Sunday, 29 December 2013

If Facebook and Twitter go offline:

It looks so nice and sounds to be sumptuously consumer friendly if the social tools like Facebook and Twitter are available to their users offline without getting constrained to make any payments therefor as charges for internet usage, in other words free access to both facebook and twitter. Vow! It is already there. As per latest news, it may no more be the question of any ‘if’, it is rather quite in the offing very likely to happen in tangible terms shortly after the u2opia company of Gurgaon (Haryana, India), which has its net work spread over in around 30 countries of the world, is able to launch it in India too enabling the users to do necessary surfing on both the social tools even through their mobile phones without at all depending on internet for the purpose. The technique adopted for this task is known as ussd. The very relative platform is given the name fonetwish. The internet users in India are around 200 millions only as against mobile users who numerically stand at 900 million and obviously it is so good a news for them in the New Year due just a few days after.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

What’s it that really impacts the share market?

That’s a big question as there is hardly any body or any forum to have the fool proof calculation on the mood of the share market. Something that holds good at the moment may just disappear and assume negative proportions. Inflation, developmental growth, soaring prices, change in incumbencies of top most importance at the top level in the country and even the weather are the known notable ingredients to determine the move of the market but there again the calculations flop in many of the instances. Share market pundits called Experts predict the move of the market in a free styled manner without being definite on what they themselves say. When Raghuram Rajan took over as the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, it was branded as a wave when he could manage to normalise Rupee/Dollar ratio initially but it was all short lived and it hardly took any time for the disbalance to resume with fluctuations. Modi wave was also branded as a factor to enhance the market speed but this again proved to be a momentary factor. There are calculations that if some stable government like presumably that of Narendra Modi’s comes to power in 2014 elections, the market performance would improve much but that is again a factor which just can’t be taken for sure. The fact remains that the share market in itself is a phenomenon with its own entity and just functions by taking chances without depending on any sort of extraneous factors.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bluehost– business tycoons or feudal lords?

They are a well settled business organisation obviously flourishing by leaps and bounds at the cost of their customers. They are Bluehost, a web hosting business entity. As an enthusiast to add some commercial features of interest to my the other one existing site via by way of some kind of a transfer through Bluehost, I got myself registered with them in the beginning of this year. Initially theirs was a remark that the URL so quoted by me didn’t exist. Later I found that they had charged my credit card for $252 being the amount for 12 months for BluehostPro whereas I had registered my self for a normal one being comparatively low priced. This they did unilaterally at their own without obtaining my specific consent for the purpose. I had hardly any option but to reconcile wanting that my new registration at least should work. It didn’t. My emails so addressed to them highlighting the problem either didn’t get any reply at all, or if there was any, it was just irrelevant. What happened instead was that there was a mall ware developed on my site and they asked me to pay them some extra money to get the virus removed, which of course I refused point blank with the result that every thing stands still and the virus in question is spreading further. The fear on this count has forced me not to open my account on the site of the Bluehost at all. I don’t know what is there further in store to cause me problems simply because I ventured to opt them as the host. There is no message from them for the last more than 3 weeks despite my incessant reminders to them. As I could see it the last time, their meter on my account regularly continues earmarking the period based charge. As a matter of an etiquette, I have no mind to proceed against them through the appropriate channels, but they are possibly compelling me to get dragged to that situation.

As I am a social worker, the purpose of this post is to apply necessary caution and an ample measure of an alert before any body, mainly including the bloggers, venture to seek some paid service or the other from the Bluehost.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Isn’t it that simplicity is a costly affair?

‘Simple living and high thinking’ is a great slogan. It sounds so noble and inspiring too in the meantime but the question is whether it practically pays any thing. The answer is obviously a big ‘NO’ unless the concerned practitioner is otherwise a great celebrity. Mahatma Gandhi could afford the luxury of simplicity and so could Nelson Mandela or one can remember Abraham Lincoln for the purpose. The man in the picture is the son of an MLA and is left with no option but to work as a cobbler for a living as his father was too simple and honest an MLA never resorting to any sort of unfair means to make the family rich enough to lead a life of comfort and luxury like all the politicians in India are doing today growing richer overnight. His father Sardaru Ram was an MLA in Himachal Pradesh (India) during mid 1950s. He was a cobbler and died as such even after remaining an MLA for quite a time. He lived in a thatched house and had two brothers and two sons in the family and all of them have no source of any income to support the family except working as cobblers. The current generation of the politicians are the last ones to lead a simple life following the example of simplicity so set by men like Sardaru Ram, they are rather the ones who only believe in a life full of extraordinary comfort and luxury.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Imbalances in work output:

