Friday, 29 February 2008

Facilitating commercial mortgages

Mortgages have all along been a feature most exploited but availed at the maximum right from the old days in the past right uptill now. They have equally been a source of help for many for urgencies of their varying situations demanding financial support. Good enough if some one is able to secure necessary financial help in days of need. It is entirely a different matter that the need element of the borrowers used to be and still is a tool in the hands of the money lenders to exploit and even blackmail them. There are stories that there used to be a time when property once mortgaged for some loan was never returned to the borrowers. Such a practice was horribly rampant particularly in the rural areas where small farmers mortgaged their land for some money and principal remaining the same throughout, the borrowers had to serve the lenders as a matter of interest all their life. Thanks to social awakening and awareness that it is no more there apparently but symptom wise it can still be seen in Banks and other financial agencies doing the business of money lending. There are instances of certain banks in India where the borrowers are beaten black and blue if repayment is not forthcoming and such a barbaric treatment is managed by the bank officials at the behest of their masters. It is a sea change now with money lenders assuming a dignified character of dealings and treatment with the borrowers and there are highly refined groups doing money lending in most sophisticated a manner keeping all the time the convenience of the borrowers in mind. They serve their customers in a dignified way, deal with them properly, offer them lowest possible rates and quickest possible service on all counts that enables the borrowers to timely meet their financial urgencies and going for a repayment schedule in a convenience based phase. The borrowers thus is no more a victimised lot. They can sefely mortgage the required property for loan and can well afford to pay back with ease in an arranged manner.Commercial Mortgage

Laws sans Rules

Laws are made to be followed, followed as such and followed as rules. Things are different in practice. There are law abiding people but the number of those is bigger who defy them flagrantly. Even minor eventualities in respect of defying the Law are supposed to be taken in serious terms which is not seen in routine nor there is any care in that context. When A.G. Gardiner wrote his ‘Rule of the road’, he possibly had the similar situation in mind. He talks of an Austrian woman roaming round about loitering in a free styled manner on the road when a heavy vehicle passed with the driver finding it difficult to move forward because of that lady changing turns before his vehicle. When questioned, the lady’s reply was that since she belonged to a free country, she was all free to move on the road or any where else in a manner that suited her. The driver told her in a robust voice that if this sort of freedom was her definition of it, he was equally free to crush her down the wheels of the vehicle getting away scotch free. Scenario is more or less the same even today almost in all the places excepting a few countries where sense of discipline is strictly adhered to. As it is seen in practical terms at many a places, even monitors of laws and rules themselves freely opt to defy them, nay at times in much worse in a manner compared to commoners. Laws made and promulgated are to be followed in a disciplined manner and, if not, better they be not formed or promulgated.

Rebuilding bad credits

Credit cards having assumed the great quality of acting a magic tool making availability of money so handy and instant, they are ritualistically a fancy item on the person of almost every one ofcourse with the exception of certain hardcore traditionalists believing in old fashioned style of keeping their money resource in their pockets only. As anything too good is equally too bad, so is the credit card. It can help persons in need and it equally can cause numerous problems if the money so drawn through it or the shopping so made with the use of it is not systematically accounted for and withdrawals duly replenished. Even if the borrowings through credit cards exceed the prescribed precincts of limitations, there are the areas of recourse available and a credit users can well enable necessary rehibilitation process for themselves by resorting to channels which are quite cards for bad credit

Incurring debts just for the heck of it

Type of the people who are in the habit of doing things in a reckless order are the ones who cause problems to their family members than themselves. There are also the types who spend money on the items other than the ones for which the borrowing was there. Why they do so is difficult to comprehend and this way they spoil only themselves, nay much more their family. Borrowing money and then spending it lavishly on fun makings and drinking spree on a wine shop or even at home should not be the behaviour of the persons who have otherwise to look after the members in the family shouldering various household responsibilities creating an atmosphere of a comfortable life. Not just dues only, a careless handling of any issue or problem lands a man into difficulty. The composition of our society is such that wrong doings or mishandling a situation on the part of one individual equally engulf others in his circle and if does something in order, it fruitfully reflects others around him.

Compensations are not a favour but a right

Days are gone far behind when the victims of some mishap or the other had to take it just as a matter of their fate and that they had no recourse available to go for repairs on that count. Now that society has travelled a long way to reach a stage when there are compensations almost for every thing. Personal injury or some setback in business, there are channels and agencies capable of taking due care. Besides the compensations prescribed by the government, there are private sector channels running their help mode in different segments to render a positive service to the persons in want of it. The job which in the past was done by Rajaas and Maharajaas, ofcourse with a snag that it was all a mercifully granted favour to be received as such only by the beneficiary, is now being done by these setups by extending necessary helping hand to restore the desired compensations to them. There are avenues like keypointclaims to discuss, meet the relief seekers and negotiate the permissible claims with no win, no fee agreement taking up the issues with the channels involved in the process taking full care that claimants are not to run helter skelter to secure what they quite legitimately are entitled to otherwise.Accident Claims

Ignore them not !

How correct Milton was when he wrote '...they also serve who stand and wait' and characterastics of such a saying is not something confined to any time frame, it holds as good today as it was when so said. Down below the upper strata in society, the bigger number is that of the people suffering in many ways. Milton himself becoming blind in later years of his life depending solely on his wife for his writings -writing like 'Paradise lost' and 'Paradise regained' had a brooding realising that there could be many suffering from some handicap or the other crippling their functionality element and feeling helpless. When he wrote these lines in 'On his blindness', it was actually for himself and by penning them down he not only consoled himself but gave a  message to all the people that in whatever form a man is placed he is capable of managing the work some way or the other. The only aspect that matters much is that one should have necessary will to remain alive to his tasks. Besides natural setbacks, there are the types of handicap which are in several cases man made only like rules are made to look helpful on the surface towards supporting the people but at the level of implementation they fail. A government frames the rules, say on compensation, but at implementation level they are a flop for the reasons that channels and agencies involved in the process are not honest and sincere enough and the result is that the consumers suffer miserably. The system very much needs to get remedied ofcourse possible only when the people concerned themselves generate necessary interest coupled with the required zeal to form a strong will for the purpose.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

On telemarketing service

Any product generation sans requisite methodology and training may not get floating properly for lack of a due monitoring for the purpose. Getting fully conversant with the job to apply necessary operations is an art in itself which is not feasibly possibly merely by practice, the relative functionality aspects are more significantly activated when performed with knowledge and training. Knowledge base and training both are availabe online and those on the job with even a little possible inquisitiveness for the purpose can easily have an access to them. Specialists on telemarketing are quick enough to suitably impart what a dealer or consumer may need. It is database cleaning or customer maximisation or whatsoever needed on the subject, are peremptorily accessible. Blueberry Marketing Solutions Ltd. are there to offer free sales and marketing review reasonably quite to a good extent. Knowledge and training adequately provided, the individuals and the companies can do much much better efficiency wise to achieve success in meeting their business targets. Training regimen is scientific, elaborate, and carries a well worked out schedule for the benefit of the dealers -meeting with them and an effective followup monitoring thereafter seeing to it that whatever points that are talked and discussed are articulatedly carried through and implemented to a logical end. A readily available opportunity, if availed in a desired spirit, can work wonders, be it business or even any thing.Lead Generation

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ecstasy as it flows from a recognition:

