Sunday, 28 April 2013

Caste bias is outlawed in U.K.–A great victory for Dalits:

United Kingdom has since banned caste discrimination in the country which extends much awaited benefits to around four lakhs of dalits there. This has been most controversial an issue for a very long time in U.K. Caste prejudices discriminating between a person and a person are a curse for any society in any country all over the world. The measure so positively initiated in U.K. deserves laurels and is to be whole heartedly hailed by all and sundry at the global level. To legislate against caste discrimination in a country like U.K., otherwise known to be very conservative in certain matters traditionally in several quarters, was not an easy task but it was made easier because of necessary will on the part of the Lords. They deserve all praise for the move in so constructive a direction. Such an initiative warrants a whole hearted welcome all over the world prompting several other countries to follow the suit.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Divers–they deserve all praise, and incentives too:

They are the ones who save life of many a people snatching them back from the jaws of death putting their own life to a grave risk. People getting drowned in the Ganga at its Kanpur ghats is a usual scenario particularly in the days of religious festivals. Men, women and children go to the ghats and take a dip in the river seeking salvation. Many an enthusiasts indulge into overdoings and take the venture of going to the deeper side of the river where they are overtaken by the violent currents and it becomes difficult for them to get rid of them. The divers who are on their 24 hours duty voluntarily at their own plunge into the water and are able to rescue many of them, if not all. These divers are paid some thing by way of an ex gratia by the families of those whom they save which is normally a meagre amount, but in some cases it is quite significant a sum. The local government at times grants them some payments but that too is just a small amount. These divers in fact deserve not only all praise for their sacrifices, they deserve some bigger incentives in monetary terms so that they could afford necessary sustentation to themselves and their families.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Consumer is the king this summer, they say:

As per reports from the media, consumers in a biggest ever number are all set for heavy buyings this summer like they are the kings capable of an affordability for any level of shopping. How it is? In fact different companies have come out with several schemes including discounts, rebate and concessions. The banks and other financial agencies are already there to offer easy loans with convenient EMIs and other liberalisations in repayment programmes. Besides all this, there is no dearth of black money in the country which can be used at its best through varied kinds of shoppings. It is this feature which virtually makes consumers the kings as they can very well use their unaccounted for money for shopping purposes going altogether fully unnoticed. It is out of question for those who have duly accounted for money to afford such a shopping spree. Whatever the schemes and programmes are sumptuously advertised by different companies are aimed at facilitating the rich of  varying shades, and has nothing to do with helping the poor or those who have a limited source of income like salary earners, pensioners and the daily wagers.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Creation of districts–one gimmic after the other!

Talks on people’s interest is just a cover for politicians. In fact they hardly care for them, their sole aim is to cash politics some way or the other. Amethi in Uttar Pradesh was named as Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj district replacing the very original name with its district headquarters at Gauriganj without necessary paraphernelia and without any care for the inconvenience this might cause to its population in the absence of required facilities. The new name was given to Amethi by Mayawati, the then Chief Minister of U.P. as she has along been fond of renaming the places, like she much earlier did in the case of Kanpur University renaming it as Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Uniniversity. As a result of intervention by the Court, Amethi is now again Amethi only and the very prefix of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj before the district may now not be there at all. The question is as to why the politicians play with the emotions of the people in general. One Chief Minister does something and the other one when his turn comes brings changes. This is nothing but a cheap politics and has hardly to day any thing with the interest of the public as a whole.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Now FIR through facebook!

Police every where is known for their reluctance on registering a FIR (First Information Report) lodged by the complainants. This is also a fact that the aggrieved people are to run from pillar to post to get their FIR registered with the police. The reason?. Reason is very obvious, it is as police doesn’t want to see crime graph growing upward and the easiest possible way is not to register them. There is already a provision that the FIRs can be lodged through email but it hardly works in practice. Now that there are instructions to register the FIRs through facebook. Sounds so well and nice, but the whole thing is whether it will work or meet the same fate like email did. News wise, the step so taken deserves all praise as it may alleviate the hardships of the complainants to the extent that they may not be required to run helter skelter for the purpose but it has yet to be seen whether it is really given a tangible shape in practical terms.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Iron lady Margaret Thatcher is no more!

Known for her strong will power and convictions, the iron lady as she was called, Margaret Thatcher, the ex Prime Minister of England, died of a stroke. She was 87 years old and is survived by her two children Mark and Carol and her grand children. She was a great toughie in the matters of her tasks. She was the one admired most for her contributions during her 11 years tenure as the Prime Minister of her country. Historically she was the first woman Prime Minister of England which record is yet to be broken. She had her great admirers all around within her country and abroad but she had her staunch critics too who called her as a ‘heartless tyrant’. It happens so often that the strong willed people with well meant commitments are misunderstood as a tyrant or as a dictator, or they are called as such for political reasons.. She was one such personality. All of us from India wish peace to the departed soul, a noble one as she was.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Customer service in banks:

Different banks in the country including State Bank of India have undergone massive changes in their methodology of work to ensure that the valued customers are in no way inconvenienced. Needless to say that to fulfil such a task the workforce in almost all banks has to work much beyond their stipulated working hours arduously and indefatigably. There are still, as an exception of course, when the faults occur on the part of the managers and the junior staff. Some time back a customer, doctor by profession, presented a cheque and it was not honoured with the remark that it was mismatched and the relative signature of the account holder didn’t tally with the one on record. On enquiry it was found that the relative cheque was quite in order. The matter was referred to the Maharashtra State Consumers Disputes Redressal Commission who ordered the respective bank to pay seven lakhs of rupees to the customer for the damages he might have suffered because of the cheque having been wrongfully dishonoured.