Saturday, 25 October 2008

So typical as they are !

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Google's Page Ranking tool is a phenomenon that suits many and equally hurts many. It remains a secret as to how they apply their modus operandi in determining the rank of a particular site. The affected lot are mostly the bloggers who toil hard to prepare their writeups on different topics expecting a better rank so that their  blog gets popularised. There are lucky ones who get a better ranking and equally there are writers who either get no notice or are ranked negatively. Reason? Difficult to ascertain as they hardly entertain any questions or queries on that count. I am a writer having number of blogs to place my posts on varying subjects. One of such blogs is with itself known as Google's own blog site. It was ranked 4, reduced to 3 and subsequently reduced further to 1. The more it progressed volume wise the more it was slashed down rank wise. My other  blog site with then with the readership of around 1800 was accorded rank 4 and by the time it reached 11,000+ I was expecting much better a rank. To my utter chagrin it was reduced to 2. Basis and the reason? I don't know. Applying my guess I just thought that the reason might be some sort of duplication as I quite innocently had a feeling when I started blogging that whatever I write is my property and I can use the same any where I like with the result that some of my posts were simultaneously used in my different sites but it was all quite in the beginning which practice I stopped long back presuming that may be it was something irregular although none had pointed it out to me. How surprising it is that initially when I used my posts with their reproduction on different sites of my own I hadd a higher rank and when I fully corrected myself on that count just on my own guess, my rank was blatantly reduced like my site with with rank 4 with readership of around 1800 and rank 2 with a readership of 11,000+. I quite realise there is no point in crying in the wilderness but treatment of this sort is certainly so much demoralising to the writers in general.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Virtually a chaos ?

The way stock market stands shattered now is virtually a chaos. Reduced to a level of destitutes there are thousands hankering for some support or the other. Sensex dragged down to a level below 10,000 sounds so devastating that investors both big and small find it just difficult to recover from the shock of damage. Although this is something that happened earlier too nearly a year and half back, this time it was too much of a dismay in the sense that it was a shock in deep sequence with running jolts one after the other giving them no gap to breathe. The masters monitoring Indian economy are not tired of boasting that it is all fully under control, inflation encouragingly shows a downward trend and so does oil market but then what are the factors that render all controls resultless. Is it really a sabotage as indicated by heads of several states including President of America? If so, how come they are unable to curb the manipulations? The very thought that the menace may aggravate further is highly terrifying and may virtually drag many an investors to the point of starvation. An investor calling on me was virtually in tears telling that his investment of 5 lakhs during last six months is reduced to merely 12% of its value, an instance that may apply to thousands of people.

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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Each move counts

Many a lessons and many a sermons on yoga and other physical exercises are there in plenty with no dearth of multifarious devices and modes for the purpose. Well, it is ideal if one is able to acquire proficiency in different forms of disciplining physical activities but it doesn't denote that no result is possible unless a person is thoroughly proficient in various exercise modes. One may just begin with a zero level of knowledge in the field. Physical system in itself is a workshop that enables a person to most leisurely direct his/her own curriculum generating activities. Doing nothing and still doing so much is the very nature of the Man. Sleeping, keeping awake, eating, talking, moving, smiling, laughing, playing and the likes are the activities essentially associated with any living being. Discipline these activities just moderately with a total compromise with your own body system and the harmony it generates is soothing and refreshing. Sleep is a bliss but you can't force it on you. You have to earn it with the simple process of taking things easy without any strain on your mental faculties. Every body eats but every body does not relish. Food stuff is not to be galloped, it is rather to be chewed and swallowed with ease which process not only enhances taste but doubles its energy properties. Walking is necessary but is not to be confused with strolling. Some people go on longer brisky walks after meals which is not advisable as it disturbs the system but can prove quite useful if it is done after a gap of atleast an hour after food intake. Limited strolling on a moderate note after meals is OK. Water intake during meals or immediately after it does not support the system but is advisable say half an hour later. Food intake apart, gaps in different activities play a vital role on health angle. Items being the same, their properties work differently depending upon the gaps in them. A well maintained cycle of actional gaps is a sure way to a better health and fitness.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Man proposes someone else disposes

Trading is not a pastime, it is the need, the need for sustentation, the need for earning some livelihood measure or the other. One of the latest modes in this direction is trading in shares, the kind of business not that popular in olden days. Today it appears as if the entire world is engrossed in this business. There are traders and also advisers, consultants, experts and specialists to advise as to how sumptuous earnings can be made overnight. Go by them and it looks like earning money and more money is just damn easy which phenomenon, when tested in practice, proves catastrophic only. Looks like the entire world bleeds profusely on that count currently, nay for quite a long time. Globally different governments are all helpless. No dearth of advices still but there is none that works. There are investors committing suicide, there are tens of thousands rendered jobless, there are yet millions facing starvations. 'Be bold, invest with a lion's heart courageouly, jo dar gaya woh mar gaya' is the advice appearing on TV as a routine feature. Adventurists on this count are the worst sufferers. Where are such advisers now? A well known expert on CNBC gave most rosy a picture nearly three weeks before announcing that it is now the dawn of the golden days and that days ahead are now to deliver boons in terms of monetary benefits in stock trading like it happened in the past. False. Nothing happened. What actually happened is just a chaos, a catastrophy, a doom. Looks like in situations like this man is just helpless and none is capable of knowing or pronouncing correctly as to what is there in store to occur. Is it that we see the monster with its wide open jaws in front of us to devour us with none traceable to rescue?