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Recognition could be a ritual, it is exhilarating too irrespective of whether it is big or small. It is an individual feature full in its capacity to enlivingly relax a person. Surfing my email on date I had a message from PayPerPost recognizing me as an 'outstanding PPP postie'. Apparently not so much a big thing but big it was intrinsically. I have had several recognition in the past, some of them being grand ones and my thinking all along on this has been somewhat different -different not in any otherwise manner but from the view point that recognitions are not the matters tobe measured in terms of scale. Big or small, recognitions are to be valued by the receipent in terms of the very spirit behind them. Numbering in several hundreds, I was accorded felicitations, some of them in gold within my country and abroad. Everytime it was done it was most exceedingly a happy occasion for me. This again not because the felicitation document contained a rich vocabulary of words of praise for me but mainly because of the amount of love and affection the people had for me which was always manifest on their glowing faces. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India used to call me a 'computer luminary' in my meetings with him. This too was something to touch my heart not because the Prime Minister of India was recognizing me as such but certainly because it was something much enough on a personal note. When National Award for Excellence on freelance journalism was given to me twice by the All India Freelance Journalists Association, Chennai, the media wanted my reaction. My reply to them was that a mere award on a glossy piece of paper was not that counted for me, what counted most was that it was a great token of realisation and love from those who awarded me. Be it an Award or be it a recognition, their value lies if they are there as true manifestation of reality and not like something politically managed as many a people do. Recognition by PayPerPost is equally received by me quite in a heart felt measure. Thanks to them although I think at times that the word 'thanks' is very often not enough to convey the gratitude in the same measure as it is realised and felt.

Claims for compensation

Acquiring eligibility for some claim on compensation or the other is easy but what amounts to be an arduous task is to tangibly secure it. This happens for two reasons -one that claimants are not well aware of the necessary procedure involved for the purpose and the second that they are unable to locate the right channels for the needed help and assistance both followup wise and legal in the matter.LegalServices that work as real friends in need provide every thing which a claimant needs all within necessary legal frame. Personal injury, accident or any kind of damage that attracts compensation are covered and followed up vigorously to secure rightful claims to their logical end. Injuries caused during work performance or even problems like noise induced hearing loss are fought out and persued to recover due compensation with the result that the aggrieved ones are able to meet necessary redressal to their grievances. It is virtually a mission of service that is there to help the people who otherwise are unable to find it feasible running from pillar to post. Easily contactable even over telephone with a conveniently possible registration, its all damn easy to secure proper advice on claims to easily work out necessary modus operandi in that direction. Devoted to a committed service, this channel does function as a powerful tool extending help to the needy restoring them their rightful claims.Accident Compensation

Rating alone is not a real merit

There are ratings for every thing and there are different testing rods to determine on different counts. Basis for this is worked out the way it suits the agency concerned. Merit also differs from one individual judge to another according to their whims and fancy. During my college day I was a candidate in an Inter University debating contest on the subject where I had to use a few words of criticism by way of a critical appreciation against the National Poet like Maithili Saran Gupta. One of the three judges of the team who was a D.Litt on the poet. He got annoyed and gave me only 5 marks out of 100 as against the other two who gave me 96 and 98. I did stand first in the competition but I never forget the instance thinking as to how there are people suffering from prejudices. If ratings are honestly based on merit, where is the question of judges applying their individual bent of mind. If performance has to be judged, it has to be done based on the way a contestant plays his role without acting as a sycophant to the people who sit on judgement. A girl candidate in her ICS exam (old form of IAS) had to appear before a team consisting of two judges -one being too fat and bulky and the other one was like a pitch dark horse complexion wise. One of the questions put to her by the interviewers was as to what type of a husband she would like to go when marrying. Prompt was the reply '..the one neither as fat as you are (addressing to fat man) nor as black as you are

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(addressing to the other black complexioned man). When the result was announced, she was declared selected and found her name in the merit list. Look, if the judges had any individual prejudice on remarks individually against them she was not to be selected at all. Ratings are a common feature in the present day of tough competition in all fields and honesty demands that necessary recognition be extended to performance wise merit without forcing one's own whims and fancies.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Cosy comforts of a Bed

Tiresome and fatigueful a day requires moments of relaxation which a person finds best in the bed on reaching back home. It is not that bed alone matters, what counts more is the type of it. Bed could be a takhat as it used to be in olden days and bed could be an ultra modern cosy and stylish one. Choice lies with the consumer who has to make necessary selection applying his taste and fancy making visit to online quality store(s) that provide a vast range of selectable items. I as one from India prefer applying my choice for orientally designed beds and mattresses. Perusal of beautiful designs with an elegant look online brings to surface more of such items like divan beds, antique style beds ofcourse with much bigger number of most luxuriously fitted beds like faux leather beds, French style beds.The range of subtle quality items competitively priced reasonably is worth going for it. Antique style beds are infact only the ones once considered outmoded but they way they are given elegance and style, they look far superior and attractive making them a fancy item for many. Nothing is more relaxing than a cosy bed in the bed room with serene fittings and surroundings overall furniture wise. Choice variety with quality coupled with reasonable price are the ingredients that enable a consumer to naturally opt for a comfortable bed that generates comfort and relaxation.Beds

Brutal beasts

The way brutalities are perpetrated on innocent people by anti social elements is an alarming signal for days to come. Lust for sex is not a new phenomenon, it was very much there in the past and is rampant in an exhorbitant manner in an untolerable proportions. The maniacs indulging into these activities behave in a manner as if they do not belong to the society which they live in. They also don't realise that their victims who are callously raped belong to the families like the rapists have -their own sister, mother, daughter and others in their house hold. Why such graver propotions of the scenario on sex every day assuming a gigantic shape are not curbed ? Why even no proper notice of the incident is taken by the administration ? The media is one channel doing lot of work on this highlighting the agonies of rape victims but there again no cognizance is given to their coverage by those who hold the charge of curbing such heinous activities. Even the women forum on that count have failed to bring any results in eradicating this sort of menace. Minor children are raped, even old women are not spared and it looks like the mad dogs are from some other world in no way

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concerned with the persons targetted by them for sex. Normally the victims are killed after rape is over and this is done to evade any trace of the occurrence for investigating agencies. If same thing happens to them or their family members how will they take it. Will it be possible for them to keep quiet ? Certainly not. In that case they shall behave as differently calling names for the whole world. Social level in its totality has gone down and that is one reason why all this is happening this way and worse is the attitude of the administration who can do much to arrest these ghastly incident but are not prepared to do anything at all for the obvious reasons that they have a complete alliance with the guilty..

Training matters for any discipline of career

Whatever the discipline one follows, training is a must for all to persue a career. Howsoever intelligent a person is but necessary know-how for the job enables him/her to discharge the responsibilities so entrusted in a full measured level. Though not an extraordinarily an intelligent person, I otherwise thought of myself as one who possesses enough of confidence on attending to the various jobs. As one belonging to banking industry and the one who had to handle the tedious workfkorce related jobs, I took it that I was along doing it the right way unless I attended University of State Bank in Hyderabad on psychology of workers where eminent scholars on the subject in the world joined. The entire session was an eye opener to me and it was there that I realised I was lagging far behind in many ways. Similar experience I had on visiting many of the countries abroad leading a deputation on Computers where I found that whatever knowledge I had on the subject was hardly any match to the one that was available there. What emerges out of necessary training doubly strenthens the skill and caliber a persons otherwise has.Plumbing Courses

Writing unique ?

