Monday, 24 December 2012

Smriti Irani is ‘Thumkewali’, says Sanjai Nirupam!

With a purpose to demean her integrity and dignity, Sanjai Nirupam of Congress Party at Mumbai, called Smriti Irani as thumkewali the other day. No wonder, as politicians always feel that they are a lot who can speak any thing any where against any body. The utterance gains more of a notice as this is what Sanjai Nirupam said when he was taking part in a rally aimed at defending women’s rights and safety. The adjective thumkewali is normally used in conjunction with kothewali (mostly the joy girls in red light area at Mumbai). The present day cinema is full of thumkewalis/ thumkewalas, and the list includes people  like Govinda, who is a Member of Parliament, and Rekha, who also is an M.P. (Member, Rajya Sabha). Sanjai Nirupam is known well, particularly in Mumbai, for his active association with different artists in Bollywood several of whom are only thumkewalis/ thumkewalas. Smriti Irani has been a TV artist of great repute besides later joining the politics. She is much sober a woman commanding dignity and respect. As a person in politics, she is held in more of a respect than Sanjai Nirupam himself. If he aimed at insulting Smriti Irani by calling her different names, he is just mistaken, as people in general are the judge who actually know as to who is what. Behave yourself, Sanjai Nirupam.

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