Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ecstasy as it flows from a recognition:

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Recognition could be a ritual, it is exhilarating too irrespective of whether it is big or small. It is an individual feature full in its capacity to enlivingly relax a person. Surfing my email on date I had a message from PayPerPost recognizing me as an 'outstanding PPP postie'. Apparently not so much a big thing but big it was intrinsically. I have had several recognition in the past, some of them being grand ones and my thinking all along on this has been somewhat different -different not in any otherwise manner but from the view point that recognitions are not the matters tobe measured in terms of scale. Big or small, recognitions are to be valued by the receipent in terms of the very spirit behind them. Numbering in several hundreds, I was accorded felicitations, some of them in gold within my country and abroad. Everytime it was done it was most exceedingly a happy occasion for me. This again not because the felicitation document contained a rich vocabulary of words of praise for me but mainly because of the amount of love and affection the people had for me which was always manifest on their glowing faces. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India used to call me a 'computer luminary' in my meetings with him. This too was something to touch my heart not because the Prime Minister of India was recognizing me as such but certainly because it was something much enough on a personal note. When National Award for Excellence on freelance journalism was given to me twice by the All India Freelance Journalists Association, Chennai, the media wanted my reaction. My reply to them was that a mere award on a glossy piece of paper was not that counted for me, what counted most was that it was a great token of realisation and love from those who awarded me. Be it an Award or be it a recognition, their value lies if they are there as true manifestation of reality and not like something politically managed as many a people do. Recognition by PayPerPost is equally received by me quite in a heart felt measure. Thanks to them although I think at times that the word 'thanks' is very often not enough to convey the gratitude in the same measure as it is realised and felt.

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