Monday, 17 April 2017

Paradise regained:

Writings of a writer count much  to him and his basic anxiety is to retain them for a longest possible time some way or the other. So was it to me when I found that one of my five blogs with Google ''Destination'' was missing from my laptop. I got much worried as it contained most important narratives as from me and also several historical events. Now that it is restored, I feel a sigh of relief. I do share the like of 'Paradise Regained' by Milton after his 'Paradise Lost'. I am thankful to Google.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Internet technology turns 45 years:

The sensation of the world as it is, Internet technology is now 45 years old, say around 16480 days. Imagine the days when there was no computer technology available and compare it with the scenario it has brought in work culture as a great revolution nothing short of a full scale magic. This also completes 25 years when the World Wide Web (www) was born to the amazement of every one in this world. Now that it is in a full fledged operation touching the pinnacles of modus operandi on work culture, the present day generation has every reason to have a feel of stupefied amazement when they are told as to what the world was without internet technology. In fact the wonders it has created in every field of developmental activities in the world as a whole gives it a fit case to commemorate its inception as a compulsory annual festival all over the world.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prime Minister Modi only imitating Congress?

Whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims boastfully as his achievements are only the offshoots of the earlier government of UPA, says Sonia Gandhi, the Congress high command. Looks like a joke when people draw a comparison between what was done by the UPA and what is being done by NDA. You ask a common man and he spontaneously talks about fuel prices that as against every now and then increase in fuel prices in the name of oil crisis earlier, now they are successively reduced for the first time in India after Modi became the Prime Minister of the country. She also ruthlessly blames Modi for creating a havoc for the people of the country saying:
  • “What he (Modi) gained in the US is not yet known. But the poor people of India are paying a heavy price as he has granted a huge price hike for essential drugs to directly benefit the US drug manufacturers”.
In fact what Sonia Gandhi says is not comprehensible to Indian consumer, he rather has seen and experienced only reduction in drug prices twice in the recent past as declared by the present government. What is actually most ridiculous is that politics in India is more practiced in a free styled manner than in a manner that is logic and reasoning based. Let there be a debate with reasons and the overall scenario would emerge to surface with a clear picture of pluses after Modi joined the power and the minuses that obtained during the time of the earlier government. It would been actually a major crisis for the country if there was really any imitation of what used to be done by the earlier government.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Share market –a dodgingly deceptive trend:

Not necessary that if index goes higher it benefits every trader as it is the outcome of only certain selected shares going up with others either remaining stranded or losing margins in the lower directions. Two days before closure of the last week Sensex and Nifty both showed higher trends but the week ending with last Friday it closed at Sensex -339.90 and Nifty -100.60 with a heavy setback to majority of shares. The overall index moved more downward than upward with a touch of volatility giving no chance to even those who deal only in index. Political scenario in the country viewed with a closer look with the governmental mechanism concertedly concentrating on developmental activities, what is expected of the Indian share market is stable growth in its dealings which is blatantly lacking. Which miracle the share market is looking for to boost up its activities is a big question mark.

Friday, 10 October 2014

How relevant it is to adopt a village?

Development is there, there is more of it and yet there it is with a special focus. Obviously a place so adopted for the purpose falls in the category of development with a special focus. Varanasi being the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi there are showers of gifts to it on a bumper scale, the latest being adoption of a village there by him. There is a big list of proposals for the purpose but the guess is that choice may finally fall on the villages like Rohania or Sewapuri or may be the Prime Minister Modi comes out with a last minute surprise by putting his stamp on some other village. By virtue of himself being the Prime Minister of India, in fact the whole country stands adopted by him and any amount of extra favours extended to a particular place may amount to pick and choose, hence not relevant.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lest it is not confined to this alone:

Economic ties between America and India have all along been a crucial affair and continue to remain so even after the deal between Obama and Modi is duly stamped as the things have to be watched in the context of its physical implementation in tangible terms. Indian Prime Minister Modi is hailed for garnering an investment as from America to India to the tune of $41 billion in next three years. There is a point when the opposition criticises the deal saying that it is sans procurements on other crucially important points and that the  deal of $41 billion actually works out only to 20% of it but they are ignoring the factor that issues between the two countries can’t be supposed to be sorted out merely as a matter of one time deal and the whole process is required to perpetuate. Modi does deserve accolades for setting the ball rolling securing what was best possible in one go.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Why so much of a hurry?

Hurry for every thing, none has time ‘to stay and stare’, all are in a race competing with one another wearing uneasiness on their face and none is found ever at ease. What a changed world is this? Peace is lacking on all fronts –be it a matter of domestic precincts or an atmosphere in some office or the other. Developments are a boon to the social fabric of the system but as every thing has its side effects in an adverse order, developments too have it in plenty. You switch on your TV to glance over important news but the hyper speed with which they are telecast makes it too cumbersome a process as before you catch a headline it disappears replaced by another in a sequence which too passes on before you are able to make some head or tail about it. Where are gone the days when people used to see a news channel at ease with comfiture grasping the contents wholesome. Developing economy has the characteristic of providing ultra modern facilities but at a cost, the peace of mind.