Thursday, 7 August 2014

Borrowings to continue being costlier:

Now that Reserve Bank of India has come out with their decision on credit policy keeping both Repo and Reverse Repo rates in their existing mode, there is hardly any hope for relaxed rates of interest on borrowings with the result that loans in segments like home, auto and personal are bound to remain costlier. Reserve Bank’s decision is based on soaring prices which hardly have any chance of getting relaxed particularly in view of the poor monsoon. The impact of Reserve Bank’s decision is clearly visible on the share market too where the index slipped down by Sensex 242.74 and Nifty 74.50 yesterday doing away with the little recovery it had made day before. Reserve Bank’s decision appears somewhat in contrast to what was emphasised by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly in his last budget speech with an indication that easy housing loans should be there to facilitate those who aspire for a house for themselves. What has actually transpired is in no way going to help the borrowers.

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