Saturday, 23 February 2008

An apology of developments

A talk or a stunt, development is something that is a reference every where in India. Be it a general market or market dealing in stocks, no subject ends without talking on developmental activities in our country. What these activities really are? Are they visible or are they physically appearing at any place. Answer appears to be 'no' only if viewed in real physical terms on the surface. Soaring prices? Government's reply is it is because of development. Why law and order situation is out of control? The administration says they are busy in adhering to developmental process. Why police refuses to even record a FIR (First information Repot)? When questioned as such the oft repeated answer of the police is that they have instructions not to record them, obviously for the reason that administration has to keep their statistics on crimes at the lowest possible level. An eminent economist as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself is, he never gets tired fo telling that rate of inflation is within control. It is a different matter that the figures available for the purpose speak just otherwise. Why there are no roads or why the roads wherever they are are not maintained to a proper usable level? The reply from the state governments every where is that there are no funds. It is a different matter that every now and then they are for adding a bogey of ministers to their cabinet involving enomously a huge expenditure. If honestly there any measure taken on developments with a physical manifestation, public of the country has no reason to be any defaulter on that count. Any non implementable assurance is nothing but meaningless. Barren talks on development only amount to an apology of it.
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