Monday, 28 October 2013

Uniquely novel an agitation–Sex strike:

There are new inventions, new discoveries and yet there are new ideas on laying stress on certain demands, the latest one being sex strike to secure necessary attention of the concerned channels in Colombia (South America). The issue related to construction and maintenance of the roads in the city which are in a very dilapidated conditions and it is every now and then that some one or the other gets injured, in some cases seriously. Several women in the city staged a march in a large group carrying banners of ‘no sex’ till their demands are duly met restoring the roads to a normal order. What impact it brought is not known but certainly the protesters might have been well satisfied that the mode of agitation they adopted for the purpose must have caused sleepless nights to those who were supposedly concerned with the task of repairs and maintenance of the local roads. Sigh of relief is that fortunately the newly adopted mode of agitation by the Columbia women has not yet reached India.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Miracle treasure of gold in Daundiyakhera -(Part 2):

Astrologers Vs. excavators:

….Continued:      Archaeological Survey of India is continuing its work at Daundiyakheda. It was basically at the behest of Shobhan Sarkar’s astrological prediction that there was huge stock of gold beneath the earth there. His spokesmen also predicted that similar type of gold storage is there in the grounds of Parade at Kanpur. Narendra Modi, a potential Prime Ministerial candidate as from BJP during the next elections, made a statement while addressing his rally at Kanpur on the last 19th October that it was all a wastage and that the government should instead try to bring back the black money lying in different bank accounts abroad which may really serve some useful purpose in regard to Indian economy. This statement irked the sentiments of the fore tellers and they took an exception of it. In fact there was nothing wrong in the statement and the position was duly clarified by Modi himself through his emissary Satish Mahana, a local MLA at Kanpur. Predicting events is not a new venture as it has been obtaining in our country right from the start of Vedic era and the very truth behind the news is to come out after the excavators digging efforts are over. Why should there be much of a fuss about it, let the result be there in physical terms. The most unfortunate thing in our country is that any matter, a trivial one or significant, is given the colour of politics.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Miracle treasure of gold in Daundiyakhera -(Part 1):

The picture above shows current scenario obtaining in Daundiyakheda village of Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh (India) otherwise a neglected area despite the fact that it relates historically to Nanarao Peshwa who, it is said, removed his treasure of gold at Bithoor to remain doubly cautious that it does not fall prey to Britishers in the event of their attack on Bithoor. There it was buried deep in the fort premises of Raja Rao Ram Bukhsh Singh. Rush of visitors to the area is massive these days for the people to personally witness the treasure estimated to be around 1000 tons of gold, enormously a big sum. Archeological Survey of India (ASI) made the similar attempt in Hyderabad (India) to dig open a big chunk of the spot in the beginning of this year with the notion that there was an immeasurable amount of money earlier belonging to the Nizam of Hyderabad but there it was all in vain and nothing came out after hectic excavations so made. Most probably the same fate may come out as the result of excavation being carried on at Daundiyakheda but the ASI authorities are hectically pinning their hopes as if they are very near to the success in their efforts. May be they finally land into the land of illusions. -Continued, Refer Part 2.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A look that captivates:

A simple picture, just a common one but capable of transmitting tons of a feel, refreshing and inspiring soothing the brain waves. I simply feel like getting lost into it swimming to the miles of peace and tranquillity. It’s human weakness to share even trivial most things with others on earth and I too can’t resist my temptation to fall in line with this phenomenon, hence this picture here.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Phailin may cause a massive disaster:

Phailin called a super cyclone is alarmingly heading towards Gopalpur in Ganjam district of Odisha at a speed between 185 to 220 km an hour speed and is likely to hit Andhra Pradesh equally. This is some thing of the nature of the super cyclone that caused havoc in 1999 with an immeasurable calamity. This time there is a forecast that its speed may reach 240 km an hour. The information from the  media reports like this in the matter:

  • “Defence Minister A K Antony asked the armed forces to be ready to move into Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in view of the impending severe cyclonic storm Phailin. Two IAF IL-76 aircrafts have already airlifted BDRF teams and equipments to Bhubaneshwar. IAF assets have been kept on standby at various bases including Raippur, Nagpur, Jagdalpur, Barrackpore, Ranchi and Gwalior. It has also kept two C130 aircraft, 18 helicopters, 2AN –32s aircrafts on a standby to move at a short notice besides asking its Eastern Air Command to coordinate relief operations with the task force positioned at Barrackpore.”

The calamity in the offing is supposed to be the severe most one and in this hour of crisis it is call of the day for all the people throughout the country to come forward readily for whatever help they can render to the affected persons and the places.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Diabetes tools to go indigenous way:

It is certainly a welcome news that the government is planning to go indigenous in respect of diabetic tools used by the patients of diabetes with the result that the cost involved for the purpose is likely to be reduced by 90%. The cost of a test strip presently being between 15 to 30 rupees is supposed to be reduced to between 3 to 5 rupees when the new products are launched in the market. There are about a dozen products being tested for the purpose as duly monitored by ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research). It is a scheduled process with a time frame that the new products be made available to the patients by the end of this year. Next to China India is the one country having biggest number of diabetic patients depending on various tools for the purpose of testing the blood sugar level and they shall be the people who may derive benefits from the new products both quality wise and cost wise.

Friday, 4 October 2013

The criminals are getting their due:

It matters much when the criminals and the corrupts ultimately get what they actually deserve –a punishment of drastic order. Lalu Yadav was all these years playing lot of gimmic to secure relief for himself in chara ghotala he committed along with others but he ultimately failed to manoeuvre the things. Next one in the sequence is Rashid Masood. Central Bureau of Investigation having dealt with in the matter sternly and honestly has secured some good name for themselves. If the Law and the law agencies work honestly like this, the people of the country have a reason to take a sigh of relief on the front of law and order and also security.