Sunday, 28 April 2013

Caste bias is outlawed in U.K.–A great victory for Dalits:

United Kingdom has since banned caste discrimination in the country which extends much awaited benefits to around four lakhs of dalits there. This has been most controversial an issue for a very long time in U.K. Caste prejudices discriminating between a person and a person are a curse for any society in any country all over the world. The measure so positively initiated in U.K. deserves laurels and is to be whole heartedly hailed by all and sundry at the global level. To legislate against caste discrimination in a country like U.K., otherwise known to be very conservative in certain matters traditionally in several quarters, was not an easy task but it was made easier because of necessary will on the part of the Lords. They deserve all praise for the move in so constructive a direction. Such an initiative warrants a whole hearted welcome all over the world prompting several other countries to follow the suit.

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