Isn't it at times too cumbersome to work out a pattern that determines uniqueness of a writeup. Atleast I am the one who fails many a times on this count. Providers of website to bloggers never fail to emphasize that what a blogger writes must be good English, correctly spelt and gramatically fool proof. I at times come across instances where their own prescription on blog topics is just in contrast to such an advice.

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Spellings are not defined as to which mode is tobe adhered to -American or that of U.K. The uniqueness is also directed towards the theme of the post meaning thereby that there should be nothing that amounts to repetition. No repetition alright, but what about the suppliers of the subject matter for the post repeating themselves the themes which they provided number of times in the past. Why send the same topic again and again to individual bloggers causing them unnecessary confusion ? Such a confusion gets worse confounded when new topics so forwarded contain a clip of warning saying that if repetition is there the very blog is to result in banning the writer ? Difficult to understand as to why they themselves can't monitor their work properly avoiding unnecessary humiliation to the blog writers. Since the opportunities are sent to individual bloggers after measuring their level and status as such, why the suppliers find it cogent to shift the blame to them ? It is infact something to demoralise the writers for no fault of theirs. The conclusion the suppliers have a fancy to draw is that repetition of the contents on the part of the writers are for the reason that they are greedy for some post or the other to write to grab money. They are sadly mistaken. No writer is to compromise his level as such for a petty sum of a few dollars and better for the opportunity providers to behave themselves instead of raising their fingers and passing on the buck to those submitting their writeups.

Debts are not necessarily a burden

It is wise not to incur debts but debts do fall in the category of genuine need at times and it is for the borrower to make a good use of it. As a part of banking system I know of several instances where the borrowers took loans from Bank and rehabilitate themselves by using the money so taken in a proper direction meaningful and well programmed. Debts are undoubtedly an evil if no necessary repayment schedule is followed by the debtors. There are certain compelling needs for which one has to depend on borrowings, say for daughter's marriage, for acquiring a house, to meet medical urgencies and even for the purpose of establishing some business as a source to sustain the family or supplement a need based additional income for the same. There are certainly big hazards in the event the borrower fails to pay back the debt suitably sticking to his/ her repayment schedule. Becoming a victim of bankruptcy brings lot many problems for the self and the family as well which no person conscious of his/ her responsibilities would like. Incurring debts and then sitting leisurely without doing any thing only amounts to lacklustreness on the part of the person concerned which aspect is but to be avoided. Debts are a great support if used in a positive order, debts are a worst sort of evil if misused.Debt Management

Monday, 25 February 2008

Nature is red in tooth and claw:

Wordsworth was not incorrect when he said that Nature is red in its tooth and claw. All beings on earth are for blood of others. Killing, killing and killing only. Such a behaviour on the part of Nature has its full reflection on the mankind. All over the world killings are resorted to as a fancy. History is full of innumerable instances of killings. Stories of great Mughals talk of a king blinding his son, a son killing his father, Aurangzeb killing his brother Dara Shikoh in most callous a manner, Jenhagir killilng Sher Afghan to grab his beautiful wife Noor Jehan, Zaibunnishan dragged to a situation of killing herself as her father Aurangzeb didn't like her to be in love with some one. Jahan-a-rah was forced to remain unmarried as her father Shahjehan was for a mughal match only who couldn't be available. Stories on Sind Valley civilization contain an enormous amount of brutalities. Animals killing animals can to some extent be taken as somewhat a pertinent excuse on the ground that it is mostly for their food on which count they have no other way out but humans have vast avenue of resources for food but they too indulge themselves in killings. Only sometime back I came across an online interview of a terrorist replying to the question as to why he was for killing innocent people as if he didn't at all feel guilty while doing so. Innocent or any thing, he was replying, killing is a must. He emphatically reiterated his stand that killing was a mission for him to be persued and that he was for it come what may. If there is an attack with counter attack following it and in the process killing may occur which situation is a different one but killing the innocents is nothing but a cruel act which a killer does just to satisfy his fancy. A poet friend of mine once wrote -

Phir se ho takhseer jahan ki

Satahen na hamwar bahut hain

describing that whatever is the shape of the world that is visible to us is not fit enough to live in, it needs repairs, it needs resurrection.

How enjoyable the casinos are

The best pastime for people on earth are the games -the games that refresh the mind, the games that activate different faculties in the body. There could be men who don't play any game at all but they are certainly the ones who are doing no justice to their physical system. Those who are conscious about their health invariably opt for some recreational activity or the other. Any game is supposed, and so it does, to generate necessary functional orientation for the body as whole. Casino game or casino gambling online with choice area being quite rich for the participating players imparts bountifully what people do need for their recreation. From minor to major with multiple variety, these games possess a capacity of the type that rejuvenates the overall body properties of human beings leading them to a most culivatively enjoyable phase of life. The very notion which some persons carry that casinos are nothing but a sophisticated form of a crude gambling are no more correct as the way things have changed to better online systems with society progressing by leaps and bounds making an entertaining recreational feature in the form of casinos available to them as most handy a casino
Platinum Play

No compromise on love:

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Those giving sermons spelling out discourses very often emphasize in the name of detatchment theory that it is but necessary to abandon the family in pursuit of attaining moksha (salvation).They could be correct from their point of view but it looks damn selfish. What is real can't be done away with. There are certain instances in history and also different mythologies where the ones who metaphysically persued their religious approach never opted to run away from the family. When Lord Budha after attained enlightenment returned, a big crowd was there to receive him, hankering to get just a glimpse of his with the only exception of Yashodhara, his wife and the queen. She was requested by her attendants and all others to take the chance. She refused. Her contention was that the Lord himself is supposed to reach her as she was his wife and not just a beloved. Lord Budha came to her, humble and apologetic. Reiterating his love for her he said that whatever he could achieve was just because of her and that she was above every thing for him as but for her love he could not have been able to attain what he did. The other instance is that of Swami Ram Teerth, a mathematician and an intellectual giant, who despite having withdrawn himself from worldly affairs as a saint kept his wife with him as a matter of love, a bond of attachment. His conviction was that the great source of achieving a target is love only and nothing is possible without it. Unfortunately she was not with him during the last days of his life near Gangotri but thoughwise he was never without her. It is a mistaken notion particularly on the part of religious preachers that love is materialistic and it spoils the pursuit for salvation. It is just the contrary as love is immanentllly powerful to attain what is not possible otherwise.

