Sunday, 31 August 2014

Economy growth in India on a 2 year record high:

It certainly makes a heartening news if Indian economy registers some considerable growth at a point and this has happened in the case of April-June quarter this year, a question of rarity normally. Thanks to Prime Minister Modi for a laudable outcome. This growth by 5.7% for the quarter is significant and is likely to boost up developmental activities further. This is mainly attributed by manufacturing and mining sectors in the country. Viewed from consumers point, the reduction in petrol rates by another Rs.1.82 a litre in series in a way coupled with announcements on the front of various projects by the government further boosts up the morale of the people in general. Share market has shown an increasing trend in its index though in a meagre measure with stagnancy and volatility during the last week but capable of setting a tendency towards the market rising upward in days to come to the benefit of the traders in different disciplines. All taken together, the scenario looks like adding tangibility to the much talked of the slogan of “Achhey din aaney waley hain” which may give a chance to the public in general to owe necessary gratitude to the government in power.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Saif Ali Khan on girlfriends:

People are free to form their views and so is Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan to express himself on a topic like relations with girl friends in general or on a particular case. He was candid enough with a particular reference in his mind while expressing like this:
  • “Let us say like, virat Kohli, if his girl friend is with him, I don’t know –I would like to think it’s not a distraction. A person involved with someone is going to think about them anyway”
There is in fact no point in taking exception of girl friend(s) along which has become most common a factor particularly with reference to Cricket these days when even cheer girls are free to storm from pavilion to the play ground like honey bees. Indian culture has a past when activities like this were never thought of but the time wave has changed its direction tremendously  adopting a neo culture that permits every damn thing on earth. No exceptions need be taken of the affairs like this and the people should better reconcile to the social changes which are taking place in a bumper measure –be it a matter of girl friends or cheer girls or even things beyond all that.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Why depression in women is more common?

Inaugurated by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, a BJP M.P., the other day in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India), a medical event took place where doctors of eminence participated in debate on medicinal issues. Dr. P.K. Dalal of King George Medical University, Lucknow, opined that depression is twice as common among women than men. Almost all the doctors in the meet were of an unanimous view that self medication is always hazarduous and the patients have to refrain from so doing. The very factor as to why tendency towards depression is more in the case of women compared to men was, however, not discussed with an adequate elaboration shedding necessary light on the malady. Emotionally women tend to be hyper sensitive and that is one reason why they take even trivial most issues more seriously which in turn becomes the cause for a perpetual sort of strain and tension resulting into depression after a certain gap of time. This is an area which needs serious attention of those who are running the administration of health and medicines and requires to be given a top priority peremptorily.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Share market–a tilt of surging ahead but stagnant:

Lack as it does for quite some time the share market has a tilt of surging ahead but is moving stagnantly with traders being at a fix on their transactions. Even as on date the index shows a higher trend but major part of shares are suffering from a decline indicating that the upward trend is confined to certain selected shares. This is time for the traders to deal in shares on a selected basis without acting as free stylers. The very likelihood appears to be for the market to go ahead upward in the near future but the chances of volatility in between can’t be ruled out.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Soaring prices–business hawks are on a loot:

More than a month back a news was published in this very blog as per the relative link …. highlighting certain relaxations announced by the government in relation to certain specified drugs mainly including those relating to diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailment. It was more than a month back but the business tycoons dealing in drugs continue to act as a major hurdle even as on date. They are still charging the higher rates applicable earlier on the pretext that they have not yet received any official instruction for the purpose. They are telling a lie as they are the same persons who implemented increased rates immediately they were announced by some quarter or the other in the past including the quarters not at all recognised in the context. In fact it is these hawks in the business who are responsible for soaring prices who just bother three hoots even if there are necessary directions as from the government. The need for the government is to first fix the high handedness on the part of the drug mafias and the tycoons dealing in other commodities before issuing directives aimed at reducing the prices to bring the market to a normal, or at least near normal, level with the element of compatibility with consumers.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

What is there in designing a blog?

A relation of mine and a vociferous reader of my blogs asked me as to how I make changes in the look of my blog posts and why so frequently. In fact every blog post has its own personality and the very get up of it speaks volumes for itself. I have been changing the look of my blogs off and on with a view to keep it not only feasibly legible but also from the view point of its impact on the readers who normally prefer a well knit display of the contents. Some of the people might take it as an exercise of a cynic but there are many who never relish a stagnant sort of a style with a fixed getup. This too is a reason for me to keep changing the very look of a post from time to time to match the taste and inclination of the readers. While going through the posts of my followers I very often observe that some of them are so clumsy to the point of a boredom that the readers do the surfing merely as a ritual sans much of an interest. A well drafted writeup wearing a look of neatness is what interests a reader and this feature always warrants to be adhered to, more so when the blog is soothingly well designed, hence this awesome exercise. Hopefully this matches the taste of my valued readers.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Squeezing the patience of customers:

