Sunday, 5 August 2012

When one feels highly perturbed?

There are situations when a person feels disturbed mentally finding it difficult to get out of it. Those, who believe in God, rush to some temple bowing down before the statue of the Deity and beseech in front of Him to seek His blessings. His inner self feels consoled to a greater extent. Those who don’t believe in an element like God, like me who lacks such an amount of faith in a Godly factor, things are too difficult for them, as they have no source available to them to recline upon and shed their tears  flooding out of their mental agony to elicit some solace. In fact the consolation and some peace the devotees to God are able to draw is nothing that comes out to them from outside or as the blessings of the Almighty; it factually springs up from within themselves, the source being their own faith. Their faith, true or false, helps them. Likewise, the non devotees to God too can depend upon their own concepts and belief within themselves, the way Vivekanand did with his concept calling it ‘…I am myself God’. It is self searching, which, if done appropriately, brings tremendous results. Another simple method is to realise that the problems one is facing are not confined to himself; there are many who could be having more of them in a bigger measure. If they can struggle and survive, why not the other individuals, with lesser amount of agony, can do it.


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This applies to several.

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