Friday, 31 August 2012

Handling events:

Events are a task, events are a challenge and events, when they are more grotesque, are tortuous too. Every one has his own way of handling them in a manner that suits him, in a manner that he can afford. Henry Ford said “…when I can’t handle events, I let them handle themselves”. This matches with what M.F. Hussain said “….destiny takes care of every thing.” This sounds like seeking an escape, and contradicts the conviction that all events are a challenge in themselves and they should be attended as such with all courage and faith at one’s command. This is also contrary to the view Swami Vivekanand held “…stop not till the goal is achieved”. This is in fact a matter of will and determination the people concerned have at their command. “If there is a will, there is a way” is the saying, and all the events are supposed to be taken up in that context only. One who lacks will lands no where, he rather gets doomed on account of such a weakness on his part. The starting point for event management doesn’t  lie in taking it as an academic factor, its basic source is one’s own mental built up. Those with strong determination for a cause or mission are sure to succeed overcoming all implied  hurdles some day or the other, but if some one lacks necessary confidence in himself or herself, he/ she is a flop at the outset itself. If events are a challenge, a strong will for the purpose is the key answer to this.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Which readership counts more?

Blogging is not only a pastime exercise, more than that it has other reasons also –the reasons like one should be heard and read by a bigger number of people, the readership should not be confined to a country or two alone, this should rather be spread over globally to cover maximum number of locations of traffic within the country and equally abroad. The other consideration that is more prompting is monetising the blog to have some access to monetary advantages, but here again the very question mark is that of the traffic. Some important ad providers prescribe a certain minimum for the purpose stipulating an additional condition that at least 50% of the traffic should be exclusively from America. Doesn’t it mean that bloggers from India are unnecessarily harnessing themselves to the task of blogging with no scope for any pecuniary benefit. This also denotes that the prejudices and discriminations, which are otherwise rampant every where in the world, are no exception in the case of bloggers too. There are countries, mainly including America and Great Britain, who still continue to wear a disdain sort of look against the people with the Indian tag. This is an attitude that warrants a suitable detraction in the matter peremptorily, as it is terribly against the discipline of equality.

Monday, 27 August 2012

What does punctuality mean?

Why should a person be punctual to his/ her timings and schedules is the question. Punctuality is a discipline in itself and every one is supposed to adhere to his routine schedules in a meticulous order. Those who are not punctual are not serious about their work, be it to attend a meeting or some other assignment. Charles Lamb used to say that punctuality is meant for the persons who don’t bother about their comforts. The office, where he was working, had timings from 10am to 5pm. Once he was asked by his boss that how come you always come late to attend to your duties and are never punctual. Charles Lamb  replied assertively telling that no doubt he was a late comer to office but this he was doing regularly in a punctual manner adding that he was very punctual in leaving office exactly at 5pm. This was of course a twisted version of punctuality. Punctuality is a discipline, and equally an ethics, which every one has to follow for a methodical way of life particularly in the case of the people who care for their career.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

You just can’t foresee the things in store for you!

Humans are considered to be a lot better than other beings on earth in respect of foreseeing the happenings in life. There are astrologers who even predict the life span of the individuals, and even their death. I personally hold a view that possibly there are animals who have a better sense of seeing the advents in advance. A horse, for instance, carrying his master to a particular destination on his back through some forest is always able to sense the presence of some wild animal, say like a tiger, if  some one is somewhere nearby. There are certain birds too who can very well perceive some ill happening in days to come. Humans hardly have such a capacity. What they can do at their best is to realise that the onwards moments are to occur at their own where humans are just helpless. Life is to be lived moment by moment only. A post written by me on another blog of mine, more or less on the lines of this topic, is linked below for the perusal of the readers:


Thursday, 23 August 2012

When compulsions drag a person to commit suicide!