It’s a broad day loot rampant all around these days with the competition amongst the looters as to who can squeeze a customer the most in the matter of charges. The scenario is worst in the case of medical practitioners irrespective of the discipline which they belong to –allopathy, ayurvedic, homoeopathy or even unani. The great thing is that all of them are getting a sumptuous number of customer patients which amply shows that there is no dearth of money at all at their level. Dental surgeons have a typical way of charging their fee. For treatment of a solitary tooth they charge for three on the logic that the adjoining teeth too form the requisite base. How funny? Requisite base is entirely a secondary basis impliedly linked with any tooth otherwise and there can be no logic in charging for it. If one tooth is damaged and requires to be treated or removed why the hell the adjoining tooth be charged for nothing. The most unreasonable side of it is that if the charges for treating one tooth is say Res.3,000/ the amount charged is 9,000/ (1 tooth+2 adjoining teeth by its right and left side). This is a sheer loot and a heinous practice like this on the part of the dentist doctor requires to be arrested peremptorily in the interest of the patients.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to start a day?

I was reading Amandeep Kaur, a life coach, in a daily and feel like recording an extract of her writeup that inspired me much. If one feels concerned with his/ her health and wellness, the advice so contained in the extract is worth following and the readers of this blog can take full advantage of it as a matter of awareness and a meaningful pointer in day today life of every one. The extract under reference is reproduced below:

“How we start our day sets the tone for the entire day. When we begin our day with a grateful heart, contemplating the greatness within and around us, its fragrance spreads throughout the day. Taking out some time for ourself, in the first hour, is time well invested. It could be just a few minutes of quiet time, focussing our mind in meditation or being one with nature looking at lush green trees, the blue sky, chirping birds and breathing all in.”

Friday, 15 August 2014

Bharat Ratna for Major Dhyan Chand:

Much awaited and most coveted an honour at the national level in India is now quite likely to be conferred on late Major Dhyan Chand of Jhansi (29 August’ 1905 to Decemer 3’1979). This ‘Hockey Wizard’ was the one who deserved it most. In fact his name was clubbed with that of Sachin Tendular last time but the latter superseded him. Now that the proposal is cleared by the concerned ministry and it has to elicit the nod of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi before it goes to the President of India for his final approval, it can be taken for granted that Major Dhyan Chand becomes a Bharat Ratna. Known well for his nationalistic approach one can fully expect the Prime Minister Modi to vehemently put his nod in the matter. Lovers of games and sports all over the country, nay the world, must be feeling overjoyed with this news. Hockey was in  veins and blood of Dhyan Chand and a friend of mine who was by his bed side when he was breathing his last recalls that even in those moments he was murmuring notes on hockey. He was the one who is immortal in the history of sports. Long live Major Dhyan Chand in the memory of the people of the country and the whole world.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A beeline for airlines operations:

One can now easily see some developmental activity or the other in quick succession in India under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in various fields and this equally applies to activities in civil aviation. No doubt there are instances of a collapse in the case of a few airlines like King Fisher, there are several ones that have entered the field afresh each competing tough mainly with reference to fare charges. Vistara is the latest addition the operation of which is to have a take off sometimes in the month of next October this year. The question is whether increase in number of airlines is going to be a matter of relief for the air passengers in the matter of fare. It looks possible on the face of the fact that any tough sort of a competition is always bound to lower the rates with mushrooming of the carriers and that applies well to all the airlines. Let us wish that air passengers are able not only to enjoy the journey with ultra modern facilities in different flights but a substantial relief too in regard to the air fares.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Raksha Bandhan–a pious bond of love between sisters and brothers:

It was Raksha Bandhan yesterday. A very very HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN. The shopping spree at a large scale was there much in advance in the market with the massive demand for rakhees and the dealers in it had a great day for themselves. In a materialistic world of today this great link of India’s heritage has its own significance standing much above many a trifles of the day with its own mark of a sacred sanctity. India being a solitary country all over the world vested with the credit of observing this festival at a mega scale since the early stages of Vedic era it has multitude of followers abroad mainly the Indians since settled there. The festival is not at all confined to the followers of Hinduism alone and I know several of the people belonging to other religions who love it and practice it too deeply impressed as they do feel with the serenity and security aspect of it. History has it that an Indian queen tied a rakhee to the then emperor of India Humayun and in return he solemnly offered her his life long protection and patronage to which promise he faithfully stuck. A rakhee knot got more strengthened as a symbol of security and faith with a great human touch since then. A sister and a brother apart, it brings people of all sects and shades together with a bond of love and affection. It has assumed much more of a significance in an atmosphere of insecurity to women that is frighteningly rampant in the society in a gigantic measure presently. The festival, let us wish, continues to act as a shield and a buckler to the women folk in particular in the country till eternity.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Subsidy on diesel and seeds–a welcome move:

