Thursday, 21 February 2008

Honesty and ethics

Big bullies or small fries, all have or say are supposed to have some minimum sense of ethics both on personal counts and business wise. In reality it hardly happens. Defaulters are mainly the big bullies. Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh gets rich pamperings because it happens to be the constituency of Sonia Gandhi and so is Amethi as people there elected Rahul Gandhi for the Parliament. Saharanpur again in Uttar Pradesh is bestowed with plenty of favours because that is an area belonging to Mayawati, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. Even their juniors in their capacity as some minister or the other in their cabinet or even MLAs and MPs have no reason to lag behind. They are to see that there is no electricity failure in their areas come what may in the case of common people. There is nothing bad in doing good to the people of ones own constituency but this has not to  mean that others are to suffer on that count. Doing good to the people and doing good only to the people of a chosen area are two different things. Elected representatives are normally elected for a particular constituency as a whole and never for a section of people there. Then why this discrimination? Mulayam Singh in his capacity as the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh diverted huge funds for in the name of development to his village Shefai in Etawah providing hospitals, stadium, air strip and number of educational institutions. Does it mean that all these developmental activities are the prerogatives of certain coterie of the people and a common man is not be bothered at all? Such sort of a serious anomaly in functionality of the administration is highly questionable and needs tobe curbed. Welfare of the public in general should honestly be the slogan for the biggies and if they have a smallest possible sense of their dignity and honour they have but to behave with an ethics that befits their status as the real representative of the people.

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