Sunday, 26 May 2013

What else are caste prejudices?

There should be a casteless society has been the slogan for a long time. The more it has been propagated the more it has worsened, it has rather assumed graver proportions. The very political party which initially took cudgels against caste prejudices targeting the upper caste especially Brahmins is now most vociferously advocating for them praising them in a sumptuous measure. Satish Chandra Mishra, a senior leader of the party, called Brahmins as ‘intellectuals’ while addressing a meeting the other day at Jhansi (U.P., India) saying that they are actually the ones who always remained in the fore front during the days of the freedom struggle of the country, and that their strength counts enormously. He conveniently forgot that it was only Bahujan Samaj Party itself the earlier leaders of which coined the slogan ‘Brahman, Chhattri, aur Sonar, Inko maro joote chaar’ and it was massively used by them in all their meetings. Why such a major shift in approach? Obviously it is as a matter of sheer opportunism as they find it difficult to survive without their support. The elections are due the next year and singing praises for the upper caste are just for the purpose of appeasing them so that they could secure their support to form a sizeable strength as electorate. Every body knows it well that Satish Chandra Mishra is not in the BSP for some ideology or the other, he is there as he is very well accommodated there along with several of his relations in the party and power system. People in general are wise enough not to get swayed by his sweet utterances solely aimed at the next elections.

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