Government has since announced 50% subsidy on diesel and seeds to the agriculturists in the famine hit areas because of inadequate rains. This applies to 551 districts of the country which have been identified as famine hit. Subsidy on diesel is aimed at facilitating irrigation in the areas so affected and so is in respect of seeds. The state governments have been directed to implement the decision with immediate effect. The decision is quite in tune with the various other schemes launched to help the farmers and it is hailed every where, more so because it quite fits into the government’s move to extend priority consideration to agriculture. Soul of the country lies in the rural areas was the message of Mahatma Gandhi and a concerted move to promote the agricultural areas there is a right step in the direction of Indian economy which has been in doldrums since the days of the rule by UPA government in the country.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Borrowings to continue being costlier:

Now that Reserve Bank of India has come out with their decision on credit policy keeping both Repo and Reverse Repo rates in their existing mode, there is hardly any hope for relaxed rates of interest on borrowings with the result that loans in segments like home, auto and personal are bound to remain costlier. Reserve Bank’s decision is based on soaring prices which hardly have any chance of getting relaxed particularly in view of the poor monsoon. The impact of Reserve Bank’s decision is clearly visible on the share market too where the index slipped down by Sensex 242.74 and Nifty 74.50 yesterday doing away with the little recovery it had made day before. Reserve Bank’s decision appears somewhat in contrast to what was emphasised by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly in his last budget speech with an indication that easy housing loans should be there to facilitate those who aspire for a house for themselves. What has actually transpired is in no way going to help the borrowers.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Scandalising non performing assets:

The very term NPA (Non Performing Assets) quite often heard mainly with reference to different banks, both in public sector and private sector, looks just so plain on the face of it but factually it borders serious scandals financially and there are many a bankers who have used it as a tool for an organised corruption. CEOs of various banks have been too liberal with the borrowers in the matter of recovery of loans so granted to them which gesture is much beyond the normal professional requirements, they were in fact more obliged than accommodated need based in terms of the routine banking norms and the relevant guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. What could be the reason behind these executives being so over liberal? Obviously their bonafides  are not above board. One Chairman of State Bank of India, the very predecessor to the present incumbent incharge, was smart enough to divert major chunk of NPAs to bad debts with the result that it showed an unprecedented loss to the Bank. Several other CEOs in number of other banks including Syndicate Bank did the same thing. Fishy deals like this are not the ones to be just taken lightly, they in fact warrant a large scale probe in the matter awarding necessary punishments to those found guilty.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ever hungry M.Ps. want higher limits for poll expenses:

Call it hunger or lust, the Members of Parliament, at least majority of them if not all, all along have an unquenchable thirst for money in some name or the other as if hyper jump in their salary and allowances last time with basic pay alone fixed at one lakh per month was not enough. They are practically on a loot of public exchequer for their own comforts and luxuries. Now many of them are clamouring for an enhancement in their poll expenses limit. There are many contestants who already spent in their last elections much beyond the limit prescribed by the Election Commission which is an offence but nothing sort of any penalty or punishment happened to them. Their allowances other than salary are innumerable. They are the ones who raise hue and cry every time there are demands raised for improvement in monthly emoluments for the employees of public sector undertakings including banks who toil hard with their sweat and blood in the interest of the people of the country. Employees are forbidden by their service rules to opt for any side job or business as against the M.Ps. who have a multiple tier of businesses to earn a hefty income besides their own salary and allowances. It is a sheer corruption in a way and time has come for the concerned authorities that be in the matter to cry a robust halt to their ill manoeuvred designs to grab public money some way or the other.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Even waters of seven oceans can’t erase it:

This post is with reference to its predecessor one the relative link of which is given below:

What finally has emerged is the otherwise unbelievable fact that the key man most instrumental in killing innocent Jyoti was none else but only her husband Piyush who hired killers for her against an amount of rupees 50,000/ to get rid of her facilitating the love affair he had with another woman who has since been taken into custody by the police along with her paramour. Macbeth kills king Duncan as referred to by William Shakespeare in his historical one act play by the same name ‘Macbeth’ and when he goes back home after committing the heinous crime his wife Lady Macbeth comes across distinct blood stains on his apparel and she cries aghast “…the waters of seven oceans can’t wash it”. Yes, the crime Macbeth had committed was heinous and horrible beyond normal imagination but crime of the nature like this was not the last one and it hovers around humanity equally on date and may continue for ever. What happened to Jyoti was something in sequence and series for all time to come as there lies the inbuilt propensity of humans. One only shudders on the mode of horrible cruelty and callousness on the revelation that Jyoti’s husband Piyush had managed to hear the cries and groans of his wife over mobile phone while she was being killed. No kind of punishments available in Law as on date even if they all are applied together for Jyoti’s husband Piyush are enough to do justice to her unless he be half buried on a public place with dog squads biting and snatching his flesh bit by bit like it happened in the olden days.