Monday, 16 July 2007

Prithviraj Chauhan -An answer to Yashika Singh's question!

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Born in 1168, Prithviraj Chauhan became king in 1179 when he was just a minor. He inherited the throne from his father Someshwar Chauhan belonging to Rajput dynasty.His mother was Karupuravalli800px-Prithvi_Raj_Chauhan[1].He was extraordinarily strong and was a great warrior.His chest, it is said, was twice the size of his waist.He captured Delhi defeating Raja Tomaro Rajput.Qila Rai Pithora in Delhi was constructed during his time.His empire extended to Haryana, Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

On his love with Sanyokta, daughter of Raja Jai Chand of Kannauj, there are varying accounts.Some of the historians hold a view that both had never seen each other till swayambar as organised by Raja Jai Chand took place when Prithviraj picked her up on the back of his horse.Sanyokta readily joined him as she already had heard so many great stories of his chivalary and valour falling in love with him. The other version is that both of them were already in love with each other for a long time and used to meet secretly during royal festivities and in temples. But both the accounts are common on one point that Sanyokta's father Jai Chand was never for marrying his daughter with Prithviraj who had to hide himself near the venue of Swayambar and was able to manage her elopement with him on his horse back. He was chased by Jai Chand's soldiers but none could touch him and he moved forward in a flying speed to his daestination with halt at Jaipur staying at Amer Fort for the first honey moon night. Chandra Bardai has given a detailed narration of glory and grandeur of Prithviraj most appealingly describing about love between him and Sanyokta.All historians are common in view on the point that Prithviraj Chauhan was the greatest Hindu King in North India during his time.

Many an invaders from other countries were defeated by him -last one being Mohd.Gori. Mohd.Gori was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan number of times and every time he had to surrender but Prithviraj Chauhan was kind enough to spare him life.At a stage later Mohd.Gori could manage upper hand and took Prithviraj and his court poet Chandrabardai Bhatt into captivity blinding both of them in both their eyes callously.

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