Friday, 31 August 2012

Handling events:

Events are a task, events are a challenge and events, when they are more grotesque, are tortuous too. Every one has his own way of handling them in a manner that suits him, in a manner that he can afford. Henry Ford said “…when I can’t handle events, I let them handle themselves”. This matches with what M.F. Hussain said “….destiny takes care of every thing.” This sounds like seeking an escape, and contradicts the conviction that all events are a challenge in themselves and they should be attended as such with all courage and faith at one’s command. This is also contrary to the view Swami Vivekanand held “…stop not till the goal is achieved”. This is in fact a matter of will and determination the people concerned have at their command. “If there is a will, there is a way” is the saying, and all the events are supposed to be taken up in that context only. One who lacks will lands no where, he rather gets doomed on account of such a weakness on his part. The starting point for event management doesn’t  lie in taking it as an academic factor, its basic source is one’s own mental built up. Those with strong determination for a cause or mission are sure to succeed overcoming all implied  hurdles some day or the other, but if some one lacks necessary confidence in himself or herself, he/ she is a flop at the outset itself. If events are a challenge, a strong will for the purpose is the key answer to this.


Garv said...

This is an art of living point which all need to follow.

Myso said...

Nice post.