Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Herbal Holi:

All around it is an atmosphere of merry making on account of Holi, the most significant festival, and people are all out to rejoice it. Soaring prices of different kinds of commodities are a great pinch for the common man, but quite unmindful of this negative factor there appears to be no reduction in enjoying the festival by sprinkling coloured water on each other. Some people even use muddy water for the purpose as a matter of some mischief while exchanging fun making. The colours of water including the muddy one are full of harmful chemicals causing damage to skin. Practitioners of herbal drugs have their own suggestions in the matter. They opine that instead of using chemical water the users can very well go for herbal water, the one that is prepared by using herbs as against chemicals. If one has to go by the advice of Dr. Hemant Mohan, the founder of Arogya Dhaam, his prescription is that herbal water is fully safe and in no way it causes any harm to the skin nor it results into any side effects to the users. Those who care for their skin, this is an advice worth following, and it is quite low cost wise.

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