Life is precious. Only lucky souls, say the people, get birth as a human being. It could be any factor that controls the cycle of getting born, living for a particular span and then dying. The truth remains that there is no body on earth who opts for death as against life, but this is equally trued that there are the persons who do opt for death. A friend of mine, who is suffering from various ailments and is awe-fully confronted with multiple economic problems both in his business and at the house hold level, shocked me when he said the other day that he is feeling like committing suicide. I was taken aback to hear this and felt too perturbed too. He is physically a wreck, mentally sick alarmingly, and miserably passing through the worst possible economic conditions disabling him to meet the routine needs of himself and his family. Otherwise known to be a courageous person full of anxiety to lead a pleasant life, he trembles when he talks, and charged with an emotional upsurge, he finds it too difficult to express himself. I consoled him telling that life is to live a full term of it, and it just can’t be eliminated whatever be the circumstances and the situations. I also told him that there are people who are placed in much worse a situation than himself, and he must have the patience, courage and conviction to live without surrendering to the compulsions. My counselling did work to some extent but utter disgust and frustration was still writ large on his face, and there lies my worry as I have seen cases where desire for death exceedingly surpassed the anxiety for life.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Just a hell with such type of ministers in the Government!

A senior minister of cabinet rank in the Central Government, Beni Prasad Verma, recently hailed the soaring prices expressing his great satisfaction on the situation. When there was a volley of questions raised by media and others, he fell in line with similar type of erring ministers repeating the oft quoted answer that his statement was unnecessarily twisted, as he simply wanted to say that because of soaring prices in different commodities the farmers are getting sumptuously benefitted. It is a different matter that farmers themselves do not agree with his version of the situation, as they too have to pay much higher an amount to purchase their background material because of the soaring prices. The minister concerned is just either living in fools paradise or he is suffering from mental derailment. In to-day’s atmosphere, when the whole country is crying against the soaring prices, he could be a solitary figure to come out with such a nonsensical version of the situation. The irony of fate is that such type of people are able to get a berth in the central cabinet of ministers, obviously an accommodation procured on political basis.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A blind horse in harness:

Kanpur (India) is a city where it is just a common feature to come across horse driven carts, carriages or coaches. Yakka wallas (a single horse driven coach), and so are thela wallas (carriers of goods including iron bars for short distances from one place to the other). This city is no more an industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh like it used to be called a long time back, but business houses dealing in iron, cotton goods and coal are still there quite in a big number. It’s a common scene to see buffalos and horses harnessed to the carriages and carriers transporting heavy loads of goods from one shop to another. These buffalos and horses are mercilessly beaten up by their masters repeatedly with the use of crude whips to pick-up speed unmindful of as to what a colossal amount of cruelty they are causing to the animals.

I saw a horse driven carriage full of load moving through a traffic jam. Traffic jams in Kanpur city are of a worst order. To my surprise, the horse was a blind one. He was just unable to manoeuvre his sides in the thick jam with the result that every time he tried to guess his direction he clashed himself against something or the other, and every time his guess failed, he got a rough beating by his master, who used an iron bar for the purpose. The horse, at one stage, fell down to an otherwise much sloppy a ground as it was the down side of a fly-over. But for the rescue efforts made by some men in the jam, the horse escaped from being crushed by the vehicles in the jam just by a hair’s breadth. The driver of the cart was still cursing his horse only. Where are the men and organisations, who continuously keep their drums beating on cruelty against animals?


Friday, 17 August 2012

Cycle of soaring prices:

Soaring prices are quite cyclic an order –one solitary increase multiplies many a times to assume a gigantic shape. Who suffers the most? None in business community at least, as they are the people who virtually take the full advantage of any price increase. Suppose their cost of material in the market is raised by, say 15%, they increase the prices for their products by 20%, if not more. So are the transporters; they curiously wait for rise in petrol and diesel, and at the first opportunity available to them, they enhance their fares and freight charges by, say 20%, more than the actual increase. Halwayees (traders in sweets) are the ones not to lag behind. Their rasgullah (a round shaped sweet ball), with a price tag of Rs.3.00 per piece at a shop in my locality is now priced at 10.00 per piece. The people otherwise belonging to the lower rung of the society too are jolly well giving a tough competition on such a price war. A rickshaw puller, who charged Rs.5/ for a certain distance, is now demanding Rs.15/ for the same trip. If a farmer increased his price for wheat, rice or pulses by, say 10%, their cost range in the market is raised by 30%. Big brands, however, are somewhat moderate, as their rate increase is more or less reasonably commensurate with the general rise in different rates. Worst sufferers are the people belonging to salaried class, whose wages are never increased with every rise in the prices. Their D.A.(dearness allowance) is of course reviewed in upward direction to some extent, but it happens only after the official rates of different commodities are announced by the governmental quarters, which in themselves are only a statistical jugglery, and are hardly consonant with the real price increase.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What is there in naming a road?

