Sunday, 17 February 2008

Stretching it too far

New, super new, extra new and ultra new are the coinages to denote a catchy note of modernisation. Never mind if the very culture changes or the history is reversed. Great mythologies too are no exception where very original scipt is subjected to alterations neither relevant nor convincing in any manner. Ram Charitra Manas is a great epic written by Goswami Tulsidas. Goswami Tulsidas was not only a great poet but a great devotee to Lord Ram, Lord Shiva and Bajrangbali Hanuman too. 'Hanumanbahuk' is the book exclusively written on Lord Hanuman by Tulsidas. The champions of modernity thought there must be some change in the original themes according to the taste of the current generation. They had no scope to bring in any new change and the only way was to introduce some thing novel by artificially inducting some thing. Every where in all books including those on mythologies, Lord Ram is picturesed as the creator of the Universe with Veer Hanuman as one of his close lieutenants. The newly manufactured is now that Lord Hanuman was himself a king and that he used to conduct his durbars where Lord Ram used to appear as one in the audience just as a fariyadi. It is infact the height of a nonsense. Vedic religion is too liberal to accommodate conflicting views on any subject allowing its critics all possible avenues to give vent to their feelings but instances of the type where the very concept behind a theme of an epic are the ones tobe discouraged as it amounts to blasphemy and is unpardonable. Every day is a new day and so are things in nature but such a phenomenon can never grant freedom to any body to tell a bundle of lies manufacturing an ill truth to support voice on modernisation.Such ridiculous ventures are just meant for an outright rejection by the people.

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