Sunday, 6 July 2008

Date with Social Spark ?

Mind is a workshop where thoughts and ideas occur like torrential rains in directions both positive and negative like a hurricane. Doing a job and not doing it, taking up a task and abandoning it, pursuing a project and drop it in the midway are cycled and recycled many a times to the point of confusion and frustration leaving their mark as an ongoing tension. In the process one comes through exhilarating moments and too weak too at times. Matters could be trifling or important but mental process remains the same continuing with hovers chasing ideas one after the other. I am associated with Social Spark and their predecessor parents Pay Per Post as a blogger for quite some time relishing their system and modus operandi by and large. There have been moments when I thought of quitting in my weak moments with the thought as to why should I waste my energy and time in preparing cumbersome data to match their requirements in my posts for a petty sum of a few dollars followed instantly by another thought that there is no point in blaming them as after all they pay for the volume of work and if it falls short of the requirement why should they be the ones to offer me a sumptuous amount of money exgratia. Gaps in my writings have still been a sort of routine in my case thinking why a hell I should cause my readers in forcing my writings on them which, to me, could be a million dollar precious. Such a gap was much bigger this time and I ignored certain opportunities offered to me. I have a sort of some romantic attachment with the topics on technology and this time when it came my way my thought process gave me an alert not to ignore it making me to direct myself to the task. Not certain how long I can be serious on sticking to this renewed interest but I do feel like earnestly adhering to my dates with Social Spark/ Pay Per Post more faithfully. May be those who read this post brand me as a cynic changing approach every now and then as against my otherwise well known conviction to stick to ideas in a firm order but certainly the situational variations are the ones that form human weakness.

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