Sunday, 17 February 2008

A swim with the dreams:

Dreams are a reality, they are not just something tobe brushed aside as mere imaginations, they are infact the very source of what finally emerges as tangibly visible a material. There is nothing on earth which at some stage or the other was not conceived. Those who ignore dreams as a phenomenon utopian sans any reality are not correct. Dreams are a plinth of what finally takes the shape of an identifiable truth.Facts are an offshoot of dreams only. It so happens very often that dreams are more relishable than reality. You think of a beautiful face and then abruptly come across some one howling at you with shrieks and the contrast acts so annoying to you. Your rapport with dreams is manageable and can be directed in a manner that suits your faculties. What may be difficult for

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you to acquire in physical terms can well be managed with dreams. How it is that many of love marriages are a flop within a short span of time gap after marriage is over. This is actually result of a clash between what you thought and what you got. What you tangibly got turned out tobe not what you had imaginably worked out. The saying of the sages that a person has to remain in the confines of the surrounding limitations is based on the very concept that source of disappointments lies where imagination is in conflict with physical reality.Quite a long time back I used to read with interest a picture serial in a reputed daily depicting adventures of Garth while helping the lead fairy character fighting the evil. She starts feeling that she is in love with Garth which she was not supposed to. She goes to Garth who was in sleep lying by the river side transmitting him a dream message with the contents that she was thankful to him for the help that he extended to her and that she was now leaving for the reason that in her capacity as an angel to fight the evil she couldn't afford falling in loving with humans beyond interaction in dreams. She left. Swim with the dreams is without any prejudice on material objects and is cherishable by a mind unpossessed of any vice or sodidness.

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