Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gods getting richer day by day:

Name any temple any where in the country, it is getting richer every day. The talk is not about Balaji, Sanyee Baba temple or several others alone, getting richer holds good for all and sundry, big or small, run by trusts or individuals. The much disputed Ramlala Mandir in Ayodhya has no reason to lag behind. There are disputes after disputes confronting the temple both in different courts and outside but money wise their position has much of a growing graph. They have more than 3 crores of rupees in their fixed deposits with State Bank of India and the periodical interest alone amounts to more than 27 lakhs of rupees. Vibekanand on his visit abroad gave a call that temples, mosques, and churches should not waste their money on themselves, they should better spend it to feed the poor. There could be several Vibekanands to release such a call, but the fact remains that the temples are earning sumptuous wealth for themselves and the poors are where they were several decades back.

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