Friday, 28 December 2012

Yet another suggestion to punish the rapist(s)!

After New Delhi gang rape occurrence in the very capital of India, there are plenty of proposals on the method of punishment to the perpetrators of the gang rape coming forth from different quarters including the suggestions the readers of my another blog ‘Avenues’ made in the shape of their comments, necessary link of which is given below. They are like this:

  • The perpetrators of the rape be awarded the penalty of death forthwith.
  • They be rendered impotent to experience the crime themselves.
  • They should (in the form of a wish) get their rebirth as women so that they could realise as to what sort of tortures the rape victims have to undergo.
  • They be awarded life imprisonment in the meantime rendering them impotent to experience the miseries of victims life themselves on day today basis till the last moment they are alive.
  • They be thrown to wild dogs to get chased, bitten, smitten, and eaten with their flesh in pieces devoured by them, as per practice obtaining in certain places in the olden days.

The last one is the latest as suggested by Azam Khan, a cabinet rank Minister in Uttar Pradesh (India) only the other day holding the view that Shariat already has a provision like this. Although this sounds crude and cruel, this too is not enough, even if all the penalties as mentioned above are awarded all together at a stretch, to meet the quantum of punishment the perpetrators of rape, more so a gang rape, deserve in real terms.



garv said...

Correctly said, Sir, as there is no enough a punishment to the guilty men

myso said...


veepee said...

In my view on this very stage to make impotent is enough in comparision to other punishment.If will not be enough then it should be reviewed.