All have a name, the countries, the towns, the planets, the men, the women, the gods, and so are the roads and streets every where. The peculiar phenomenon is that every name has a background. In Kanpur (India), there is a mohalla named as Chataayee mohal for the reason that chataayees (mattresses with fabricated textile material) were and are still produced there. There is a Ghumni mohal (a place to walk and stroll) because in olden days there was nothing like any populace there and people used to utilise the open place for walking purposes. Every name carries some story or the other behind it. The memorable days like New Years Day, Republic Day or Independence Day, all carry with them a great historical background. Names are given in a negative order too like Dhikkar Diwas (a day observed as the day of hatred). There are also the name(s) which may not look apparently on their surface as negative, but background wise, they are as such only. I saw a  small road named as Kanpur Street in London. I had the anxiety to know the very background of it. I was told that the Britishers got terribly annoyed after the ghadar (mutiny) of 1857 which had its starting point in Kanpur (besides of course Meerut) and, out of frustration and disgust, the London administration thought of giving some trivial most name to Kanpur to ridicule Indians, hence Kanpur Street (with a point to highlight that Kanpur must not have been suffixed with the ‘Road’). Obviously they couldn’t go beyond that on the face of a great upsurge and revolt against them in India.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Thank you, Mr. Anonymous

I am extending to you my sincere thanks for the errors you pointed out in my blog post ‘How do they manage this much?’ I have replied to you but I don’t know whether it actually reaches you as yours is always a ‘no-reply’ message. As an alternative, I am using this post of mine for the purpose. I quite realise that you are a regular reader, though anonymously, of my posts on this blog of mine, and obviously your reactions do count for me. You have not specified the error, or say errors, which could have enabled me to correct the spots where I was wrong. I confess having found one typographical error on a re-perusal of my post in question; it was the word ‘decent’ erroneously typed as ‘descent’. I have since corrected it. I shall be thankful to you if you please point out to me the other  mistakes as you are taking them. I shall not mind it at all, I shall rather welcome it.

I am making the error on my part as public by publishing it as a post on my blog so that my other valued readers could also re-act freely and unhesitatingly in respect of my writings.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

On Social Spark:

I have been a fan of Social Spark for a long time. It’s a different matter that there was a big gap in my continuity with them for about a period of two years as I was off my laptop due to my other predominantly pressing tasks of priority. After I was back to my laptop, I started hankering for Social Spark, but due to a big gap in operation, their terms and conditions required me to seek a fresh approval from them. I followed it. To my utter chagrin, my application was not accepted twice, as I was required to meet some criterion or the other every time. Out of disgust, I thought of even opting for some alternative to Social Spark, but my relationship and commitment with them in the past restrained me from doing so. Finally, it has since been approved,  and I feel like I have achieved something very big. Thanks to Social Spark. Although their non-acceptance two times discouraged me most, this negative side of the story I take now as something positive in the sense that I admire them for being hard task masters not all compromising with the discipline and quality of work ethics. I make a note to see that they are given no chance to get their confidence in me ever deluded.

How do they manage this much?

I often come across certain blog post writers, who publish their write-ups in several dozens at a time. Such bloggers include the one whom I follow. He publishes nearly 50 posts, if not more, in one go. Since I believe in sincerely following blog posts by going through their contents in a proper order giving necessary comments wherever required, I find it extremely difficult to do the job. I am unable to comprehend as to how one can manage writing posts in such a big volume, unless of course he is copying the text from somewhere else. Copying too in such a magnitude is not an easy task, as this again requires lot of time to manage it. I think, within myself, that I am a fast writer but skill wise I just can’t afford going beyond 3 to 4 articles at a time maintaining the normal size of the post. I know, if I start writing two liners, the task can be easier, but I am not the one to compromise the perfectness of a post. If I do so, I feel guilty within myself feeling like I am deceiving my conscience. As a blogger, one has to justify his writings within necessary frame work of a normal and decent post.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Much ado about nothing:

L.K. Advani, the senior most leader in Bhartiya Janta Party, just passed a remark in good faith that, in 2014 general elections, none from Congress or BJP has any likelihood of becoming the Prime Minister of India. There was a big furore on the remark every where as if there was some bomb blast, and the people, even some of them belonging to BJP itself, sharply reacted to his utterance as such. Sonia Gandhi even lost her temper ridiculing Advani’s remark. Some said that such an utterance abundantly indicated that BJP is feeling demoralised and it is accepting its defeat much in advance. Those running their different political parties found a ready tool in it to criticise and condemn each other.

