Sunday, 30 December 2012

Use of heater in a closed room is a big health hazard!

There are certain very trivial areas which people don’t realise in their day today life, and these are the aspects which are very much related to the routine of the persons in general. One such instance is the use of heater in the winter when it is too cold like it is these days in North India. People use heaters to brow beat the chilly weather and, with a view to ensuring that the hot currents of it don’t go outside the room so that its effect is not reduced, they keep the concerned room tightly closed. Such a practice disallows a consumer the necessary oxygen intake which may result into a serious health hazard, as in the absence of the required oxygen in the room becomes a cause of suffocation. There are instances when the persons concerned died on this count. Just a simple precaution as suggested above may very well save the lives.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Yet another suggestion to punish the rapist(s)!

After New Delhi gang rape occurrence in the very capital of India, there are plenty of proposals on the method of punishment to the perpetrators of the gang rape coming forth from different quarters including the suggestions the readers of my another blog ‘Avenues’ made in the shape of their comments, necessary link of which is given below. They are like this:

  • The perpetrators of the rape be awarded the penalty of death forthwith.
  • They be rendered impotent to experience the crime themselves.
  • They should (in the form of a wish) get their rebirth as women so that they could realise as to what sort of tortures the rape victims have to undergo.
  • They be awarded life imprisonment in the meantime rendering them impotent to experience the miseries of victims life themselves on day today basis till the last moment they are alive.
  • They be thrown to wild dogs to get chased, bitten, smitten, and eaten with their flesh in pieces devoured by them, as per practice obtaining in certain places in the olden days.

The last one is the latest as suggested by Azam Khan, a cabinet rank Minister in Uttar Pradesh (India) only the other day holding the view that Shariat already has a provision like this. Although this sounds crude and cruel, this too is not enough, even if all the penalties as mentioned above are awarded all together at a stretch, to meet the quantum of punishment the perpetrators of rape, more so a gang rape, deserve in real terms.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A noble mission getting adulterated!

The anti New Delhi gangrape campaign started on quite a powerful note with public emerging in big crowds to protest against the ghastly act so perpetrated only some days back in the capital of India appears now to have been diverted to different proportions, as was feared. The very missionary zeal with which it got a take off as a result of collective conscience of the people stands polluted with mischief elements playing their game from the back ground, the possibility that some professional politicians are behind this fishing in troubled waters can’t be ruled out. As I already wrote in my earlier post on the other blog necessary link of which is given below, the very start of the protest was in a very positive order without any prejudice, political or otherwise, successfully moving forward unhindered. Looks like anti social elements are now playing a mischievous role in a disguised manner. This is awe fully unfortunate for a movement which was basically a need of the occasion. The very outsider elements, let us wish, keep themselves off the scene enabling the independent protesters to take the movement to the desired heights.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Smriti Irani is ‘Thumkewali’, says Sanjai Nirupam!

With a purpose to demean her integrity and dignity, Sanjai Nirupam of Congress Party at Mumbai, called Smriti Irani as thumkewali the other day. No wonder, as politicians always feel that they are a lot who can speak any thing any where against any body. The utterance gains more of a notice as this is what Sanjai Nirupam said when he was taking part in a rally aimed at defending women’s rights and safety. The adjective thumkewali is normally used in conjunction with kothewali (mostly the joy girls in red light area at Mumbai). The present day cinema is full of thumkewalis/ thumkewalas, and the list includes people  like Govinda, who is a Member of Parliament, and Rekha, who also is an M.P. (Member, Rajya Sabha). Sanjai Nirupam is known well, particularly in Mumbai, for his active association with different artists in Bollywood several of whom are only thumkewalis/ thumkewalas. Smriti Irani has been a TV artist of great repute besides later joining the politics. She is much sober a woman commanding dignity and respect. As a person in politics, she is held in more of a respect than Sanjai Nirupam himself. If he aimed at insulting Smriti Irani by calling her different names, he is just mistaken, as people in general are the judge who actually know as to who is what. Behave yourself, Sanjai Nirupam.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yoga Vs. ancient Hindu beliefs:

Yoga is an ancient science and apparently has no direct relationship with any religion, leave alone Hinduism. Recently in a Clifornia (USA) school a row was triggered with the contention raised by some parents of the students that it was some Hindu faith which was being propagated in the name of yoga classes. What could it be?. Yoga is a scientifically based exercise aimed at certain kriyas and asanas. In Dhyanyog, however, the people are taught to concentrate on the Gods of their faith and belief based on the religion which they belong to, not necessarily Hinduism. It definitely varies from religion to religion. Not the Gods alone, the yoga teachers suggest that it could be any object or an individual which interests the concerned persons most. This emphasis is laid on the consideration that a thing, an object or a person who interests the yoga practitioner much more than any thing else is always capable of generating necessary meditational dimensions with a better concentration. Other practices which are taught in yoga are mostly physical exercises from the view point of physical and mental health. Envisaging or attributing any teaching on some religion or the other is just out of question. May be there are some people who are too smart to define yoga as some thing of the nature of some religious pursuit, but it just looks utopian as this too has nothing to do with yoga in any manner. Yoga, in itself, is divine and serene, and it is much above any religious prejudices.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Incentives for pregnant women–What does it mean?

