Monday, 11 August 2014

Raksha Bandhan–a pious bond of love between sisters and brothers:

It was Raksha Bandhan yesterday. A very very HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN. The shopping spree at a large scale was there much in advance in the market with the massive demand for rakhees and the dealers in it had a great day for themselves. In a materialistic world of today this great link of India’s heritage has its own significance standing much above many a trifles of the day with its own mark of a sacred sanctity. India being a solitary country all over the world vested with the credit of observing this festival at a mega scale since the early stages of Vedic era it has multitude of followers abroad mainly the Indians since settled there. The festival is not at all confined to the followers of Hinduism alone and I know several of the people belonging to other religions who love it and practice it too deeply impressed as they do feel with the serenity and security aspect of it. History has it that an Indian queen tied a rakhee to the then emperor of India Humayun and in return he solemnly offered her his life long protection and patronage to which promise he faithfully stuck. A rakhee knot got more strengthened as a symbol of security and faith with a great human touch since then. A sister and a brother apart, it brings people of all sects and shades together with a bond of love and affection. It has assumed much more of a significance in an atmosphere of insecurity to women that is frighteningly rampant in the society in a gigantic measure presently. The festival, let us wish, continues to act as a shield and a buckler to the women folk in particular in the country till eternity.

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