Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lest it is not confined to this alone:

Economic ties between America and India have all along been a crucial affair and continue to remain so even after the deal between Obama and Modi is duly stamped as the things have to be watched in the context of its physical implementation in tangible terms. Indian Prime Minister Modi is hailed for garnering an investment as from America to India to the tune of $41 billion in next three years. There is a point when the opposition criticises the deal saying that it is sans procurements on other crucially important points and that the  deal of $41 billion actually works out only to 20% of it but they are ignoring the factor that issues between the two countries can’t be supposed to be sorted out merely as a matter of one time deal and the whole process is required to perpetuate. Modi does deserve accolades for setting the ball rolling securing what was best possible in one go.

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