Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sanjai Dutt not seeking any pardon!

No pardoning Sanjai Dutt as he himself is not seeking it. Emotionally frustrated, he broke down while talking to the media persons the other day. The way things are moving, it appears there is a sort of witch hunting  against him as enumerated in another blog post a few days back through the link If Sanjai Dutt still has any scope to escape the punishment. He is a celebrity in the sense that he is one of the top most actors in the Bollywood with enough of social work to his credit. It is not that he is much above any common man in the eyes of the Law in the country as there are several instances in the past that the criminal cases did become a subject of a review. There have been reviews in similar such cases including even those of the nature of murder, and what is wrong if the same measures are extended to  Sanjai Dutt treating him equally as a common man in the democracy of India. Some of my friends expressed that he should not be the one above Law of the country. Where is the question of treating him above the Law? If he is pardoned, it is very much on the lines of what has already been done in the past in numerous cases. He deserves a reconsideration, a review, by all means.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Herbal Holi:

All around it is an atmosphere of merry making on account of Holi, the most significant festival, and people are all out to rejoice it. Soaring prices of different kinds of commodities are a great pinch for the common man, but quite unmindful of this negative factor there appears to be no reduction in enjoying the festival by sprinkling coloured water on each other. Some people even use muddy water for the purpose as a matter of some mischief while exchanging fun making. The colours of water including the muddy one are full of harmful chemicals causing damage to skin. Practitioners of herbal drugs have their own suggestions in the matter. They opine that instead of using chemical water the users can very well go for herbal water, the one that is prepared by using herbs as against chemicals. If one has to go by the advice of Dr. Hemant Mohan, the founder of Arogya Dhaam, his prescription is that herbal water is fully safe and in no way it causes any harm to the skin nor it results into any side effects to the users. Those who care for their skin, this is an advice worth following, and it is quite low cost wise.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

What a gimmic is this?

People in India know what the law and order situation is obtaining in the country, and this includes traffic conditions too. While on road, any one can take any type of side ways, left, right or straight with any number of passengers in the vehicle. In Kanpur (U.P.,India), things are worst. Auto rickshaw drivers dictate terms and what they want, it prevails. They care three hoots for the traffic police. Traffic police is just helpless and they have no option but to ignore howsoever serious traffic crimes are committed except that they accept bribe in the broad day light. They are a corrupt lot as are their counterparts every where in the government. With a view to strictly implementing helmet disciple with a curb on three passengers on a bike or scooter, the local administration is issuing instructions to the local petrol dealers that those violating the rules as such be not supplied the fuel. What a funny proposition? Traffic rules are for the roads and not for the petrol stations. This means in simple terms that every thing can be managed well at the petrol pump and outside on the road the bikers and the scooterists, including also other categories of the vehicles, they are free to throw traffic rules to wind in any manner they like.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What a gimmic?

Karunanidhi, till a day earlier an active part of UPA, has since withdrawn his party’s support to it. What for? Obviously for the reason that his own agenda was not given an accommodation quite in tune with his own ambitious plans. Who bothers for the country as a whole? Things of this type are very common when there is a weak government at the Centre. It is surprising that UPA is still claiming necessary majority strength as per reiteration made by P. Chidambaram, a senior cabinet Minister. He is playing the role of a sankat mochan, which used to be done earlier by Pranab Mukherji, now the President of India. In the scenario that is obtaining currently, the days of a government which could tangibly deliver the goods to the people of the country are only too far. All are having their eyes glued to the power, and not on the exploration of the avenues in the interest of the people in general.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Who says soaring prices don’t go down?