Pleasures of casino games

Much away from tension and stress, casino games carry with them a capacity to extend necessary relaxation to the players. Like it happens in all games, casino gambling gives a more rich amount of enjoyment if the players are conversant enough with the game understanding its modus operandi.The help and guidance with the requisite briefing is sumptuously available with varieties of games elaborated picturesquely detailing payouts and other particulars of different features in respect of each game. Besides this,there is quite attractive an incentive offered in the shape of adequate bonus.Casino gambling is growing popular every day ofcourse enjoyable in much bigger a measure if necessary know-how is there on the part of the players joining the game.Gaming background being the same, each time changes in varying degree which the players to choose depending upon the mode of game they select. Mode and types of Casino gamblings are there on the site in question and players are supposed to do is to apply their choice depending on their taste and accordingly buy the product.Better selection makes the game much more casino

Clean the mirror before getting your image:

As saying goes, when you raise your finger against some one, the remains ones get a back turn towards yourself. The reason is reality based and logical too. The gesture quite denotes that before you raise a pointer to others, be doubly sure that you yourself are not suffering from any sort of a malady as such. A mahatma was giving sermons in a congregation of people telling that one should not behave like a dog but like a human only. A boy in the crowd interrupted him asking as to why he talked of a dog in a condemnable tone and that is it not that a dog is much better in many ways in comparison to human beings. The mahatma kept quiet for some time and then said that he was in complete agreement with the boy and that a dog is really much better in certain respects. Dog's sense of loyalty has hardly any match and it is never ungrateful to its master like many a humans who go ungrateful at the first available opportunity. Man in Urdu language is called a haiwane natiq (an animal possessing a tongue) as againstg animals who can't express themselves or they can do so but humans don't understand it. You develop a close rapport with any animal or bird or even a beast, you will find that they too can love, hate, ignore or disregard you exactly in consonance with your behaviour with them. I know about a muslim family in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) who have been traditionally keeping and nourishing the doves in their house and they tell that is there is something otherwise to happen to the family, the birds stop taking any food in which process they die too. The family members hold a view that this they do save the family by offering themselves to death. May be it is true and in that case the sacrifice of the doves for the safety of their masters is a great lesson to men themselves. All live beings on earth are the same and it is unfair on the part of the people to consider themselves as far superior compared to others. Analysis of self is a remedy in itself, a remedy that takes care of ill conceived notions.

Let it be a black friday shopping spree

Come Christmas and the enthusiasts gear up for a shopping spree for their choice items. This shopping is obviously much different in comparison to routine shopping as the buyers have a deep preference for the items to suit the occasion. A big rush on the stores/shops is but natural on such occasions with large number of people along with their family members being in a frenzy to acquire more of look oriented articles as against their tendency for for utility based routine shopping. Undoubtedly a good store equipped with quality items befitting the occasion is supposed tobe the choice of the customers who keenly want to lay their hands on things special and appealing. The very selection of a proper store for the purpose itself is a task. Renowned stores like Wall Mart or Staples Cyber Monday Specials with their timely ads, illustrative and educative, are there to adequately cope with the demands of the buyers to their complete satisfaction. Their ads running like 'Availabe online' and 'Sale going on' act as alerts for the customers. Besides this, they provide email informations communicating the availability of additions on specials. With an anxiety to remain updated on this count, I too got myself registered with them providing them my email address looking forward to coming across novelties enabling me to go for them recommending the same to my friends and associates.cyber monday

Saturday, 23 February 2008

An apology of developments

A talk or a stunt, development is something that is a reference every where in India. Be it a general market or market dealing in stocks, no subject ends without talking on developmental activities in our country. What these activities really are? Are they visible or are they physically appearing at any place. Answer appears to be 'no' only if viewed in real physical terms on the surface. Soaring prices? Government's reply is it is because of development. Why law and order situation is out of control? The administration says they are busy in adhering to developmental process. Why police refuses to even record a FIR (First information Repot)? When questioned as such the oft repeated answer of the police is that they have instructions not to record them, obviously for the reason that administration has to keep their statistics on crimes at the lowest possible level. An eminent economist as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself is, he never gets tired fo telling that rate of inflation is within control. It is a different matter that the figures available for the purpose speak just otherwise. Why there are no roads or why the roads wherever they are are not maintained to a proper usable level? The reply from the state governments every where is that there are no funds. It is a different matter that every now and then they are for adding a bogey of ministers to their cabinet involving enomously a huge expenditure. If honestly there any measure taken on developments with a physical manifestation, public of the country has no reason to be any defaulter on that count. Any non implementable assurance is nothing but meaningless. Barren talks on development only amount to an apology of it.

Model garages

Cars are a prized possession and a matter of pride too. Cars are a priviledged utility and equally a status symbol. Those who love cars do so equally to their garage. Neglecting garage only denotes lack of care for the car itself as it is after all the garage that stands responsible for maintenance and upkeep of it. Sectional garages are adequately capable in the direction of looking after the vehicles in a manner methodical and articulate besides workshops and sheds. Maintaining car(s) without a proper garage is like owning a helicopter without a landing ground. May be there are people rich enough to own a car, use it and throw it away opting for next one but there again maintenance and upkeep is a must in all cases. A brand new car driven out from the show room will need a finish minutes after it is taken out otherwise it fails to remain what it was when selected for a purchase. I have a car and also a garage. The moment I think of another vehicle, I think of necessary space first to befittingly park it. These days it is well nigh possible to get everything available online and what one needs is just an inclination for the purpose. Even the owners of bullock carts in the villages keep necessary oiling with lubricants to keep the two large wheels running smoothly and there can be no reason for the car owners to ignore the vehicles they so use. It is also not thinkable that one who can buy a car can't manage a garage. One not lacking will wise can see to it that everything is manageable seeking help and assistance online and if you so decide it is very much here.Concrete Workshop

When there was no medical device to look better

Paleolithicians had to live in caves moving and preying for their food. One concept is that there were no women on earth in the beginning ofcourse with the mythological reference of Eve with Adam as an exception. The male folk did have an intensely piercing instinct for something that caused upheavals in their heart but they couldn't locate what it was. It was infact a deeply keen anxiety inbuilt in their physical system for a woman. When women population started emerging, the secret was revealed and the males could realise that actually it was 'she' for whom they were hankering. Initially the women were so few in number that they failed to meet one to one need of men with the result that scuffles, strife and warlike scenarios became the order of the day then amongs the people. For one woman there were dozens chasing one another to grab her. The women too obviously had the same, nay more anxiety and intensity for sex which became a most contentious cause of wars amongs different groups. Both men and women even in those days wanted to look better to attract the other side with their modus operandi being rubbing the powder of certain kind of stones on their face enriching their glamour and the look. They also used some kind of leaves from the forest for their purpose. As read in several stories on that era, there was then nothing like any restriction on sex. It was as free as tree leaves in a jungle. The eminent writer/historian Rahul Sankrityayan has given a vivid description of this culture in his 'Volga to Ganga'. In one of his narrations, he mentions one girl replying to a man wanting sex with her that it was not necessary for her to have sex with the same man every day and that she had poised her breasts with necessary makeup for some one else on that material night. Desires make way for inventions and as against the age of stone there are plenty of ways available enabling a women, a man to look in their best. Plastic surgery is a great via media to acquire both beauty and shape. The use of such a device is not confined just to movie stars or certain other categories of people who are highly look conscious, it is equally popular amongst those who are not otherwise belonging to upper strata of society. Even persons in politics are highly prone to go for a face lift before they go to meetings or meet the people in their constituencies. Only the other day I came across a new item in the press where a woman candidate openly confessed that she always made it a point to go for a necessary makeup before addressing a meeting of her supporters and electorate as it generates more of impression on the people. Thanks to medical science for giving most advanced a tool in the shape of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for a choice look

Instinctively poweful desire as the humans have all along been nourishing to look better, it has been but natural for them to resort to some device or the other for the purpose since ages. Even during the Stone Age, men used to pickup and rub certain tree leaves on their face with a view to acquire a bright lustre and so did the women. Scientific developments now being on its peak particularly including medical fields, humans are no more in dearth of avenues to shape their physical features the way they cherish to attract others directed in particular to opposite sex. Cosmetic surgery plays wonders once it is applied with dexterity. The relevant feature elaborately enumerated in cosmetic surgery are abundantly rich in extending whatever kind of help one needs to rebuild himself/herself for a better look from face to breast or any part of the body magically including even sex change.Boob Job

