Friday, 3 August 2012

Too much of a greed for money!

Four persons in a village, Magrasa, in Bidhnu area of Kanpur succumbed to death, as the news says, because of the suffocation they had when they fell into a sewer chamber locally. The reason was a 100 rupee note which was seen floating in the chamber and which these persons could not resist the temptation of retrieving. First a boy jumped into the sewer chamber, he fell unconscious because of the toxic gas there, and then the other ones jumped into it one after the other in an attempt to rescue him. All the four thus became unconscious. The local police rushed to them. They reached the spot very late, as usual for them, and by the time they could do any thing in the matter, the condition of all the four alarmingly deteriorated. On way to district hospital, all of them died.

The mishap is so unfortunate but, as every body knows that the toxic gas in a sewer is fatal, there was no cogent a reason for the victims to plunge into a danger for a small amount of Rs.100/. True, this much amount too does count for the poor people, but the consequence side of fetching it is supposed to have been known to them, and they should have restrained themselves from taking the venture. Money matters, but life is much more important.

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