Saturday, 25 August 2012

You just can’t foresee the things in store for you!

Humans are considered to be a lot better than other beings on earth in respect of foreseeing the happenings in life. There are astrologers who even predict the life span of the individuals, and even their death. I personally hold a view that possibly there are animals who have a better sense of seeing the advents in advance. A horse, for instance, carrying his master to a particular destination on his back through some forest is always able to sense the presence of some wild animal, say like a tiger, if  some one is somewhere nearby. There are certain birds too who can very well perceive some ill happening in days to come. Humans hardly have such a capacity. What they can do at their best is to realise that the onwards moments are to occur at their own where humans are just helpless. Life is to be lived moment by moment only. A post written by me on another blog of mine, more or less on the lines of this topic, is linked below for the perusal of the readers:


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