Motherhood is a bliss and naturally so is for the women to get pregnant. It is something what a woman cherishes most. It’s, in a way, a divine ecstasy. But this very phenomenon, when read in the context of an explosive population growth in India, turns out to be a problematic area. Promoting health care awareness and offering incentives in that context is quite noble a gesture on the part of the concerned people in governance, but this has to be parallely followed by necessary measures on the front of awe-fully growing population scenario in India. Such a growth has already gone out of proportions and, if not timely checked, this menace is most likely to go out of control.

Some I.T. industries in Bangalore (India) recently came out with sumptuous incentives to the pregnant women workers in their organisations providing them transport till such time the pregnancy continues plus additional health care provisions including some cash incentives. Well done, but what about curbing the population growth? Some positive measures on that count are urgently warranted.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Agitation by unions for and against reservation:

This looks strange but is true that the two sets of Uttar Pradesh Government employees launched a massive agitational programme with one of them doing it to oppose the reservation bill under discussion in Parliament, and the other one doing it in support of the move. It happens often that different unions in an organisation don’t have unanimity on certain industrial issues and accordingly their  modes of agitation are different, but a situation like unions fighting against each other on the same issue with divergent views is just so peculiar. One group even worked four hours extra expressing their support to pro reservation in promotions bill. It was a different matter that their strength was only negligible. The group opposing the reservation was virtually able to paralyse the work in different offices of the U.P. Government. Even senior officers of the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) rank joined the move. Situation, as reported by the media, appears to be the same in other states of the country also offering stiff resistance against the additionally proposed reservation in promotions too besides the one that already is in existence on job reservation.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Reservations–Can sky be the limit?

Mayawati[1]Reservation in promotions was the issue on which the Parliament of the country was in a total pandemonium continuously for days together. Reservations for whom? Is it not for the people who have already enjoyed its fruits for the last sixty years, many of whom have become high income islanders by now with sumptuously rich pockets of wealth amongst their family members? Reservation on jobs is already there continuing for more than six decades extending the benefit to backward communities including S/Cs and S/Ts. As if this is not enough, and there is a demand that reservation of the type like this be extended in the matters of promotional opportunities. Proposal so mooted out by Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati in the Parliament got endorsed by Bhartiya Janta Party with the condition that efficiency aspect be given the due weightage. What does it actually mean? Efficiency is not just the physical efficiency meant for an acrobatics or a wrestling bout, it is more a matter of mental capacity which forms the merit element. Let there be some reservation on merit itself if it is within the reach of the political biggies. Merit is a divine factor, it just can’t be procured through some legislation or enactment. Compromising merit means compromising developmental activities. Developmental activities, if compromised, lead to a situation where the country goes to dogs, and entire progress is doomed. The clamour and any hue and cry for further reservation is bound to create an irreparable gulf amongst the different communities which are innumerable in India. Such a cry is completely outmoded in the context of unity and unanimity on various issues confronting the country. Any reservation beyond what is already there is most unwanted. Right of equality in fact demands that even the existing one also be reviewed applying all the benefits equitably to all the communities in the country. I request the readers to also peruse the contents of the link given below:


Friday, 14 December 2012

Provident Fund on full salary:

A circular has since been issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation to the effect that deduction of Provident Fund from the salary of the employees be henceforth be done by computing provident fund on full salary inclusive of all the allowances payable to them as against the current practice of calculating it on the basis of basic pay+dearness allowance only. The decision so taken sounds apparently to be laudable but it may not give the employees any benefit of increase in their actual take home salary, this shall rather be reduced as a result of more amount being deducted as provident fund. Saving wise, it is alright, but any cut made in the salary by terming it as a compulsory saving for the employees may hardly mean any thing in days to come on the face of the fact that value of money is getting deteriorated every day as a matter of inflation, rather hyper inflation, which is so rampant.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Payments by cheques to be more secure effective from the New Year:

It’s a good news for the customers of different banks that their transactions through cheques shall now be more secure and feasible in terms of the new guide lines issued by the Reserve Bank of India. This arrangement is likely to be in practice with effect from 1st January’2013. To facilitate transaction in more safe a  manner, the new cheque book series will have to be used replacing the old one. Bankers have already started contacting their customer to apprise them of the new change. The new cheque books are to be supplied by the respective bankers free of cost to their customers on their home address. The customers who do not receive such cheque books, may have to collect the same from their bank concerned without any extra payment. These new cheque books are being issued in terms of Cheque Truncation System which ensures more of safety and security. The old cheques will not be accepted after 31st December’2012 and they will have to be readdressed. This system under the new scheme is also supposed to expedite payments presently done through clearing as the relative transaction shall be put through the same day. The collection of cheques through clearing system presently takes around a week’s time. As it looks now, the transaction through cheques is certainly likely to be feasibly convenient to the customers.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Back to barefoot:

