Friday, 29 February 2008

Ignore them not !

How correct Milton was when he wrote '...they also serve who stand and wait' and characterastics of such a saying is not something confined to any time frame, it holds as good today as it was when so said. Down below the upper strata in society, the bigger number is that of the people suffering in many ways. Milton himself becoming blind in later years of his life depending solely on his wife for his writings -writing like 'Paradise lost' and 'Paradise regained' had a brooding realising that there could be many suffering from some handicap or the other crippling their functionality element and feeling helpless. When he wrote these lines in 'On his blindness', it was actually for himself and by penning them down he not only consoled himself but gave a  message to all the people that in whatever form a man is placed he is capable of managing the work some way or the other. The only aspect that matters much is that one should have necessary will to remain alive to his tasks. Besides natural setbacks, there are the types of handicap which are in several cases man made only like rules are made to look helpful on the surface towards supporting the people but at the level of implementation they fail. A government frames the rules, say on compensation, but at implementation level they are a flop for the reasons that channels and agencies involved in the process are not honest and sincere enough and the result is that the consumers suffer miserably. The system very much needs to get remedied ofcourse possible only when the people concerned themselves generate necessary interest coupled with the required zeal to form a strong will for the purpose.

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