Wednesday, 1 May 2013

An emotional blackmail by TV channels:

Blackmailing is a common phenomenon these days and it is fully rampant in all spheres of life. One can hardly come across any spot where there is no blackmailing. Television channels are an easy a tool for entertainment. Men, women, children, all go for it. There are stories, there are serials. Certain areas, the touchy ones, are very common for the purpose like rape, killing, death, horrors. Death scenes followed by after death rituals form a lengthy theme because emotionally the people feel more involved in them. I am not a regular one on television excepting of course news channels, but at times I throw a look on some family serials. The channels do the weaving of the story threads in a manner that a most suspenseful an event is not allowed to get clinched after a stage when it reaches the climax. This is the stage when viewers get more engrossed to the story but no sooner it reaches that level there is an abrupt break compelling the audience to keep sitting because of the anxiety element attached to the story. There are repeats of such suspenseful moments every now and then obviously with a motive targeting a better traffic rate. All this acrobatics amounts only to a large scale blackmailing playing with the sentiments of the viewers.

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