Sunday, 31 August 2014

Economy growth in India on a 2 year record high:

It certainly makes a heartening news if Indian economy registers some considerable growth at a point and this has happened in the case of April-June quarter this year, a question of rarity normally. Thanks to Prime Minister Modi for a laudable outcome. This growth by 5.7% for the quarter is significant and is likely to boost up developmental activities further. This is mainly attributed by manufacturing and mining sectors in the country. Viewed from consumers point, the reduction in petrol rates by another Rs.1.82 a litre in series in a way coupled with announcements on the front of various projects by the government further boosts up the morale of the people in general. Share market has shown an increasing trend in its index though in a meagre measure with stagnancy and volatility during the last week but capable of setting a tendency towards the market rising upward in days to come to the benefit of the traders in different disciplines. All taken together, the scenario looks like adding tangibility to the much talked of the slogan of “Achhey din aaney waley hain” which may give a chance to the public in general to owe necessary gratitude to the government in power.

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