Wednesday, 23 May 2012

They too have a family

They are stray dogs with no home of theirs to live roaming here and there in the streets but they too have a family of their own –a male, a female and the kids to be looked after. They have a society of their own too and the  moment some one applies his stick on a dog the fellow ones immediately collect in a group violently howling at the attacker chasing him to the point of running away from the scene. Their unity on this count is just superb. Character wise they are much faithful compared to humans and if you offer them a loaf of bread or some other food in any form you earn their unquestioned loyalty never to betray you, they remain even prepared to protect you if some one attacks you or causes you an injury and this they do unmindful of even cost to their life. They are good parents and both the male and female unfailingly take care of their kids till such time they grow enough to take care of themselves. You love them the least and in turn they love you the most.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back to childhood

Much at an advanced level of my age, the more I grow older every day the more I develop feelings like a child does hankering for love from every one –a love that is serene and without any conditions whatsoever. It’s not that I only think of my childhood days I rather very often get fully engrossed into those days with a mind having no kind of malice or reservation. Thoughts sublime and chaste, simple and pure, subtle and enchanting soothingly hover around like a sea breeze. Possibly this is how the very cycle of life moves on passing through one ladder after the other culminating to a halt surrendering to the Supreme.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Why yoga should be practiced as a routine?

Gaining momentum every day Yoga is very much a way of life now. Thanks to Baba Ramdeo who has most successfully succeeded in rejuvenating the ancient oriental vedic science in most methodical an order. This science was very much there since ages but it was not that much in practice earlier for the reason that necessary awareness on that count was not there. What is so distinctly there in this science which makes it much different compared to several other medical therapies is the question. Yoga is not just a parallel mode of medical treatment, more than that the very approach of it is compatible in a bigger measure usage wise and any person irrespective of age  and financial status can practice it. Healthy blood circulation is a key factor in the whole body system and different kriyas and asanas prescribed in yoga play a major role in keeping it intact and in order. This considerably takes care of various viruses keeping the body fit enough to combat many an ailments. Moreover, there are no side effects of yoga exercises and the drugs it prescribes as against allopathic treatment which is just the contrary causing different complications. There is of course no match to innovative developments so made in medical science in allopathy, yoga in no measure lags behind in reviving and developing various methodologies with orientation of self medical discipline for both who are ailing and who are healthy otherwise.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Naval Open Source INTelligence: Research: With 150 New Submarines to be Built unti...

Naval Open Source INTelligence: Research: With 150 New Submarines to be Built unti...: The military submarine market is expected to continue growing in a modest pace through the second decade of the 21st century, as naval force...

Text Link Ads It certainly goes without saying that military submarine market is growing and is likely to assume a bigger proportion in days to come and this very aspect holds good for other countries also, say like India. It is virtually a tug of war going on between a country and another and they compete amongst themselves on that count as if necessary preparedness for a war is a peremptorily warranted eventuality. Why the countries don't come out with efforts to elicit peace to the world which benefits the people in the real sense and an endeavour of this kind is the one that does not involve any cost. The only equipment the peace efforts need is a missionary zeal on the part of the countries as against colossal requirements of different weapons.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

stockbee: Breadth bounces back a bit

stockbee: Breadth bounces back a bit: The market continues to be in a range bound correction phase. The Worden T2108 indicator dropped to 20 from a high readings of 88. In last ...
There is nothing unusual in breadth bouncing back in stock market, it has rather become a routine with the share market running continuously volatile. The conditions are worse in Indian market with most unusual fluctuations notoriously rampant. Earnings wise only experts possessing enough of dexterity in the matter can manage some plus to their income but for the rest it is just hell of a job to trade with any positive results.