Friday, 22 February 2008

Cursories on travellings

Travellings, plentifully rich as they are on material you come across while moving from place to place, are not only pleasantly relaxing, they are a great knowledge giver too besides what you see and enjoy. As a frequent traveller by air covering distant destinations for decades together, I did use to relish whatever I was able to glance upon. At domestic level while travelling between Delhi and Mumbai, I always used to opt for a flight that had its route via Ahmedabad ofcourse without landing there. Starting a little before Ahmedabad and continuing some sky

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distance thereafter, this zone was on most of the occasions full of thick clouds roving and moving like flying consonantly with the aircraft. The scenic beauty looked like it was directly caressing me on my face with a breazy touch feelwise. Thrilled and excited, I found myself sumptuously lost with a realisation as if I had most tender an embrace with the Nature. The roaming clouds looked like giving a message of service to the people in the world as it were they to rain water for a thirsty world for humans, animals, birds, creaters and who not on earth. What used to hover more in my mind was 'Abhigyan Shakuntalam' of the great Kalidas who symbolically used clouds to convey messages of the lover to his beloved. I used to think within myself how great it could be if humans on earth were able to derive necessary inspiration on the sense of service so glaringly manifest through the clouds.

The money that plays magic

Money by itself doesn't count much, it ofcourse plays wonders if used in a proper perspective. Money directed to wastages elicits no positive yields but money utilised in right direction brings ample dividends. British, who are otherwise quite methodical approach wise, are dexterous enough to manage their money by investing their resources with the channels that matter from benefits point of view. Budgeting is an effective tool to draw maximum gain from a minimum amount if invested carefully. There is mushrooming of companies in the current market but it is always for the investors to ascertain and judge as to which ones can deliver gainful returns. Certain old ones like Friends Provident Fund established much in olden days when the very concept of investment was in its infancy stage is doing so well having attained a sizeable transactional enormity with a top priority for consumers benefits including necessary insurance cover for them. Money after all does play a magic if invested with due care.Remortgage

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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Honesty and ethics

Big bullies or small fries, all have or say are supposed to have some minimum sense of ethics both on personal counts and business wise. In reality it hardly happens. Defaulters are mainly the big bullies. Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh gets rich pamperings because it happens to be the constituency of Sonia Gandhi and so is Amethi as people there elected Rahul Gandhi for the Parliament. Saharanpur again in Uttar Pradesh is bestowed with plenty of favours because that is an area belonging to Mayawati, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. Even their juniors in their capacity as some minister or the other in their cabinet or even MLAs and MPs have no reason to lag behind. They are to see that there is no electricity failure in their areas come what may in the case of common people. There is nothing bad in doing good to the people of ones own constituency but this has not to  mean that others are to suffer on that count. Doing good to the people and doing good only to the people of a chosen area are two different things. Elected representatives are normally elected for a particular constituency as a whole and never for a section of people there. Then why this discrimination? Mulayam Singh in his capacity as the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh diverted huge funds for in the name of development to his village Shefai in Etawah providing hospitals, stadium, air strip and number of educational institutions. Does it mean that all these developmental activities are the prerogatives of certain coterie of the people and a common man is not be bothered at all? Such sort of a serious anomaly in functionality of the administration is highly questionable and needs tobe curbed. Welfare of the public in general should honestly be the slogan for the biggies and if they have a smallest possible sense of their dignity and honour they have but to behave with an ethics that befits their status as the real representative of the people.

Bankruptcy is a serious menace

In factual terms, bankruptcy is a serious menace to peace of mind for any one becoming its victim. During my role as a Director in Central Board of State Bank of India, I came across a massive number of such cases including a large number from U.K. and U.S.A. State Bank, believe as it does in settling the disputes across the table by negotiations instead of resorting to litigations excepting ofcourse certain hard core cases, had to settle a very big size of disputes successfully giving several relaxations to the borrowers in whose cases I had to take the lead. Surprisingly there are borrowers who directly or indirectly opt to go bankrupt with the hidden agenda that this way they can easily evade the individual pressure of recovery and can conveniently take shelter in normal decision of the courts to decide the repayment schedule in terms of assets and liabilities in a workable proportion. Routine trick on the part of the borrowers is to keep their sizeable level of assets as benaami (assets placed in the names of the family members and others. Peace acquired through tricks and concealment is actually no peace, it is rather more of a cause for tension and demoralisation which no man with even at a minimum required sense of self respect can withstand. Bankers are by and large normally always prone to extend necessary relaxation in the matters of liquidating debts and this should be possible for the borrowers to clear their dues. The tool needed for the purpose is just a desire and a will to liquidate the borrowings.IVA

Waste not resources on trivialities

While delivering his lecture in America, Swami Vibekanand called upon the audience not to waste money on churches and temples but direct the same to the poor, the needy. Nothing warrants more of attention than the people suffering from hunger, he said. What persons in the saddle on power are doing these days is something just in contrast to that. Huge amount of money is wasted on repairing and constructing memorials in the name of those who count more on political angle than human welfare.What is the need of it? The hungry, the destitutes, the haves not, the poor are hankering for food and callous are the heavy weights in politics who enjoy spending lavishly to the point of grandeur on memorials. OK, those who made some contribution for the protection and welfare of the needy people in the country do deserve a recognition but they certainly can't be given priority over those who are starving for want of necessary sustentation resource. If somewhere some leader talks of providing necessary employment to the needy, this is again in most of the cases, for political reasons and the very theme of the project is caste oriented. Leaders in the helm of affairs responsible for governance are not the leaders elected and elevated to a position just for a particular caste or community, they are the leaders for the people as a whole and there can in no way be any justification in their prejudicial behaviour like this. Discrimination of any kind on the part of the leaders that matter is by no means pardonable. They are supposed to behave themselves in the interest of public at large without unjudiciously confining their activities to certain coteries or pockets in the society giving it some artificial colour or the other.

Digital frames

It is a digital current all the way and every thing is measured in terms of digits, every thing is practiced through digits only. Technology is on its pinnacle and in days ahead it is to grow to an immeasurable height. Gone are the days when taking a photograph was a tedious task not only for the photographer but equally for those who opted to get photographed. Now that where ever one is placed, whatever activity one is indulging in and whichever postures he/she is adopting they are tobe instantly caught stationary or moving with the latest available devices of Camera or Video. Even most secret activities are no more secret as such as there are high powered tools, looking tiny but capable enough to capture any thing on earth and the sky, are available.Sky is the limit for them, nay much beyond sky they have capacity to go. Whatever one imagines, it can just be given a tangible shape with a click and a flash. The website is the one wonderful place where a limitless variety of photography tools from a small camera to all powerful video with tremendous configurations to take care of any situation is available. Whatever fancy a person has, it is all procurable through this picture frame

Attacked by a snake

Torrential rains overflooding the total area in a semi urban locality where I used to stay for some time, there was hardly any road, street or a pedestrians row track visible any where. No way out and I had to make it to reach my college some how or the other. Removing my shoes, stretching my trousers upward, I started for the college locating the partition tracks forcefully pressing my toes on the ground. Now it was the end of the track where a nallah with heavy waves was flowing. Picking up some courage I continued moving on stretching my legs right and left to secure a passage. By the time I could make it to reach the other side of the nallah I was exhausted to the point of gasping for breath and felt like I was to collapse. Picked up some courage again to start further but this time it was a snake raising its hood towards my toe looking like it was more an attempt to engulf the toe than directlly attacking me. I knew that there are certain types of snakes in flooded waters who are not that poisonous but their bite can cause problemitic infections coupled with after effects of whatever little poison element they have. Its gaze being ferocious, I felt frozen as if crippled but could make it to decide as a last moment device to move on further without retracting. These are the common stories in the rural areas that if you try to run away backward the snakes get more prone to attack. The trick worked and the snake swiftly turned back taking a plunge into the waters.

