Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Divers–they deserve all praise, and incentives too:

They are the ones who save life of many a people snatching them back from the jaws of death putting their own life to a grave risk. People getting drowned in the Ganga at its Kanpur ghats is a usual scenario particularly in the days of religious festivals. Men, women and children go to the ghats and take a dip in the river seeking salvation. Many an enthusiasts indulge into overdoings and take the venture of going to the deeper side of the river where they are overtaken by the violent currents and it becomes difficult for them to get rid of them. The divers who are on their 24 hours duty voluntarily at their own plunge into the water and are able to rescue many of them, if not all. These divers are paid some thing by way of an ex gratia by the families of those whom they save which is normally a meagre amount, but in some cases it is quite significant a sum. The local government at times grants them some payments but that too is just a small amount. These divers in fact deserve not only all praise for their sacrifices, they deserve some bigger incentives in monetary terms so that they could afford necessary sustentation to themselves and their families.

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