Thursday, 24 October 2013

Miracle treasure of gold in Daundiyakhera -(Part 2):

Astrologers Vs. excavators:

….Continued:      Archaeological Survey of India is continuing its work at Daundiyakheda. It was basically at the behest of Shobhan Sarkar’s astrological prediction that there was huge stock of gold beneath the earth there. His spokesmen also predicted that similar type of gold storage is there in the grounds of Parade at Kanpur. Narendra Modi, a potential Prime Ministerial candidate as from BJP during the next elections, made a statement while addressing his rally at Kanpur on the last 19th October that it was all a wastage and that the government should instead try to bring back the black money lying in different bank accounts abroad which may really serve some useful purpose in regard to Indian economy. This statement irked the sentiments of the fore tellers and they took an exception of it. In fact there was nothing wrong in the statement and the position was duly clarified by Modi himself through his emissary Satish Mahana, a local MLA at Kanpur. Predicting events is not a new venture as it has been obtaining in our country right from the start of Vedic era and the very truth behind the news is to come out after the excavators digging efforts are over. Why should there be much of a fuss about it, let the result be there in physical terms. The most unfortunate thing in our country is that any matter, a trivial one or significant, is given the colour of politics.

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