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Loans with a personalised touch

Loans are sought, loans are granted and there no dearth of loan granting agencies any where. Loans have a long history of how they replaced barter system during Paleolithic age assuming a digital system theln prevailing for calculating the amount and interest thereon. The system has travelled a long way since those days presently settling down at computer based transactions where it looks like some magic is at work with tremendous amount of deals in millions and billions. What counts more in loan related matters is that the deals should not be without necessary personal touch, an element that takes care of the loanees problems.Once such problems are duly taken care of, it extends a great sense of security to those who take some loan or apply for it as a process in that direction. It is nice of magicloans that theirs is a policy decision to keep necessary rapport with the loanee customers and that they consider it their utmost priority to explain to them all pros and cons while opting for loans like telling them candidly about the situations that lead to a stage of repossession of the property against which loans are applied. Applicants for loan are listened to properly by them with a view to understand their problems and suitably advise them accordingly. The relative website of theirs is fully equipped with all the informations a loanee may need including calculator as a readily available tool to work out both the princepal and the interest. All the features reckoned in totality, in my opinion the resource so available to the needy is by all means worth trying.Homeowner Loans

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Underhand tricks to grab money

There are many a systems adopted by different businessmen to earn money or say grab money from the people. Most common feature these days is to use share trading as a tool for the purpose particularly with reference to Initial Public Offer (IPO). Alluring advertisements attract the investors who consider it a better strategy to invest at the initial stage in IPO which is supposed to be moderately priced at the outset. IPOs may succeed after they are listed in the regular share market and they may flop too like it happened only recently in the case of Reliance Power much highlighted as a Powerful Reliance Power which in reality was nearly a miserable flop. Another was the one floated by EMAR which too failed getting practically no response from the investor as a result of which it had to be withdrawn. In both the cases there is no refund given to the investers. Reliance Power extended partial allotments as against the applications for a bigger number of shares. There is nothing much wrong in it as it all emerges through business constraints but how come they didn't refund the balance amount of investors as yet. EMAR did neither return the total money deposited by investors nor they thought it feasible to make necessary statement on that count. In both the cases, like there might be several others too, they are holding the huge amount of money deposited by investors earning millions of rupees as interest thereon out of which not a single naya paisa is allowed to go to those who gave them this amount. If there is any thing like business ethics, there can be no justification at all in withholding public's money like this to earning multiple benefits out of it. This is highly unjustified, this is blatantly unfair.

Get rid of Bed Bugs

Why spoil sleep with intrusions and interruptions caused by bug bites when there are effective remedies available for the purpose ? Howsoever best be furnished your bed room with most cosy a bed, the bugs are a big nuisance making your relaxation only a nightmarish experience. I as one am never to compromise my relaxing moments against bugs onslaughts and prefer to apply immediate remedial measures.bedbug bite

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Many a faces of exploitation

Not confined to some solitary area or the other, exploitation has many a faces differing from level to level. Exploiter number one is the government itself who does it uniformly on all counts. Be it collection of land revenue, be it levies or be it taxes, every where it surpasses all. Top men in business or the business magnates of middle level have their own system of realising their pound of flesh in typical ways. One such system is to launch an IPO, make huge collections,extend the last date of closing in which process it takes quite a time. Applicants for the shares are not always allotted the number of shares they ask for while applying. If it is a highly rated company, it receives a bumper response from the investers. Here again it takes a long time in sorting and finalising the applications. On finalisation, the company has the choice of accepting, rejecting or partially accepting the request. Some one applies for 225 shares like it was done in the case of Reliance Power, the applicant is proportionately allotted, say 16 shares as against 225. After allotting the shares, the balance amount to be refunded to the depositor is not remitted back to him for a long time. By the time it is done, the gap grows to several weeks during which period the entire amount so collected in millions/billions of rupees remains with the company on

which they earn returns in several ways without any slightest possible portion of it going to investors. Delays are often intentional obviously for the reasons to earn an extra monetary edge. Companies dealing in Mutual Funds do the same thing. Accepting applications with immediate deposit by investors putting and keeping it in their accounts and delay the finalisation. I opted for a Mutual Fund investment with small amount and even after enough of gap I have not received in the necessary acknowledgement. Certain IPOs collapse at the outset itself but the investors have to wait for refund of their deposit for several months if at all they are lucky enough to get back the investment amount without resorting to litigations. It is possible to understand direct levies and taxes but difficult to make out any reasoning for hidden earning on disclosed profit transactions.

Home Furniture

The saying that '...all that glitters is not gold' may sound true for many a things but exceptions too are there. A glance on the website quite displays a glitter of qualitative varieties of furniture. Such a gllitter is not without substance, it has both -an appealing glitter and a sumptuous utility orientation to fully suit the consumers.Corner TV Entertainment Center
Sleigh Bed
king Beds
Queen Beds

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Stretching it too far

New, super new, extra new and ultra new are the coinages to denote a catchy note of modernisation. Never mind if the very culture changes or the history is reversed. Great mythologies too are no exception where very original scipt is subjected to alterations neither relevant nor convincing in any manner. Ram Charitra Manas is a great epic written by Goswami Tulsidas. Goswami Tulsidas was not only a great poet but a great devotee to Lord Ram, Lord Shiva and Bajrangbali Hanuman too. 'Hanumanbahuk' is the book exclusively written on Lord Hanuman by Tulsidas. The champions of modernity thought there must be some change in the original themes according to the taste of the current generation. They had no scope to bring in any new change and the only way was to introduce some thing novel by artificially inducting some thing. Every where in all books including those on mythologies, Lord Ram is picturesed as the creator of the Universe with Veer Hanuman as one of his close lieutenants. The newly manufactured is now that Lord Hanuman was himself a king and that he used to conduct his durbars where Lord Ram used to appear as one in the audience just as a fariyadi. It is infact the height of a nonsense. Vedic religion is too liberal to accommodate conflicting views on any subject allowing its critics all possible avenues to give vent to their feelings but instances of the type where the very concept behind a theme of an epic are the ones tobe discouraged as it amounts to blasphemy and is unpardonable. Every day is a new day and so are things in nature but such a phenomenon can never grant freedom to any body to tell a bundle of lies manufacturing an ill truth to support voice on modernisation.Such ridiculous ventures are just meant for an outright rejection by the people.

