Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Harvest of opportunities

Persons coming across no opportunity may call it a matter of luck but it is only absurd for those who get it in abundance and fail to avail of it. Network technology is a tempest that has overtaken every thing in the world without any visible parallel to it. Days are gone much far behind when network technology was simply a matter of an improved version of functional efficiency in offices. Much beyond all that now it is the salientmost tool that opens up flood gates for career potentially powerful in offering sumptuously rich horizons of future prospects. Oriental Vedic culture prescribes that nothing can be done unless there is a teacher to impart its pupils necessary skill and knowledge for a particular job. This is quite true but for this again one need not run from pillar to post in search of an individual teacher as every thing is available on internet itself which robustly acts as a full fledged encyclopaedia on career building, its type, nature and potentiality of a tangibly visible outcome. Leading a delegation on computers representing Banking Industry I had to visit several countries including USA, Canada, Germany and Japan having interaction with persons with vast knowledge and experience in the field and the feedback I was able to get from them was an eye opener to me. On many occasions I received these sessions of interaction as tools enormously supplanting whatever knowledge I claimed, ofcourse in a humble manner, to possess on the subject. Internet technology is the nest that nurtures, nourished and delivers the readily available exciting opportunities for those who care for themselves, need some career (which certainly they do as I do feel) and are inquisitive to lead their life in the manner that tomorrow demands. Network technology is an all pervading remedy for the purpose. There are powerful source channels like CISCO who are compactedly all in one.Cisco certification acts as friends, philosphers and guides in helping out all who find themselves anxious and inquisitive in the matters of career leading to a well built future, say exciting career.It is this juction where genuine anxiety on career and future invariably elicits genuine guidance, training and all requisite informations.Cisco certification
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Saturday, 26 July 2008

An apology of honesty

Phenomenon in political scenario is no different in any country but it is far exceedingly typical in India where honest practitioners can beat dishonest most ones when it comes to grabbing power or retaining it. What happened in Indian Parliament only the other day on the Prime Minister seeking vote of confidence is a glaring example of how the needful for the purpose is managed by means fair or foul using, nay misusing, power willfully ignoring even if it amounts to bribing the voter members of Parliament. Besides offering priviledged positions to many as a matter of deal even, as widely covered by the media, bribing in cash was no exception. Who did it and what was the modus operandi for the purpose are all matters of investigation which is ofcourse out of question as those involved in the process are heavy weight guys capable of manipulating every thing to their convenience and advantage. The champion of a big scandal known as Chara ghotala Lalu Yadav of Bihar being one of the most vocal spokesman in support of confidence vote playing all tricks and whatever vocabulary at his command in mustering necessary support. Government is an agency possessing all powers to grant any body any position like offering some one Chief Ministership of a State and his son a Deputy Chief Ministership irrespective of the fact that the man concerned was jailed on serious criminal charges.The man so convicted, when asked as to what he had finally decided on the question of supporting confidence vote, replied in his usual hypocritic style that whatever he has to do is to be done keeping overall interest of the State. Is it not that offering positions to secure a vested interest is nothing but a bribe only and blatant abuse of power.Overall scenario as it finally ended speaks volumes on sordid affairs as they obtain in our country. It is all so unfortunate.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Arousing aspirations beyond imaginable proportions

Dreams are there and they are there to match the reality. Dreams which are incapable of turning into reality are known as utopian. Currently it is virtually a tug of war going on amongst propagandists, advertisers and the media rubbing their nose to ensure that they succeed in arousing the aspirations and expectations of the people particularly the younger general and in the process they stretch their exercise too far with the result that it fails to match the tangibility element of the dreams. Giving a message that one has to think big and work hard to reach the goal is alright. Dreams with realism by their side culminate to a situation called the goal of an individual but barren aspirations hardly have any place to land and in most of the cases they flop only. Much exaggerated a publicity highlighting dreams and aspirations infact misleads the present generation or any generation at a given time as it lands them to indulging into negative activities to see their dreams materialising. This sort of diversion from positive to negative works as an incentive to corrupt the people. When a young man who has not even a thatched house to live as is the condition in our country in the case of millions of people and he is shown a most lavishly furnished house on TV he feels highly tempted and not necessary that he for this reason thinks of working hard, he rather tries to work out some short cut for the purpose which is possible conveniently by indulging into money making anti social activities. Better it is that the aspirations be aroused within a legitimate level that is possible to reach instead of giving feedbacks for something which is supposed to remain just utopian.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Date with Social Spark ?

Mind is a workshop where thoughts and ideas occur like torrential rains in directions both positive and negative like a hurricane. Doing a job and not doing it, taking up a task and abandoning it, pursuing a project and drop it in the midway are cycled and recycled many a times to the point of confusion and frustration leaving their mark as an ongoing tension. In the process one comes through exhilarating moments and too weak too at times. Matters could be trifling or important but mental process remains the same continuing with hovers chasing ideas one after the other. I am associated with Social Spark and their predecessor parents Pay Per Post as a blogger for quite some time relishing their system and modus operandi by and large. There have been moments when I thought of quitting in my weak moments with the thought as to why should I waste my energy and time in preparing cumbersome data to match their requirements in my posts for a petty sum of a few dollars followed instantly by another thought that there is no point in blaming them as after all they pay for the volume of work and if it falls short of the requirement why should they be the ones to offer me a sumptuous amount of money exgratia. Gaps in my writings have still been a sort of routine in my case thinking why a hell I should cause my readers in forcing my writings on them which, to me, could be a million dollar precious. Such a gap was much bigger this time and I ignored certain opportunities offered to me. I have a sort of some romantic attachment with the topics on technology and this time when it came my way my thought process gave me an alert not to ignore it making me to direct myself to the task. Not certain how long I can be serious on sticking to this renewed interest but I do feel like earnestly adhering to my dates with Social Spark/ Pay Per Post more faithfully. May be those who read this post brand me as a cynic changing approach every now and then as against my otherwise well known conviction to stick to ideas in a firm order but certainly the situational variations are the ones that form human weakness.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dirt Devil Accucharge -A revolution in cleaning

deal_flow_699[1] Cleaning and dusting is a routine household task and this process is las old as the civilization itsellf. Even the sages leading a secluded life in jungles used to do cleaning of their ashrams to keep the atmosphere environmentally soothing. No technology in those days and the concerned individuals had to resort to using brooms, their solitary weapon available those days. The system travelled like various other modes in use of the people that time to improved versions for the purposes of cleaning. Vacuum cleaners produced as the then latest and most sophiscated weapons which were taken as the last work on cleaning and dusting. Technology knows no stop and this happened in this area too. Use of normal vacuum cleaners was a process that all the time kept the user hooked to full length wires causing problems in movement while user trying to fix his/her target. Now that a system is evolved to get rid of bunch of wires, the user may find it damn easy and interesting too to move from target to target. Thanks to Dirt Devil Accucharge who could make it to see that every thing on cleaning goes amply smooth. Users running helter skelter in their kitchen, bedrooms, drawing room for a fool proof sweeping chasing cockroaches, flies, variety of ants as if they were on a hunting spree may no more be a scenario with Dirt Devil Accucharge playing the monstrous devil to bestowing a natural fragrance that cleanliness is capable of rendering. The news that the producers of Dirt Devil Accucharge are not the ones to stop at it and are moving the Accucharge technology forward to a colourful outcome in the form of colour cleaning products. Difficult to resist the temptation of using these products unless there are stiff necked traditionalists who culturally can't afford to do away with the brooms they have been using for several decades.Energy friendly this tool is a wonder. Dirt Devil

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