we have there are troubles emerging at every step and no consumer can help coming out of them howsoever best he tries. Financed by State Bank of India I own a house in State Bank Colony, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur with an electric meter for the last more than three decades. Payments of the relative electricity bills paid regularly without fail there was not even an exception ever on that count. Only some time back it was noticed that the meter reading had gone much low with the relative bill unusually showing too small an amount. Necessary complaint was lodged with the KESCO (Kanpur Electricity Supply Co.Ltd) immediately but there was no action taken by them. When the matter was followed up further they got irritated and a team of theirs barged into my house trying to find some fault or the other attributing the same as if some thing wrong was there at my end itself. Without hearing my family members in the  matter they hurriedly prepared a bill for Rs.36,000/ as one time settlement besides the cost of new meter to be paid separately. Necessary cheque had to be given to them of course without prejudice to our version of the explanation.They in fact wanted some gratification (obviously illegal) in terms of money which was denied to them point blank with the result that a few days later they called again raising a further  demand of Rs.86,000/by way of arrears as they said. Why arrears is the question as there was already a one time settlement. The moot point remains that all this was happening as they were not obliged with the payment they wanted by way of necessary bribe, a routine culture as they take it. I realise that the job could have been much easier if they were suitably obliged which of course was not done as a matter of conviction. In a country like ours one has to suffer and pay the price for whatever are his convictions.

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