A swim with the dreams:

Dreams are a reality, they are not just something tobe brushed aside as mere imaginations, they are infact the very source of what finally emerges as tangibly visible a material. There is nothing on earth which at some stage or the other was not conceived. Those who ignore dreams as a phenomenon utopian sans any reality are not correct. Dreams are a plinth of what finally takes the shape of an identifiable truth.Facts are an offshoot of dreams only. It so happens very often that dreams are more relishable than reality. You think of a beautiful face and then abruptly come across some one howling at you with shrieks and the contrast acts so annoying to you. Your rapport with dreams is manageable and can be directed in a manner that suits your faculties. What may be difficult for

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you to acquire in physical terms can well be managed with dreams. How it is that many of love marriages are a flop within a short span of time gap after marriage is over. This is actually result of a clash between what you thought and what you got. What you tangibly got turned out tobe not what you had imaginably worked out. The saying of the sages that a person has to remain in the confines of the surrounding limitations is based on the very concept that source of disappointments lies where imagination is in conflict with physical reality.Quite a long time back I used to read with interest a picture serial in a reputed daily depicting adventures of Garth while helping the lead fairy character fighting the evil. She starts feeling that she is in love with Garth which she was not supposed to. She goes to Garth who was in sleep lying by the river side transmitting him a dream message with the contents that she was thankful to him for the help that he extended to her and that she was now leaving for the reason that in her capacity as an angel to fight the evil she couldn't afford falling in loving with humans beyond interaction in dreams. She left. Swim with the dreams is without any prejudice on material objects and is cherishable by a mind unpossessed of any vice or sodidness.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gainsaying affirmations

Call spade a spade, there is nothing wrong in it, it is rather good in the sense that truth is allowed to be on the surface. There are people who don't like to mince their words and always prefer to talk straighaway to the point as against those who will talk volumes without hardly coming to main theme of the subject. In the name of talking frank, there are many a people who pickup entirely a negative side of the subject without forgetting to repeat with every sentence of their the workds like 'tobe frank, it is like this, it is like that. Once a person who was after me with the repeated request for his transfer to his choice place. It took time but I saw to it that it was done. After the job was done, he met me but it was some sort of a meeting with a casual touch as if he never had any agenda of his once pending with me. I myself asked him if he was happy now as he was since posted to his choice place. His reply was somewhat shocking. He said 'Sir, to be frank, I was all along hankering so much for my posting to a convenient place but it became possible only when I could secure an aashirvaad from a Guru and it was with his blessings that I am now posted at a place where I wanted tobe'. I felt infact so demoralised within myself just thinking of what name be given to such ungrateful persons gainsaying necessary acknowledgement to favours they receive and that too with the quality prefix of 'tobe frank..' Such

instances could be many which, when studied in a psychological context, elicit only disparaging conclusions on human behaviour. Truth remains that the work done is not necessarily always acknowledged by the receiving end affirmatively with a sense of gratitude, it is rather many a times twisted to different cannotations which most negatively amount to recognition sans reality. Possibly that is human, that is society.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Is it going to be really a soft budget?

New budget proposals are in the offing and in all probability, as are the indications, it is going tobe a soft budget aimed at extending and granting several relaxations in tax. Business men, consumers, salary earners and different other groups are all likely to get benefitted. After all elections are due and those running the system in the country are to go to the people for a fresh mandate to rule. This has always been and still is a peculiar phenomenon that the masters in government altogether change themselves with adopting a swift shift to a behaviour that looks soft on the very surface of it. This infact holds good not only with the Finance Minister of the country but equally all the ministries as everywhere the people occupying ruling positions are the politicians only who have compulsions to go to the electorate after their current term of incumbency is over. Economic conditions of the country go on changing from situation to situation and the public in general always needs an attention to their day to day problems like every day increasing cost of usables particularly the eatables but a well coined reply they get every time they raise their voice in this direction that it is all because of developmental activities which can't be helped. Development is a factor that should be visible in consonance with the tax burden on public which

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hardly happens. Every now and then new ministers are inducted into the cabinet which in real terms is normally not necessarily to attend to the tasks of public interest but to appease certain particular individuals or the groups more utilisable from elections point of view. Ministers are too costly a burden in terms of the monthly emoluments they now draw, the enormous size of their perquisites and above all a large scale security provided to them. To be candid, security is some thing that is more needed by the common men in present day atmosphere of anarchy, loot, kidnapping,murders and all kinds of terror visible every where. Why provide Y+ or Z+ security to a selected lot? Why not manage a security system that helps all in the country? Election based activities may be of interest to those in power but certainly not the common people in the country.

Skins for Laptop

Many a people suffer from the notion that laptops are like typewriter to be used just for composing a draft and that there is nothing beyond typing letters in capital or underlining a portion or portions of the script. Doesn't it sound like driving a car with a bullock cart methodology. Laptops are an ultra mode of giving one's thoughts a tangible shape through meaningful scripts capable of speaking for themselves duly supported by designs and graphics making the work captivatingly interesting generating a source of attraction to the readers of the document. Nice skins abundantly available on the website make the job as easy as it was never before. Large scale choices on skins are quite capable of doubling the efficiency on computer operation as a better skin on screen inspiringly acts like operators own image reflected with a note of satiation. Quality oriented skins available on this site are the ones that are anti scratches and with thousands of designs to choose from from movies, greeneries, flags of the world, outdoor locations to entertainment and congregations. Using scotchprint graphics 3M Logo renders a great photoquality that makes the skin doubly eye catching. A laptop laden with better quality skins on multifarious topics works not just as a machine but very much as a source of an animated inspiration both for those who work on it and those who are at the receiving end. A bald screen sans a skin with appeal fails to go beyond a monotonous functionality with no taste in work.Laptop skins

Sunday, 10 February 2008

An irritating a gimmick

Blogging could be a fun for many, yet for many it is a committed perseverance with a zeal to undertake positive writings based on varying topics on a sober note. True, one has to resort to writing for commercial reasons where again the writer is not supposed to compromise necessary ethics he has to follows as a writer. Bloggers are many a times confronted with lot of irritating queries by the providers of space for the purpose. The tone and tenor they use is that of a master talking to his subordinate with a hidden threat, at times openly too, to ban the blog. I am a free lancer taking up various topics on society, culture, politics, current affairs, sports, art of living, metaphysics and adventures and after working on the job for the last several years I am just abruptly asked for a one word specific category for the blog as a whole. Looks so funny as to how several categories can be consolidated and abbreviated to one single name but they are the people who adamantly stick to their point not allowing the site to be opened unless it is done. They behave so well and sweet when mobilizing you to have membership with them as a postie but things chance tremendously after getting enrolled with them. They never reply to the queries raised by the bloggers, howsoever importantly urgent they are from completing a blog point of view unless it has some thing of a direct interest to them. I have about half a dozen regular blog sites and one who writes can well imagine how difficult it is to maintain such a number with write-ups without bigger interruptions. Their features do permit writing for number of site providers but the same is not relished by them with the result that a clash starts on the site itself –one discouraging the other resorting to rejecting the articles on some manufactured ground or the other. While denying acceptance of an article on some routine technical ground, some of them use a blunt email containing 'your post is rejected' giving an impression as if the postie is deprived of a big favour. Why can't they use somewhat soft a word for this like 'not approved' or 'resubmit' ofcourse giving brief details of non-acceptance of the post. The petty sum they offer for the write-ups looks at times to be too costly when measured in terms of self respect of a writer.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Casino games at their best