Much earlier the people used to be advised that they should always move with their shoes on in their legs for the reason that there was every chance of some infection or the other occurring to them if they moved bare footed. This advice has since undergone big changes for health reasons. With the exception of those who otherwise suffer from diabetes or are highly vulnerable to infection because of some serious ailment, people in the normal cases need not, rather should not, prefer to keep their shoes in their toes all the time they are on a move outside or even in their house hold. The preachers of Yoga very often suggest that the use of shoes should be the minimal most for the reason that it is of much advantage health wise to walk bare footed to the extent one can afford. This energises the body veins ending at the toe points including heels generating an equitable circulation of blood from toe to head as a result of a modest pressure starting from the paws and the heals going upward to skull. More stress is accordingly laid on walking bare footed to the extent one can feasibly manage.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

On obesity:

Obesity is much worse than a curse if not taken care of timely. The root cause behind several ailments is only obesity. To inculcate necessary awareness on obesity, there are obesity days observed in different places. In fact it is not enough to observe any particular day as such as the need is more on the part of the individuals concerned themselves to include it in their discipline of routines. It is diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems or several other ailments affecting most adversely the whole body system, behind every thing in most of the cases it is obesity which works as a deterrent negatively damaging different physical organs. If obesity is duly checked, it is easy and feasible to control other organs in the body in tact. Some normal level exercises play much of a role in keeping obesity under control. Walking and Yoga are the most convenient modes of physical exercise, and resorting to them is not a difficult  task. Remedy lies more in the hands of the persons concerned than medicinal treatment given by the doctors. With necessary will, any individual can adopt the regimen of moderate exercise and this duly takes care of the obesity.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Banks–another user friendly device on Mobiles:

Thanks to tough competition amongst the bankers as this is what forces them to mechanise one system after the other preceded by an otherwise large scale computerisation in almost all banks. The latest device so made available to the customers by them is in relation to quick access to their accounts through any mobile which step is certainly a matter of appreciation. What the account holders are required to do is to just dial *99# to get access to their respective account, know their balance, transfer funds or make a requisition for a new cheque book. The mechanism so applied through mobile phones is just simple and user friendly. Since the device is an universal one under USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) platform, it is capable of directly connecting to the concerned bank’s server when *99# is dialled on a mobile phone. The system so evolved is likely to get implemented shortly in all banks throughout the country.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Let us admire Aditya, a 5 year old to swim across Yamuna!

A child aged hardly 5 years normally prefers to cling to his parents lap or keep around it or at the most play some child like games within the precincts of the house hold. Aditya of Allahabad proved himself to be an exception. He was courageous and strong enough to swim across the violent river Yamuna from Naini to Saraswati Ghat covering a water level distance of 900 metres. He has earned a prize for it. Aditya Chatterjee is the son of Subrat Chatterjee, who himself has been an outstanding swimmer securing a place in the Limca Book for his extra ordinary performance in swimming. Aditya is a worthy son of worthy father and the blood of a grand swimmer runs in his veins. He is sure to some day establish a record in swimming for himself illuminating not only the name of Allahabad, the city which he belongs to, but the country as a whole. We are proud of Aditya, and whole heartedly wish you to secure sumptuous laurels for you in days to come.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shower of gifts–What does it indicate?

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (India) Akhilesh Yadav remains all set all the time to most benevolently announce something or the other every now and then in the interest of the people in the State. His father, Mulayam Singh Yadav, during his regime as Chief Minister of the State for a record tenures of four times was never found to be that generous. The most often repeated excuse by him on that count was paucity of the needed funds. Where from these funds are coming presently is a matter of mystery. The very saying that ‘where there is a will there is a way’ might be applying here, but the question that arises here is as to why this sort of will was missing earlier, and why it has emerged only now. The guess of the common man is that it is definitely for a purpose –the purpose that his father Mulayam Singh Yadav is a potential candidate for Prime Ministership of India, where the major role has to be played by Uttar Pradesh, the State which offers maximum number of Members of Parliament, supposedly a big chunk of strength for the purpose during the elections due in 2014, which may even be held earlier in the event of the current Parliament being dissolved, possibility of which can not be ruled out as per ‘no confidence motion’ being a likelihood in its current session. It’s good that there are several gifts offered by the present government to the people of the State in various forms, but the tragedy is that the politicians are able to find out the necessary avenues for welfare of the public and development only when it benefits them some way or the other. They adjust their ‘will’ to suit their personal interest.