Clamour for equality is there in a bumper measure on all counts every where in the world but it is a sort of an utopia which hardly works in a practical manner. The factor of equalising is more a managerial factor than the one directly related to workforce. Workforce does need equal treatment as from the relative management but there is another factor involved where it is for the employees to realise that they are equally the partners and there it is they themselves to play the requisite role in retaining the equality aspect to a reasonable level. There was a news as from media the other day that a fourth class employee turned up to his job four years after he had joined it in a school in some rural area and when questioned his reply was that he was no exception as it was a common practice there even including the teachers for a long time. Normally this is a routine scenario particularly in the rural areas. This gives workforce a bad name and ethically it is their responsibility to abstain from such a practice. Moreover, they have also to bear in mind that several of their counterparts elsewhere are the victims of working for unlimited hours in various departments particularly those relating to banking and they are denied all Sundays and holidays without any extra compensation in lieu thereof. Those who are shirking from work are only acting detrimental to the interest of those who are forced to work without any limit on their work schedule.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The way you treat yourself matters:

It  matters much as to how you treat yourself for the simple reason that your normal expectations are that others should behave well with you. Many of those practicing ART OF LIVING themselves do not follow this. Charity begins at home and those who impart preachings themselves adopt the adage they will surely leave a practical message to others to fall in line. Otherwise too, it is a normal common sense that what you sow you reap. Why not take care while sowing to ensure that it elicits the desired fruits when the efforts materialise. Let it not be just a matter of culture, more importantly it is the truth of life. Life is after all what one makes it.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Modi’s magic spell in share market too:

Apparent as it is, it is Narendra Modi’s wave every where and so is in the share market too. The more the wave, more are upward fluctuations in the stock market. Stock market in a way represents all categories of the people –the biggies, the mediocre and even the low paid ones, and that is the reason the impact of the Modi wave is more visible in this market. When there were opinion poll results highlighting Modi’s popularity, both Nifty and Sensex rose upward and the latest being results of elections held in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh where BJP could tremendously lead a sweep which can well be seen as the charismatic impact of Modi wave. Some of the experts opine that this impact may not prove to be a lasting one. Nothing is ever lasting and every change in some scenario or the other is always subject to plus and minus in varying degrees, but the fact is that the Modi impact is quite visibly observable at the  moment. Share market is always known as the one that fluctuates abnormally and that is the very character of it, what can’t be ruled out is the reality that Modi’s impact did occur in this field also, it may last or dwindle is altogether a different matter.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Sex with a dog or a bitch –any proof?

There is a story, a real one, of a judge who kept the judgement in a case pending for a long time unable as he found himself as to how go about the very proof part of body contents of the case. The case was a divorce petition filed by a man against his wife on the grounds of infidelity and that she was in the habit of having sex with a dog. The judge was satisfied and fully convinced on the grounds put up by the lawyer of the man concerned but there was nothing like any concrete proof. He was upset and had sleepless nights brooding all along as to how proceed further in the matter. His wife asked him why he was upset and the judge told him the whole story including the problem of the proof. His wife was able to give him a clude. She suggested ‘why not examine upper part of the belly of the petitioner’s wife. If there are paw marks of the dog on her belly, it would clearly indicate that she was having sex with the dog’. The very next day when the judge reached the court the first thing he did was to order necessary examination of the petitioners wife. It was done and the judge found that quite visibly there were the paw marks on her belly. The judge pronounced his verdict upholding the petitioner’s allegation. What happened the next was an amazement as the judge divorced his own wife immediately on reaching his home for obvious reasons that she too had paw marks on her belly which he had failed to notice earlier. Who knows how many females and equally males in the human society could be practicing such a bestiality as zoophiles?

Monday, 2 December 2013

If cry for moon materialises to reality?

An alternative to the planet Earth is in the offing and may be the next inhabitat for the humans is the planet Moon, something that has all along been an utopia and a material till now confined to only imaginations. The very adventure like this is likely to materialise during the year 2015 if the gigantic plans so undertaken by NASA go well and unhindered. These efforts are likely to make human inhabitation possible on Moon with their compacted colonies. To what extent the venture is likely to be compatible with whatever are the basic needs of the humans on Moon with their colonies there only the time will tell. May be this acts as an alternative to accommodate the awefully increasing population growth on Earth.