They do too. The graph of soaring prices in the country is upward only in a measure not knowing any stop any where. It forms a joke to hear that petrol rate has gone down by Rs.2/- a litre, more or less as a case of an exception. Our government is more concerned with the interest of the companies supplying the fuel and for that reason they have increased the selling rate of diesel and this is some thing to go as a regular schedule unless the price reaches an increase of Rs.8/- a litre. The petrol price reduction is, for the time being of course, a handy tool for the governmental machinery and the political leaders belonging to the ruling UPA to boast of prices going down. They have a Montek Singh Ahluwalia always readily available to confirm that prices do go down quoting the reduction in petrol rate, and the developmental growth is much higher. You ask the men like this and you get a comfortable answer as from their side affirming down fall in the prices. It is just different a matter when you address your question to the consumers in general who really suffer in practical terms the onslaught of the soaring prices. It depends on you as to who you are talking, one belonging to ruling UPA channels, or the one who is from the public, the people in general. If you need a comfortable answer to the problem, better you address your question to UPA representatives; if you want the real answer, better it is for you to talk to the persons in the crowds. Option is yours.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Thoughts galore:

An unending sort of thoughts continue hovering in our mind but the  moment one decides to give them, or any one of them, a tangible shape, it becomes an arduous task. This difficulty is in its worst form in the case of writers, bloggers, and the poets, and it assumes even a bigger proportion in the case of freelancer journalists. They are the ones supposed to be conversant on all the topics and subjects in the world and, as it is most often said, they are equally supposed to be unique in their writings. They have to write on market, marketing, finance, environment, culture, politics, world affairs in general and what not. To bring the most unbridled chain of thoughts to some solid fold is a job onerous and too difficult to take up, but a journalist has to manage it as it is the question of his entity and existence as such. The better way is to settle down at a specific point with concentration instead of keeping wavering between one thought and the other.

Monday, 11 March 2013

The bully meeting its match!


Whatever be her constituency of choice in the next elections, Mayawati has to face a challenge by way of contest by Darbara Singh, younger brother of late Kanshiram, the founder of Bahujan Samaj Party. This is what Darbara Singh, the President of Bahujan Samaj Party (Kanshiram) himself declared during his last visit to Kanpur (U.P.) a few days back. He alleged that it was Mayawati who was responsible for Kanshiram’s death and it was she who got him eliminated through her designs for her lust of power. He also declared that his next schedule is to launch a massive drive against  Mayawati and his election with effect from the coming 15th March, the birthday of Kanshiram from his birth place Boonga Sahib, Ropad, Punjab. He also made it clear that he will directly contest against her from which ever place she files her nomination for election. Kanshiram died in mysterious circumstances and there has all along been a controversy on that count right during his last days of life and thereafter his death. She may have to meet her match in whichever election she contests in the form of Dara Singh.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What happened to open arms welcome to Indians?

Only recently the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron, was in India when he quite cordially stated that his country is to welcome Indians with open arms, and this gesture amply indicated that the visa rules for visit to UK are to be liberally relaxed. What happened in practical terms tells a different story. Instead of liberalising visa permits, they appear to be more tightened showing a downward trend in issuance of necessary permits. This has resulted into a decline by 20% in respect of the doctors, students and others seeking visa permits enabling them to visit UK. What made the UK Prime Minister to go back on his assurance given to Indians during his visit to the country is a matter of surprise only. Looks like he is in the habit of blowing hot and cold in the same breath, While in India, he visited Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar and placed wreaths on the site of massacre. It was certainly a good gesture, and he was duly hailed on that count. Immediately thereafter, he showed a very stiff posture on the question of returning the diamond Kohinoor to India. Might be the similar position in the opposite direction he adopted in the matter of visa permits. Politicians any where in the world are the same playing safe as it suits them with the varying situations.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Now wrist mobiles!

Think of the days when there were no mobile phones. Now the things are just different and every body from a vendor to a big shop keeper all have a mobile phone, some a number of them. As if this was not adequate enough, the companies are now introducing mini mobile phones to decorate the wrist(s) of the users. This is being done from the point of view of facilitating those who prefer to remain on talking point even when they are eating are doing some other work where their hands are not free. After this newly developed device is available, such persons can keep talking or perusing their messages on their wrist mobile. They are supposed to look like a wrist watch viewable while engrossed in other activities with their hands not free. Thanks to technological developments which are giving the society some thing new or the other every now and then.