Sunday, 17 March 2013

Thoughts galore:

An unending sort of thoughts continue hovering in our mind but the  moment one decides to give them, or any one of them, a tangible shape, it becomes an arduous task. This difficulty is in its worst form in the case of writers, bloggers, and the poets, and it assumes even a bigger proportion in the case of freelancer journalists. They are the ones supposed to be conversant on all the topics and subjects in the world and, as it is most often said, they are equally supposed to be unique in their writings. They have to write on market, marketing, finance, environment, culture, politics, world affairs in general and what not. To bring the most unbridled chain of thoughts to some solid fold is a job onerous and too difficult to take up, but a journalist has to manage it as it is the question of his entity and existence as such. The better way is to settle down at a specific point with concentration instead of keeping wavering between one thought and the other.


garv said...

Nice thoughts

myso said...

Good thoughts, Sir.