Text Link Ads Let it not be just a casino game online, this should rather be a game with dexterity and necessary guidelines are sumptuously provided online on the website like . Gambling, gaming and enjoying casino by one who is conversant with the art gives entirely a different taste to the player(s) as against the one who continues to remain just a layman in the field. Then, why not enjoy the game in a fullest possible measure when a sufficiently self explained literature on the subject is available at length on the instant website alongwith required supplementaries for numerous casinos online like for Sun Palace or for Europa Casino . The list of casinos listed on the website is abundantly so rich that it is damn easy for the player(s) to select the types they so prefer to opt based on their individual taste. Choice basket is so big that selection of the game is much easier than it was ever before. The site contains necessary guidelines for beginners and required online gamblingtips for all which make the game enjoyably casino

Friday, 8 February 2008

Relevance of agitations

Psychologically human mind is bound to react with agitation the moment there is some thing that doesn't suit a person. It is a phenomenon most used to register violent protests. Agitational approach being most common for the trade unions the world over,they go for it as a normal tool to secure redressal of their grievances or say the grievances of the workmen whom they represent.Initially this sort of approach started on a positive note but assumed entirely a different shape with passage of time.Now that entire atmosphere is fully politicalised, there are instances reported every now and then that agitations are resorted to pressure the government or say the managements with some hidden agenda or the other. Mahatma Gandhi was of the opinion that workers must have right and capacity to agitate and even resort to strike mode of it but this should not be necessary for them to use these tools as this is more important to possess a weapon without going for it just as a matter of fun.Role of unions is supposed to have its orientation in the welfare of the people they represent and using this platform for purposes other than workers interest should infact be not permissible.Agitations and protests for a genuine cause relating to the employees are many a times a dire need and this need need not be diverted to some other directions.Managements discourage agitations for their own reasons without in any way caring for the workforce. This role has infact tobe played by the unions and if they too, like it is happening in many cases, start behaving the way managements do, they virtually lose their right to exist as such.Convictionally, agitations are most powerful a tool towards redressal of grievance but quite vulnerably it loses its sanctity the moment it is misused.

Furniture that is soothingly appealing

Nothing can be more refreshing than a beautifully furnished home equipped with an eye catching furniture decoratively placed. Back home, a tired mind after working hard the whole day needs a solaceful envirnment which a nice furniture is capable of giving as this happens to be the first thing in the house to be glanced upon. Furniture alone may not do, what counts more is a better furniture possessing the capacity of arousing a sense of satiation and leisure. Lying in a pensive mood I so keenly love tobe in a bed or stretch my legs free styled reclining on an elegant sofa
with a nicely fitted furniture all around. The site contains enumerations with display of most attractively eye catching pictures of an elegant furniture most convincingly appealing to the extent that any viewer finds the temptation for them just irresistible. The quality and the kinds of furniture so elaborated are quite enough to meet the dreamful imagination one may have for them -be it bed room, living room or drawing room or be it a sofa or dinette setsl- all give a superb look with a most captivating impression.
teen bedroom

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Is share marketing only a gambling?

Share dealings are a quite a normal feature now involving much bigger a number of people in the game. Gambling has been known as a vice for centuries and almost in every country in the world it has been in vogue in some form or the other. The current generation had no reasons to resist the temptation of enjoying this game but, like it has happened in many cases, they quite conveniently chose to change the very definition of it. They started telling, and it has since been accepted by the society, that share trading is most scientific a method of work and is very much a business which reason is enough to take it out away from gambling. They also say that share trading involves lot many calculations and precautions working out various strategies on business. The question they are not able to answer is that there is nothing new in calculations nor the precautions are different as similar modus operandi is equally applied in gambling too. Vital difference ofcourse is there on one count -the pivotal role share trading plays in causing an enormous impact on financial situatiion of the country is colossal. Gambling having been confined to a limited extent where certain selected few were involved in the game and total money or commodity involved in the deal was shared amongs the players only, some gaining and some losing. It hardly had any overall impact on market conditions locally or at the country level. There is however another view point in this context that by redefining the gambling as something reasoning based is not going to change the most common element of earning money with hard physical labour. Money earned through share trading is actually a chance gain and the result of toiling tough like a labour does in the fields or a worker performs in the industries. The apparent manifestation of share marketing does continue still to suffer from the tag that it is only gambling.

Right kind of Webhosting

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Monday, 4 February 2008

Burning Bombay

Mumbai has been virtually burning for the last one week with strifes and atrocities perpetrated on innocent people. Is it not that the lust for power on the part of the big bullies in politics is behind all this. So called leaders aspiring always to get noticed by a largest possible group of people indulge in such activities which is a matter of nothing but shame. Who are these people who prefer violence over peaceful methods? They are the people who neither care for the society nor hesitate in securing upper hand over others by applying pressure tactics. They are virtually sophisticated goondas disrupting peace and harmony. Entire episode relates to regionalism which acted as the bone of contention leading to a sort of blood bath in the streets of Mumbai with locals identifying others from different states, say mainly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, branding them as outsiders and beating them mercilessly. If it was a taxi driver, he was first asked to show his vehicle papers and on knowing through those papers that the person concerned was not a Maharashtrian he was chosen as a fit case to be thrashed and terrorised. In today's world when Vasudhev kutumbakam is most popular a slogan every where, what relevance the maniacs may have in bifurcating the people on regional bias. Just abnoxious and condemnable an attitude it is. Why doesn't a Bombayite realise that if similar treatment is meted out to him when he goes to other states what will happen. Like that if any one goes from one place to other, whosoever he may be, what sort of behaviour he may expect from 'outsiders' who in their regions are very much insiders. Moreover, regionalism is a draconian factor which is not confined just to states alone, it very often applies city to city, locality to locality and above all caste to caste. There can be no case of pardon for the people who committed and led such atrocities in Mumbai and they are the ones who deserve nothing less than a capital punishment capable of letting the goons realise that if they attack others, others can doubly react.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Disregarding a chance

Call it luck or give it some other name when an opportunity comes your way and you either don't take notice of it or just ignore and disregard it. Such a behaviour only compels a person to feel that possibly luck is the factor that works in different situations. Returning from a long outing by train, I had to take a bus from the railway station to join my new assignment in a remote rural area where I could reach in odd hours around 3am. It was shivering cold of a chilly winter. When I got down from the bus I noticed a beggar covering himself with a rotten blanket haggardly stretching his palms for some alms hardly getting any response from the passengers. I felt moved and offered him a one rupee coin which in those days was enough for a cup of tea with some eatables. He got angry and, fiercely gazing at me, started hurling his choicest abuses on me throwing away the coin I gave him into the bushes nearby. Unable to make out as to what could be the reason that caused him so much of provocation to behave this way I opted to keep quiet. Shivering and crying he was non stop continuing his abuses on me. He got further furious when I tried to ask him politely the reason of his anger. He roared at me telling 'you guys take pleasure in insulting the beggars. Why can't you fellows give me atleast a five rupee note?. I was shocked on this kind of a reaction on his part. I was told by some locals that he behaved like this with every body and whatever money he is asking for is not to be used for a cup of tea or some breads, instead it was to purchase some wine. I was also told that for days together he doesn't take any food but can't live without wine. The whole day and even thereafter I felt engrossed in thinking whom to blame for this. Possibly none excepting himself as it was he to direct a system to his life and no body else. Others could only assist him but if the assistance so offered was not accepted in a proper direction, what else others could be expected to do. Branding such a state of living as a matter of luck can't be justified as the terms if very often used as an excuse only. Luck is one phenomenon and no intentional lethargy or inaction on the part of an individual can be taken at par with it.