If there is any thing like freedom of speech in India, an individual remark is not to be excessively hyperbolised the way it is being done in the instant case. This should rather be taken as a simple measure of expression instead of dragging the matter too far indulging into unnecessary mud slinging.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Element of faith–an essential ingredient for peace:

A cry for peace is common for all every where. Who wants to live with an uneasy mind? No body. And with an uneasy mind, none can pursue his/ her goal with any success. The experts suggest many a ways to procure success like hard work, consistency, necessary zeal and fervour for the purpose, and larger amount of hours devoted to the task. Nothing is possible if one’s mind is not in a proper mode of an ease that inculcates the process of work with a purpose. Peace, after all, is nothing like a commodity to be purchased from some market; the orientation of which lies in within an individual himself/ herself, and it is cent per cent self made. There again, one should have the required amount of a compatible environment. For such an environment, what is required most is ‘faith’. Faith in any thing, a god or goddess, a man, a woman, an animal, sex or even some dead stock or yet even a monster. Such an element of faith has to be unconditional and without any ifs or buts. Once one is able to cultivate it within himself/ herself, this is the end of agonising worries and it is capable of generating peace into the minds of the people concerned; and that becomes the starting point of peace. Once such a peace is attained, there is nothing like any thing impossible in the world.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

When one feels highly perturbed?

There are situations when a person feels disturbed mentally finding it difficult to get out of it. Those, who believe in God, rush to some temple bowing down before the statue of the Deity and beseech in front of Him to seek His blessings. His inner self feels consoled to a greater extent. Those who don’t believe in an element like God, like me who lacks such an amount of faith in a Godly factor, things are too difficult for them, as they have no source available to them to recline upon and shed their tears  flooding out of their mental agony to elicit some solace. In fact the consolation and some peace the devotees to God are able to draw is nothing that comes out to them from outside or as the blessings of the Almighty; it factually springs up from within themselves, the source being their own faith. Their faith, true or false, helps them. Likewise, the non devotees to God too can depend upon their own concepts and belief within themselves, the way Vivekanand did with his concept calling it ‘…I am myself God’. It is self searching, which, if done appropriately, brings tremendous results. Another simple method is to realise that the problems one is facing are not confined to himself; there are many who could be having more of them in a bigger measure. If they can struggle and survive, why not the other individuals, with lesser amount of agony, can do it.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Too much of a greed for money!

Four persons in a village, Magrasa, in Bidhnu area of Kanpur succumbed to death, as the news says, because of the suffocation they had when they fell into a sewer chamber locally. The reason was a 100 rupee note which was seen floating in the chamber and which these persons could not resist the temptation of retrieving. First a boy jumped into the sewer chamber, he fell unconscious because of the toxic gas there, and then the other ones jumped into it one after the other in an attempt to rescue him. All the four thus became unconscious. The local police rushed to them. They reached the spot very late, as usual for them, and by the time they could do any thing in the matter, the condition of all the four alarmingly deteriorated. On way to district hospital, all of them died.

The mishap is so unfortunate but, as every body knows that the toxic gas in a sewer is fatal, there was no cogent a reason for the victims to plunge into a danger for a small amount of Rs.100/. True, this much amount too does count for the poor people, but the consequence side of fetching it is supposed to have been known to them, and they should have restrained themselves from taking the venture. Money matters, but life is much more important.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ups and downs in the share market:

There is nothing new if there are ups and downs in the share market because it is, after all, the very characteristic of stock brokering, but when fluctuations are too high and the market goes awe fully volatile, the risk factor for the traders assumes graver proportions. In such a condition, only expert traders, with enough of dexterity at their command in the field, are able to survive leaving the rest swooning and collapsing. Current market conditions are as such only. Share market is always highly vulnerable to even slightest possible movement at national or international level, be it in the field of politics, governance, general markets or any events that occur in the country and equally abroad. If there are heavy rains, the share market is affected, if there are no rains, there are upheavals there, and if there are changes at the top level in the government, the share market goes awe fully awry. If it is famine or drought or some other calamity, this market is the first to become a victim. Only experienced traders are the ones who can successfully foresee these eventually and transact business proficiently. For the rest, they should have necessary patience to wait and watch for the favourable developments before they go for necessary purchase or sale of their stock.