Thursday, 7 February 2008

Is share marketing only a gambling?

Share dealings are a quite a normal feature now involving much bigger a number of people in the game. Gambling has been known as a vice for centuries and almost in every country in the world it has been in vogue in some form or the other. The current generation had no reasons to resist the temptation of enjoying this game but, like it has happened in many cases, they quite conveniently chose to change the very definition of it. They started telling, and it has since been accepted by the society, that share trading is most scientific a method of work and is very much a business which reason is enough to take it out away from gambling. They also say that share trading involves lot many calculations and precautions working out various strategies on business. The question they are not able to answer is that there is nothing new in calculations nor the precautions are different as similar modus operandi is equally applied in gambling too. Vital difference ofcourse is there on one count -the pivotal role share trading plays in causing an enormous impact on financial situatiion of the country is colossal. Gambling having been confined to a limited extent where certain selected few were involved in the game and total money or commodity involved in the deal was shared amongs the players only, some gaining and some losing. It hardly had any overall impact on market conditions locally or at the country level. There is however another view point in this context that by redefining the gambling as something reasoning based is not going to change the most common element of earning money with hard physical labour. Money earned through share trading is actually a chance gain and the result of toiling tough like a labour does in the fields or a worker performs in the industries. The apparent manifestation of share marketing does continue still to suffer from the tag that it is only gambling.
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