Saturday, 11 August 2012

On Social Spark:

I have been a fan of Social Spark for a long time. It’s a different matter that there was a big gap in my continuity with them for about a period of two years as I was off my laptop due to my other predominantly pressing tasks of priority. After I was back to my laptop, I started hankering for Social Spark, but due to a big gap in operation, their terms and conditions required me to seek a fresh approval from them. I followed it. To my utter chagrin, my application was not accepted twice, as I was required to meet some criterion or the other every time. Out of disgust, I thought of even opting for some alternative to Social Spark, but my relationship and commitment with them in the past restrained me from doing so. Finally, it has since been approved,  and I feel like I have achieved something very big. Thanks to Social Spark. Although their non-acceptance two times discouraged me most, this negative side of the story I take now as something positive in the sense that I admire them for being hard task masters not all compromising with the discipline and quality of work ethics. I make a note to see that they are given no chance to get their confidence in me ever deluded.

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